How to Invest Your Time Wisely


if you haven't figured that out by now

time is an asset

the only asset there is really it is the

only one thing that everyone has the

same amount of and the one thing that no

matter how wealthy you are you cannot

buy the only thing you can do is to

choose how you spend it there are two

types of people the first one is someone

who sees time as a token for consumption

they spend their time consuming movies

TV shows games and social media maybe

they even spend it on vacations travel

or hanging out maybe they spend it on

friends or outings or concerts or Park

hour parties to them time is a token to

spend and they're always looking for new

ways to spend it the second type of

person sees time as an instrument of

investment and when they invest it

correctly can reap the rewards of

compounding interests they invest their

time in the right people and in the

right relationships that provide them a

positive go forward value they invest

their time into activities that nurture

a desired skill or teach them something

new that will enrich their future they

invest their time into projects and

pursuits that encourage growth in some

area of their lives that they can use

for a future benefit time is a value and

a finite instrument to invest and the

more they invest in people and things

that show compound interest the richer

they become in knowledge in insight and

understanding and yes even money so the

bottom line here is unsuccessful people

spend time successful people invest time

the problem lies in the fact that most

people simply don't understand the

concept of opportunity cost successful

people understand that for every hour

that they spend doing X that's an hour

they can't invest doing Y and they are

keenly aware of the Delta between those

two variables unsuccessful people don't

understand this opportunity cost and all

they see is what's in front of them not

what they could potentially do now that

would reap bigger and better rewards


the challenge with

hearing to the opportunity cost rule is

you have to stay true to the vision that

you have for yourself that has not yet

been manifested it's not easy giving up

with the media what's rewarding and

satiating and gratifying right now

however that's the small price that you

have to pay in order to invest your time

that will compound into a fortune later

there are so only so many hours in a day

and if you spend them all there will be

none left to invest

thus you never become wealthy in skills

resources or a lifestyle so what are you

investing your time in this week tell us

that in the comments below

okay Darren daily friends I wanted to

hop on here real quick

because I have a confession to make I

used to think I was the old timet

multitasker I had such a bad habit of

thinking I could do multiple things

simultaneously like text and drive and

work and listen to podcasts and talk on

the phone while writing my vital tasks

list for the day

yikes right luckily Darren's insane

productivity course taught me how much

this poor and inefficient way of

thinking was really holding me back from

moving forward and it helped open my

eyes to simple systems and strategies to

hone in on my big goals and priorities

and set him letting distractions control

my attention I must be on my fifth or

sixth time now repeating the course back

through the program and I no doubt feel

mentally clearer and more focused than

ever before so for all my fellow insane

members this is your friendly reminder

to dive back in and rinse and repeat the

program oh and obviously get into

Ludacris if you haven't already done

that and for those not in either of

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fit for you get ready to get insanely

productive and I'll see you next time