Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - All Citizen E Locations - The Truth Trophy (True Ending)

hey guys I'm showing you how to get the

truth trophy in Assassin's Creed

liberation HD and this requires you to

kill all citizen II and experience the

true ending now there are six citizen Z

in the game the first one is located

after sequence to memory 6 and this is

story related and it can't be missed

this one in the final sixth one or both

story related you will have to find the

other four on your own and not all of

them are readily available you will have

to wait until you've progressed it

further in the story brief or you can

access them if you don't find all these

before completing the game you can do it

after the game after you beat it in post

game but in this video I'm going to show

you the earliest time that you can do it

and where each of them are located all

right the second citizen II is located

after the fourth sequence in the fourth

memory this is while you're in Mexico

and this is in the south east corner on

top of the pyramid in that little

building at the top of it so just make

your way up there this is the first one

you have to go find on your own when you

are near the location you'll get that

little notification saying citizen a is

near use eagle vision to locate and kill

them and also green uh gives you a green

shadow on the map as well that you can

see so these up here use your eagle

vision you can see them there or in the

orange go ahead and take him out and

then we're going to move on to citizen

II number 3 and this is after the fifth

sequence second memory and this is in

New Orleans in the top right corner it's

going to be in the street

you met might look a little different

depending what you're in New Orleans

you're in but this guy's going to be in

the street again we got the notification

in the green shaded area he's going to

be in the street so we're going to use

our Eagle vision to see him and he's

going to make us burn a little calories

and chase chase after him so just do

that fairly easy

in the fourth citizen II he's going to

be located after the third memory of the

fifth sequence and this is in the Bayou

in the crashed beach chip it's in the

hull of the ship so just go to the bayou

after the third memory in the fifth

sequence and you'll find him below you

should have already been here earlier

for a mission so you're familiar with

this location now the the truth

essentially is gives you extended

cutscenes of cutscenes you've previously

seen so after you found these it'll show

you a cutscene you've already seen but a

slightly different and extended version

of it so that's what the truth is and

the true ending that you see and then

the fifth citizen is after the first

memory in seven sequence and this is

back in New Orleans in the very center

of the map in the bell tower in the very

top you see it right up there so we're

just going to climb all the way up there

I'm going to cut it out though so you

don't have to watch me I think I fell a

couple times it was pretty embarrassing

the climbing mechanics in this game is

not very good but once you get up here

go ahead use your Eagle vision you'll

see it's not the only person up there so

it's pretty obvious and then this is the

final one that you have to find on your

own the sixth and final one is going to

be story related and so if you've got

all of the citizen II and plus then

finish the game you'll get the trophy

for finishing the game and for seeing

the truth at the same time this is in

sequence 9 you can't miss it so go ahead

kill them and that's it guys I want to

thank you for watching make sure you