When You Feel Like Giving Up | Don't Grow Weary in Doing Well | Galatians 6:9 Bible Study Devotional

it's in waiting that we are strengthened

to carry what god has for us because

harvest is heavy

it's easy to want something you haven't

had to carry

so we forget that reaping is

work this is why we can't afford to grow

weary and weak

we need to strengthen ourselves to be

able to maintain the harvest

god has for us we can be so quick to

want the blessing

but forget the responsibility it


of us

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video i want to ask you have you ever

had to remind yourself

of the same scripture over and over and


again well most recently for me it has

been galatians

6 9. so i thought for our july bible

study it would be a good idea

to dig deeper into this scripture

because with all the uncertainty we're

facing the ability to grow

in the strength to keep going is always

a good idea because although things have

slowed down

due to the stay-at-home orders companies


employees to work from home and even

kids moving to online learning

in a lot of other ways there is still

more work to do on more than one

occasion i've had a friend tell me that

in this season they are actually busier

than they have ever been and that they


tired so i've concluded that we are in

a season primed for us

to grow weary and want to give

up which is why galatians 6 9 has been

on repeat on my heart and mind

recently it reads and let us not grow

weary in doing good for in due season

we will reap if we do

not give up the many times that the lord

has brought this particular scripture

to mind i focused on the command

do not give up but

as i've recently been meditating on this

verse god has been

illuminating the farming language and


this verse uses with the words grow

season and reap so that's what i really

want to dig

into today growing weary waiting on your


season and being faithful in a reaping

season so first galatians 6 9 tells us

do not grow weary of doing good

it's a timely reminder that weariness

often does not come

out of the blue it's something that we

grow into

weariness starts as a seed that if


will grow and manifest into the desire

to give up growing weary can creep up on


and cause us to miss out on reaping our


i need you to understand that we don't

just all of a sudden

get weary we grow weary

the word weary here means to be weak or


fail in heart it happens over time

as life circumstances slowly chip away

at our confidence

faith and strength without our even

realizing it

until one day we look up and just

completely want to throw in

the towel i don't always notice my

children's growth

day by day but it's obvious over time

that they are in fact

growing when i compare pictures of them

from last year to what they look like


i have to ask myself when did they get

so big how did this happen

when did this happen this growth


right before my eyes however the day by


does not reveal it because it's easier

to see growth

over time in the same way growing weary

happens so slowly before you you may not

even recognize it so i want to share

with you

a few symptoms of what growing weary

may look like first losing patience

in an area or with a person you would

normally show

kindness and grace to second doubting if

you're headed in the right direction

or doing the right thing after god has

already confirmed

over and over again this is what he's

called you to do

and last losing passion and zeal

for the things you once always loved

these symptoms don't show up overnight

they all

start with the seed of doubt that

whispers to us that the good we are


is not enough or it does not matter our

weariness is rooted in the lie that our

doing is somehow not

good whenever i've become

weary in motherhood it's usually rooted

in the thought

that i'm not a good mom and that i'm

somehow messing up my kids

whenever i've become weary in ministry

it's because my focus has shifted to the

mundane day-to-day task

more than the purpose of the work when i


weary in marriage it's usually because

i've taken on the

what about me mindset and have become

distracted from god's original

purpose for marriage which is to give


glory so how do we prevent ourselves

from growing weary

we remember the goodness of our work

don't grow weary in doing good is what

the scripture

tells us remember why you started in the

first place

and don't allow your purpose to ever be

overshadowed by your challenges because

obstacles will come and many times they

won't be a sign that you need to quit

they just mean you need to keep going

and push through

and it is that pushing that will be the


force to make you stronger i recently

wrote in an article

your obstacles aren't here to drown you

but to teach you

how to swim here's the thing growing

is an ongoing process there is not a

time in your life where you are not

growing because

growing itself is a sign of life

if you are alive you are growing if you

are growing it is a

sign that you are alive you are either

going to grow weary

or you will grow empowered by the good

works that god

has called you to you will either grow


or be energized by purpose you will

either grow

fatigued or grow in strength as you stay

determined and steadfast in the truth

that what you are doing

is good so we need to stop saying

oh i'm just a stay-at-home mom oh i just

have this little job

oh i just started this little ministry

just is not your friend

if god called you to it it's good work

and it's important to him that's why

colossians 3

23 says whatever you do work

heartily as for the lord and not

for men we grow weary when we stop

working for god

and lose focus on the truth that the

work that he has called us to that he

called us to

is good as i was teaching my kids about

plant adaptations we learned how plants

will grow in the direction of the sun

to allow more sunlight to reach the

surface area

of the leaves giving the plants more

nutrients for them to grow and flourish

and bloom

we saw this firsthand as a plant that my

son received from sunday school

grew and bent towards the window in our


stretching itself towards the sun

we too should do the same we are going

to grow

but we have the power to decide in which


that growth will be my advice to you is

to be like plants

grow towards the sun grow towards

god grow in god and his truth reject the

lies and doubt that

suffocate your potential for healthy

growth and allow god's word

to be the seed that promotes growth

towards him

and his will for your life now

not only are we directed not to grow

weary but we're also reminded to wait

for the proper time trust me when i tell

you that

there is nothing more that will make you

want to quit

than to have to wait but waiting is

exactly what we're called to do

in fact waiting is the opposite of

giving up many times

we want to give up because we're tired

of waiting and we've received god's call

to wait

as his no but waiting doesn't mean no

god's not going to do it

