Vacuum extraction & vertical birth - Newborn Russia (E14)




I started bleeding really badly last

night and we're worried about that the

thing is I had to use five cloths to

stop the bleeding and that's what really

really concerns me that must be

discharged from the cervix your cervix

is preparing itself for the birth these

pains will start to gradually turn into

contractions I see okay let's go check

to see if your uterus is contracting

okay but I think it is we monitor the


everything is so tense okay I take a

cloth let's go all right let's go the

turn I came to us with pains in the

lower part of her abdomen she's having a

difficult pregnancy so we transferred

her to the pathology department my

contractions have started up again today

no worries if you're given birth you'll

be transferred to the liver award if not

they'll give you an anesthetic so that

you can sleep it seems like I'll never

give birth I really want to do it as

soon as possible

I'm a whole week overdue a year and a

half ago I met a nice man so I thought

at the time he really wanted to have a

child he kept talking about it insisting

on it for such a long time he was very

persuasive I loved him and trusted him

so I thought well he says so she'll

probably be true to his word and

everything will be fine but then I

realized that we had to break up he said

it was all because at some point I just

totally needed help I really needed

moral support any support maybe he got

scared or maybe he just didn't realize

at the beginning what to do with his

burden so I eventually turned to my

relatives to ask them to help me with

this pregnancy okay lay here for half an

hour and then we'll examine you okay

yeah sure

I have to tell you that we are going to

have a financial audit in December then

I'll have a three million discount so

all in all based on results our total

sales will make up 80 thousand eight

hundred which makes for eighty two

thousand six hundred and seventeen total

goodbye how do you feel fine show me

your stomach I'm the financial director

in the Russian branch of a French

company I'm expecting my first baby I

really hope everything will be fine

but I'm afraid I might accidentally hurt

the baby while giving him birth to it I

can forget even for a second that I'm 38

which means I'm having the baby at a

late age and as you probably know in

such cases there are more chances of

birth interest I have to think what if

something goes wrong so the results of

the latest tests showed that

everything's fine your urine test is

okay capsules are good your blood

formula hasn't changed and the

biochemical tests are normal I seemed it

was like that during the whole pregnancy

the baby moving around yes

blood pressure normal 120 over 80

everything's fine they were boring of

course that's why today I've asked my

husband to bring me all the books we

have in our house I talked to the nurses

and they said we can put them in the

common room so that everyone can read

them because it's really quite boring

here I'm a bit afraid because I don't

really know what to expect

and at the same time I'm extremely

excited because oh my god I'll soon have

my tiny little baby right next to me and

in my arms this little child who I

already love so so so much you know I

guess this is what's giving me this wave

of happiness and joyful anticipation are

you okay yeah I'm good I see okay but

the baby's absolutely fine

as for the contractions to fuse there

are practically none let alone regular

ones so we'll have to wait until they


they don't we'll examine you in the

chair and then we'll decide what to do

okay okay but tell me can my uterus

actually dilate without my contractions

becoming so strong that fetal monitoring

can register them you know the thing

about the contraction is that you'll

feel them once they've started if it

will be so painful you won't be able to

eat or sleep or do anything at all so

when your contractions become regular

about every five or seven minutes call

for me or the doctors on duty okay thank

you I've come to see my daughter she's

been under observation in this maternity

hospital since yesterday we're expecting

our granddaughter to appear any day now

they're all nervous and of course

anticipating her Tally's said and

bringing up her child on her own it must

be a real stress for her and it's a real

pity that the baby won't have a father

around and that she won't have any

support from a man but if she made up

her mind to leave the man she was with

she must have thought it would

ultimately be better for her and I

totally understand this and of course

I'll always be on her side oh no not at

all you're fine it's extremely cold

somewhere in several sweaters sit down

sit down

is it hard yes your knees are cold are

you come on having contractions and

maybe the aches out but that's normal

isn't it yeah it's normal I hope it will

be over soon and I'll finally have my

baby after all this I think it must be

intuition that leads us to make certain

decisions in our lives I was suffering

from terrible morning sickness at the

time I would faint all over the place

even outside in the metro for example or

another public transportation everywhere

I desperately needed help I needed

someone who could simply get me to work

and sit me at my desk I needed it badly

because I just couldn't cope with

everything on my own

and once he really saw me off to work

and we said our good-byes and everything

was nice and tender much as I went home

from work that day I realized I simply

didn't want to go back anymore

being alone is not that terrifying what

really is terrible is living with a

person you don't need with a person who

doesn't love you and only loves himself

this is terrifying

so you're still having contractions my

belly feels like a stone I don't feel

any pain oh I mean I don't feel any pain

regularly but my belly is still

