Labour ward - What is it like to give birth on the labour ward?


giving birth and a label Warner was much

better than my expectation one thing

that I found surprising was that my baby

was delivered by a midwife in my ad I

thought it would have been delivered by

a doctor when I realized that you did

get your own room and you know my

partner could stay with me I was

relieved from the beginning of my

pregnancy that I wouldn't have been able

to give birth in the birth center

because the doctor told me that Olympic

distract me infection my only option was

a labor ward I spoke to the Midwife in

triage and she told me I was going to

give birth I'm also surprised because my

waters hadn't broken and he was seven

weeks early I ended up with a c-section

because after my waters broke 24 hours

later no contractions after 13 hours and

the hormone induction still minimal

contractions so finally got the

caesarean section and that was just it

went really well

if I could go back and do it again in

preparation I think I would find out

more about what the labor board looks

like what the birth center looks like I

think more importantly I would have

looked at the labor Ward's so that my

fears about the labor ward wouldn't have

been as as necessary for those women

that to decide to give before the

hospital I would recommend a visit to

the parson eight and word that well the

postnatal ward were really really busy

there was a lot of people and it wasn't

something that I expected I think if the

hospital is closer it's much easier and

because my little one was premature and

we had to make trips there for about

three weeks and it's much easier on the

hospital's just closer to where you live

I chose a hospital based on reputation

and what I'd heard from other people

rather than the one that was

geographically closest to me and having

had aftercare from the other hospital

I'm really glad that I made the choice I

did things go wrong sometimes or

differently than you would expect

so try not to have any expectations