Promoting Peace & Nonviolence


Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr.: People do not commit violence unless, they themselves feel injured.

Many people feel that they don't have power.

They don't feel that life is treating them right.

But the most important thing is they don't feel that things are going to change for them.

What we have to recognize is why is it that they people feel that life is not worthwhile.

Melissa Morales: You know you don't have to hate people. You don't have to be mean.

You don't have to look at someone and be like "You're different because you're taller than me."

or "You're skin color's different." or "You're from a different part of the world."

I learned very at young age, that the world is not a simple place. It's extremely difficult.

There's a lot of indifference but there's so much beauty in the world.

Amani Matabaro Tom: The message I have for the people who may see this

or people who may hear what we are doing here,

is to ask them to engage and support this initiative because it is lifesaving.

It is transforming people's life and way of looking at things and when they go back,

they change, they transform their communities.

They build this beloved community, which is a framework for the future.

We are here coming from all over the world, we have people coming from Asia, people coming from Africa,

people coming from here. That unity of bringing people together and share this knowledge,

is going to change the world.