extremely tense is there a doctor on

duty yes he examined me and did fetal

monitoring he said everything was fine

well so it seems well what did she say

that it's okay

yes he's waiting for the contractions to

become more frequent but so we're

waiting yes we are okay I don't know how

long we have to wait but here we are

hold on she's in fact me and my

ex-boyfriend are complete strangers now

we mean absolutely nothing to each other

there's nothing holding us together

anymore because I've had a chance to see

the baby I'm expecting is just my baby

no one else's it's for the past several

months I haven't had any calls or

messages from him nothing

she doesn't care how his baby is getting

on if it's alive at all if it's healthy

he just doesn't care the doctor told me

my results were fine and everything's

okay but I don't know when it'll be time

to give birth I'm waiting why is your

baby due two weeks ago they told me that

the baby was 40 weeks on my husband says

jokingly that I always do things twice

as fast as everyone else and my daughter

is just like me she's grown in turbo



two years ago I thought well I don't

have children so what maybe it's just

because not every woman is destined to

be a mom then quite by chance I met a

man about a year ago as soon as it

started talking to him I thought my god

what an interesting man he is you know

so many things please ask them to give

you an enema with a soothing drug you

have so much free time here you can have

a rest

I see you've cheered up a little I

thought I'd left you with a maternity

hospital not in a clown College you

behave yourself I asked you to take me

out of here come here okay bye now

don't come tomorrow please okay

I'll forget all about you no I mean it's

almost over so why come now come when

I'm already discharged keep in touch oh

sure I can't good luck to you

bye behave yourself call me well she's

off I know for sure that I wouldn't be

able to live with any other man yes I

can live with Alexei but I couldn't with

anyone else I guess for me he really is

my second half Alexei has brought

various books romance and detective

stories the Romans for me the love story

yes you can take those too these are

foreign romance novels I think I've read

it oh here we go again

choose for yourself then I'm fed up with

reading about babies I want to read

about the love again yes not very

positive a streak of luck or all men are

jerks jerks passions running wild

I think I'll read that one let's put all

the others away then of course I want my

daughter to be healthy it's what I think

about when I go to bed at night and when

I wake up in the morning I only think

about my daughter are you then a

statistic yes

are you allergic to anything allergic no

but I'm hypertensive

say is everything okay with your lungs

yes their heart disorders no stomach

intestine liver gallbladder kidneys

kidneys enlarged have you ever had any

head injuries that led you to lose

consciousness car accidents Falls from

Heights or heavy blows no I've only been

in hospital because of the pregnancy but

I also have the Jetta vascular dystonia


I'm going to give you an injection near

your spine as you probably already know

the spinal cord is very close to the

injection site we leave just about three

millimeters between it and the needle

when patients are too active and move

too much that can lead to spinal cord

trauma when that in turn causes bladder

and rectum dysfunction so don't move

while I'm doing the injection okay after

the injection the skin in the area could

be damaged and that could lead to

infection spreading further around that

area possibly causing meningitis

encephalitis and many other nasty things

what you've just said happening now the

risk is minimal you might also be

allergic to the medicine because you've

never had it before do you still want to

take it or can I convince you some other

way tell me if I have contractions what

do I do

don't move in any case now turn to your

side turn your back to me pull your gown

up as high as you can and bring your

shoulders closer to me there you go okay

now pull your knees up to your stomach

and bend your back okay I'm just going

to disinfect this area on your back okay

I'll explain everything I'm doing I'm

doing the injection the lidocaine will

sting a bit

can you feel it yes

I'll call a needle would go in why


maybe a vertebral dislocation the baby's

moving can I use your bend your back to

me don't lower your ground

you don't just bend a little more okay

good oh my god my god my god yes I know

you can shout you can swear just don't

move I'll attach it to your side okay

yeah okay that's it now move to your

back the effect will start shortly try

to sleep and rest okay I think I'll be


I'll probably get all emotional but I'll

try to restrain myself have to be calm

because the baby needs to come out and

you have to help him I can't promise

anything because pain absolutely

terrifies me I guess I will just have to

live through it

bye good luck everything will be fine

yes it will take care kisses and hugs I

hope everything turns out well best of

luck good luck best of luck

we wish you strength thank you stay

strong and everything will be fine good

luck call me okay goodbye I want this

all to end as soon as possible

I want to finally see my daughter I'm

trying to convince myself that despite

all this pain and unpleasantness it's

still the happiest day of my life and my

daughter's life you know I feel

responsible it's like a test will I be

able to manage it so everything's fine

don't worry thank you just wait a little

bit more it'll get better

don't ask her any more anesthesia okay

got it

they told me not to ask for more

anesthetic and to wait for some time

I don't know how long I'll have to wait

my cervix is dilating properly that's it

I'm coping with contractions



the delivery process is different

