Know Your True Business Skills? Then Profit From Them

what are your business skills do you

really know what they are in great

detail most of us have an idea of what

we're good at and what we're not good at

but you should have a specific list of

the things that in the course of your

business you consider to be your working

skills this is a useful exercise by the

way even before you're in business never

mind doing on an ongoing basis is

networking your thing sales and

marketing is it building products is it

the production side of things maybe its

management in planning don't fool

yourself into thinking you have all of

these skills you may have them all to

some degree but the chances are you're

not super strong in all of them and in

your own business you need to be super

strong in those key skills that make the

business hum so understand your business

and then match up your own working

skills to what the business really needs

it's a lot like the discussion we've had

in another session about your business

personality know your strengths know

your weaknesses and then figure out how

to solve the weaknesses either with

other people or maybe it's learning and

education that you need face the fact

that you may not have everything it

takes to make the business really reach

the heights that you wanted to a lot of

entrepreneurs get to a certain stage and

then bump into that ceiling because they

don't get the expertise they need to

bring their business to another level

and sometimes it's as simple as finding

a great manager or a great production

person or someone who's better at sales

and marketing or networking Know Your

Strengths know your weaknesses

understand the keys to success for your

business match up the skills that are

needed look at your skills and then

figure out what you need to do from

there this is an important stage for any

entrepreneur whether it's at the

beginning of the business or just as you

check in on yourself over the course of

time in your business business

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