Don't Grow Weary

god bless you beloved one and Shalom my

name is rabbi Schneider thank you for

joining me today on this weekly seeds of

revelation of ocean Alvira lacings now

chapter number 6 verse 9 here the Word

of God let us not lose hard and doing

good for in due time we will reap if we

do not grow weary let us not grow weary

the scripture says in doing good because

if we don't give up we're gonna reap a

reward I want to just strengthen you

today and encourage you through this

word you know what we all get tired

sometimes we all sometimes feel like

quitting but you know what the Bible

says that God takes no pleasure in him

that draws back I want to encourage you

to keep pressing on keep pressing on

keep on pressing on there's nothing

wrong with you because you get tired

sometimes there's nothing wrong with you

if you get weary sometimes but if you

stop you sabotage the purposes of God in

your life and the enemy wins let's not

be controlled by our emotions let's not

be controlled by our feelings think

about it think about an Olympic athlete

who of us would not have liked to have

been an Olympic champion which one of us

would have not liked to win an Olympic

gold medal well let's ask ourselves how

these gold medal Olympians got the medal

they trained hard they discipline

themselves they got up at 5 o'clock in

the morning every day to train whether

it was snowing whether it was raining

whether it was cold whether it was sunny

outside every day they got up and I

guarantee you there were days that they

did not feel like getting up I guarantee

you beloved one there were days that

they were weary but you know what they

won the medal get it now because they

didn't give up I want to encourage you

Church don't give up don't shrink back

keep on keeping on and you know what

revivals just around the corner because

God always brings refreshment don't let

your emotions stop you don't let your

tiredness or fatigue stop you be

faithful to God keep putting one foot in

front of the older of I'm sorry one foot

in front of the other

as a faithful soldier and the scripture

says get it now in due time

you're gonna reap a reward I promise you

this either Jesus is telling the truth

or he's lying to us I believe he's

telling the truth beloved you're gonna

get a reward to keep on pressing on I

love you god bless you and Shalom today