particular for older women giving birth

for the first time when the contraction

starts don't scream or you'll get

exhausted too early there's no need to

scream open your mouth breathe calmly

save your energy

your feelings are so intense that you

pay no attention to what's happening

around you if the doctors come to you

good if they don't that's fine too

when I think that I'll soon have my

little daughter I'm close to tears I'm

still looking forward to seeing her I

can't wait let's try vertically

completely you ready okay how are you

having a boy or girls a girl breathe out

when your contractions start why did you

close your eyes

there's no contraction I'm trying to

focus is it studying wait wait where are

your contractions

you know what mom said a good actress

must know how to hold a pause Elizabeth

Taylor I mean my daughter not myself is

it starting okay

harder harder harder Irina smooth out


don't push breathe don't push me breathe

breathe don't push don't push I'm

telling you don't push calm breathe open

your mouth and breathe like you're

blowing a candle breathe breathe breathe

breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe

breathe breathe in and push no tone

breathe out breathe in and push harder

harder harder harder harder harder

harder harder harder harder harder


easy easy easy easy prevalent push is it

breathe out

it's not 3:05 p.m. hold her by the

shoulders and butt

oh my God my treasure come here just

come here my daughter my little one my

good girl my girl my baby why the baby

go my baby

let her go my beautiful baby girls let

her go my little angel oh she's so big

so it's done yes you did it thank you so

much well done you get an A+

well done everything's good and a baby

so cute hey what is it what is it I'm a

mother I can't believe my own happiness

has it really happened I look at her and

I can't believe it everything went well


there's this whole planet that's worried

about its own stuff and then there's

just me and my daughter it's our own

little world I'm so happy



which floor I must have had a ton of


I guess I'll come down now



vacuum extraction now breathe in and

pull as hard as you can come on come on

come on come on come on come on come on

come on come on come on come on more why

you can't push and talk simultaneously

tense your belly come on

breathe breathe breathe come on start

she's not doing anything at all it's

only me who's working don't you feel

something pressing on your uterus

present yes she complained about it you

have to push it tense your belly and

push out did you hear how the baby's

heartbeat was changing we pushed it a

little forward and that restored the

heartbeat but if I let it go again the

head will move back and there must be

something pressing on it the umbilical

cord or maybe it's shoulder you can't

see what it is now we'll only know what

it is when the baby is born let's try

once more of course I'm ready

leaves are contractions starting coming

on start when the contraction starts

come on push push with your belly good

good push again come on push push come

on come on come on come on come on

longer longer longer longer breathe out

it's easier to give birth yourself and

to hear your child given birth it's hard

to see your child when she's sick but

when she's giving birth it's even worse

change more harder now it's me who's

working one more well push please push

please no don't wave your hands I'm the

only one please push good good good

breathing deeply come on come on push

please as hard as you can more more

harder harder harder again again again

again and once again come on come on

come on come on come on come on come on

come on come on come on come on it's

going to come out breathe catch your


you're going to need all your strength

now and go come on come on come on come

on come on well done well done good good

good Vitaly come on come on come on

sunshine come on come on come on come on

come on good girl good girl a little bit

more come on come on sunshine come on

come on the last time the hardest one


well done one more more come on push

come on come on come on come on

okay stop relax come on breathe breathe

congratulations yes you can congratulate

me thank you so much we had a problem so

we had to perform a vacuum extraction

because the umbilical cord was very

tight when the baby's head started

moving down it's hardly changed

drastically we were afraid the baby

would start feeling bad so to avoid

hypoxia we used a special device to pull

the baby out but you didn't fool I

assure you that she was pushing herself

I see we secured the head with a suction

cup of a vacuum extraction so that it

would move backwards the umbilical cord

wasn't allowing the baby's head tumors I

see thank you so much

Oksana how was she feeling right now she

asked is she happy

I'm scared honestly I can't believe it I

still think it happened to someone else

not me I'm shaking all over excuse me

can I go in and see her

so how are you everything okay fine

are you happy don't cry


she's shaking I don't think I was

shivering so hard when I gave birth to

her where's the grandmother I'm here god

she's so small she's not she weighs

three point seven kilos three point

seven really hello hello oh my god hello


what is it what is it hush hush

everything's fine just fine it's okay

she resembles Maxime she takes after her

dad I remember how incredibly happy I

was 25 years ago when I gave birth to my

own daughter

there's simply no words to describe this

feeling I can find the proper words I'm

a grandmother now


congratulate them hello so are you happy

well come round and then I will be happy

my girls

yes she was crying she's got a set of

lungs on her everything will be fine now


it hurts so much I can't stop it

I feel sick what are you doing come on

Daria the baby feels bad we have to

gather your strands no my god

hold him is she alive