swisspeace | preventing violent conflict – promoting peace

in many places around the world violent

conflicts caused countless civilian

deaths and widespread chaos armed

conflicts have not only increased in

number but have also caused more

casualties in recent years weather in

Syria South Sudan or Ukraine the

population is always the first to be


as a host of armed and terrorist groups

emerge conflicts are becoming more

complex yet armed violence is still

often seen in an overly simplistic way

while key decisions regarding war and

peace are made remotely without

involving the people affected

despite these challenges many people are

working for peaceful change in their


these efforts must be supported in order

to achieve lasting peace

at Swiss Peace our mission is to

contribute to the improvement of

conflict prevention and transformation

we analyzed violent conflicts develop

strategies and provide valuable

expertise and support for their peaceful


in association with the University of

Basel we foster excellence in peace

research and teaching

we are convinced that to have

significant impact research must be

based on first-hand experience of

conflict and practices in peace building

grounded in sound analysis

we bring people together with different

skills and perspectives to initiate

debates share experiences and build

confidence why because we think that it

leads to joint and innovative ways to

promote peace

we use our expertise and resources to

help local and international actors

choose the most appropriate way to build

peace our aim to make peace and state

formation processes more inclusive

and sustainable while actors become

better informed about conflict dynamics

in all conflict contexts we adopt a

light footprint approach

in Myanmar for example we've been

working with a local organization

directly involved in the peace process

instead of establishing our own presence

on the ground the local organization is

in the driving seat

we use a gender sensitive approach to

adapt to the fact that men and women are

affected in different ways by conflict

and peace processes

because any intervention can

unintentionally increase existing

tensions we also promote a conflict

sensitive approach this helps not only

mitigate the risks but also tap all

potential means to strengthen peace

in South Sudan we have been contributing

to setting up a conflict sensitivity

Resource Center our goal to ensure that

all organizations and private actors

work in a conflict sensitive way on the


los ly we value partnerships with

academic institutions and peacebuilding

organizations to promote joint learning

and other initiatives for instance we

are working with Syrian civil society

organizations to help them joined forces

and voice their concerns in the peace


by so doing we aim to build a peace

building community capable of preventing

and resolving violent conflicts be part

of the community of peace builders