it simply means wait for it

but our impatience tells us our waiting

is a sure sign

that we are wasting our time on this

good work

but we must be reminded of this truth

your waiting is not wasting

let me say that again for the people in

the back listen

your waiting is not

wasting waiting may be uncomfortable

but it is necessary because we're not

waiting for no reason

we're waiting for the proper time

our good works will be fruitful however

if our harvest does not come at the

right time

it will be no good this year i bought

all types of seeds to plant in our

family garden squash

tomatoes radish sweet potatoes even


and on the back of each seed pack were


on when to plant the seeds for each

seed type there was a different window

of time to plant the seeds to ensure

the right conditions for them to grow

and produce

fruit this ensures that the seeds will


in the optimal environment to flourish

and fruit if it is planted out of season

and the weather and environment is not

conducive to its growth

it will not produce fruit and eventually

it will die but when it's planted at the


time it grows in the perfect conditions

to blossom your desire

to give up may be a sign that you are

trying to blossom

out of season it's not that god doesn't

want you to experience

the fruit of your good work but he wants

you to be able to maintain it

your harvest has different needs and god

knows the right atmosphere for which

your work will flourish

so he's waiting on the proper time to

maximize the fruit

he wants to produce through your good

work listen i

started the beloved boutique that's our

online boutique that we have here at

below where we sell christian stationery

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help you

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consistent in his work and when i

started in 2009

it failed it was not successful it was

not profitable it didn't

work i restarted beloved boutique

in 2018 and it flourished in 2009

god gave me the seed for beloved


but after that we moved we had kids i

didn't really know what i was doing i

didn't have the knowledge that i needed

to run an online business

but in 2018 the business flourish

it's still flourishing because it was

the season for

that business to flourish it was time

and had it blossomed had it

produced fruit in 2009 i wouldn't have

been ready for it

i would not have been ready for it but


it was time it was time for beloved


to flourish and grow now here's the

thing i started in 2009 with beloved


it didn't work out it hit me really hard

it hit me really hard i took it personal

but at the proper time i tried

again and it was the right time and it

worked out

listen i want to remind you that what

seems like god's delay

may very well be his providence god does

not just want to

give you a blessing he wants to empower

you to maintain it

if he gives it to you at the wrong time

before you've grown into maturity for it

it may slip through your hands i'm not

going to give my son a mountain bike

until he learns how to ride his tricycle

he's gonna have to put

in the work to learn how to ride his

tricycle and then learn how to ride it

without the extra wheels

and then maybe he can get a mountain

bike because i'll know that he's ready


it because we have to remember that


does not mean do nothing it means keep

working towards the goal

humble yourself be willing to prepare

don't think that you're ready for


just because you want it it's in waiting

that we are strengthened to carry what

god has for us

because harvest is heavy

it's easy to want something you haven't

had to carry

so we forget that reaping is work

this is why we can't afford to grow

weary and weak

we need to strengthen ourselves to be

able to maintain the harvest

god has for us we can be so quick to

want the blessing

but forget the responsibility it


of us harvest season is the busiest


for the farmer she must go out and


the harvest her arms must be strong

enough to carry

all that her garden has produced and

not only that but she must do it in a

timely manner

because if she leaves her harvest out

too long

it will rot again in gardening and in


timing is everything the next harvest

won't be ready to come until you've

picked the one that you have

oh my goodness how i have experienced

this truth in my relationship with god

where he will not give me what's next

until i am

faithful with what's now many times

we're waiting on god

and he's waiting on us to be faithful

with the first harvest that he's already


us many want to be in a harvest season

not realizing this is the season

where the most work is required we often

forget that it's in the harvest season

where many people also want to quit

you prayed and waited on that husband

and now it's your season and you got

married only to realize

that marriage is work you begged god for

that house

and he provided only for you to realize

that now

you got to keep it up the gutters need

to be clean

the air condition needs to be serviced


owners association meetings need to be

attended property taxes

they got to be paid you pleaded with god

to increase your business

and he did so only for you to realize

that yes you have more money

but now you also have employees to

manage laws to adhere to

and contracts to oversee we mistakenly


that harvest season means we've arrived

at our goal and now we can stop working

and it's quite the opposite harvest

season is just the beginning

not the end your harvest season will be

the most work but remember

this is good work it's work that you

should not

give up on through each season you'll be

tempted to give up for various

reasons in your planting season you'll

wonder if it's worth it

in your waiting season you'll speculate

if it's happening

in your harvest season you'll question

if you're strong enough

but through each season god has given us

one simple command

do not give up

that's it that's all your willingness to

keep going

and to keep getting back up when you

fall down

is the only prerequisite to reaping the


of your harvest i don't know if your

harvest season

is a healthy family a ministry calling a

career endeavor

or just getting dinner on the table

tonight but i do

know that the call is simple

don't grow weary wait on god's perfect


and do not give up

because galatians 6 9 promises that we

don't have to be perfect

we don't have to get everything right we

don't even have to have

everyone like us or agree with us we

only need a determined

and stubborn faith not to give

up so don't now for the fun part

i want to hear from you what are you

trusting god for

not to give up on in this season

let us know in the comments let's

encourage one another

in the comments because in this season

we all need some more encouragement to

keep going

and not giving up listen i hope that

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be beautiful be blessed and be loved and

don't you give up

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