How does it REALLY Feel to Give Birth on an EPIDURAL VS. NATURAL!

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hey guys we're in here welcome back to

my channel in today's video I'm going to

be sharing with you what my experience

with birds has been like with an

epidural and without an epidural I've

had two children one of which I had

delivered totally unmedicated naturally

etc and the other I had an epidural with

so I thought it'd be helpful for anyone

who's trying to figure out what they

want for their birth experience and

their birth plan to kind of share with

you guys what the difference is and what

to really expect in the moment in the

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with you guys so before I jump in I just

want to say that of course I'm not a

doctor and I am not telling you guys

what you should do I just want to share

my experience with you guys and what it

really felt like to give birth without

an epidural without medicine versus on

an epidural and I just help anyone out

who's trying to make that decision and

the reason I think it's really helpful

to decide beforehand what you would like

to do and of course anything can happen

in the room in the moment and I would

say very few births go according to a

specific plan I would say if you go in

with the attitude that you'll just see

how it goes and you'll just decide these

are how you're feeling what you're going

to do then you'll probably end up with

an epidural and I say that because

giving birth and is extremely natural

process but it's also extremely intense

process and if you don't prepare for it

mentally I would say that you're going

to be very overwhelmed and you're going

to want some pain medication and you're

gonna go for that epidural option so if

you really want to consider delivering

without an epidural

I would definitely spend the time and

research it and figure out a plan for

how you can do that and then save

yourself look if this isn't going to be

the way it happens I'm okay with that

but I do want to make an effort

beforehand to

make it happen I took hypno birthing

classes I just did it like at home I

didn't go anywhere

I had an app and I practice with it and

just prepared myself so that's how I did

it but I just like to put that out this

evening so let's jump in what is an

epidural really like the first thing

that I didn't understand about an

epidural is why you would wait to get it

so you're experiencing pain you're

experiencing contractions like why not

just get the epidural right away and

what's so bad about being on epidural so

from my personal experience getting an

epidural is in itself people they're

sticking a giant needle in your back but

what happens is once you're on it your

body is flowing with a lot of intense

medication and everyone reacts

differently to it so for me at first it

was fine it worked well it definitely

stopped feeling the contractions

I was completely numb from like my chest

down but after a few hours of that I

started to get really itchy

because numbness for me is associated

with like itchiness by the way this is

just my experience not everyone feels

this is just what I felt and I found

that extremely uncomfortable

yes contractions are uncomfortable but

that to me was really difficult I also

will say with someone who has

perspective with both there's a

difference between your body going

through a natural process that's very

intense and I don't like using the word

painful because it's so different than

like when you cut your skin for example

that's pain that's like intense pain a

contraction is like a wave they call it

a hypno birthing there's this level of

intensity that builds and it's

uncomfortable it's intense but at the

same time it's so different than like

stuffing your towel if that makes sense

so there's a difference between the

discomfort and pain of being on really

intense medication and an epidural first

the natural process of delivering and

giving birth which has elements of pain

to it so for me I definitely if you

can't tell already preferred that now

tropane experience versus the medicated

paint experience what positive about the

epidural is that yes you don't feel the

contractions you definitely feel them

way way less but on the flip side you

kind of feel nothing at all like I said

you're numb and that can be really

strange so for me the whole experience

of giving birth of an epidural felt very

disempowering I couldn't feel my body I

couldn't sense what was going on I

couldn't tell the doctors like I really

feel like I need to push right now or I

feel like the baby's moving downwards

and all those sensations you can feel if

you're not on an epidural so hearing

this you might think like I don't want

to feel that but it depends whether

you're the type of person that likes to

have that agency and that controller to

know what's going on so when I was

laboring naturally I could really feel

the baby moving downwards and my body

knew when it was time to push first on

the epidural I was just laying there for

hours on end and they would just check

on me every so often and then at one

point they're like okay it's time to

push and I was like like it just you

feel very I felt very disconnected from

the birth experience which again for

some people might not matter to you for

me it was frightening

and made me feel very powerless and out

of control to not feel what was going on

so giving birth naturally is it painful

yes it is painful but in my mind I could

experience the contractions I could lift

through them and I was fine

so contractions happen in a wave when

you're in that most intense time yes it

does feel like all and I'm missing like

this is your whole body is just like

almost writhing in it but they come in

wait if so they build up and then they

go down so each of those contractions

was short and I said in my labor and

delivery story that that's what I kept

saying to myself this is short this is

short so unlike for example other pain

that happens in your life like I

no you fall and hurt yourself you break

your arm that's an intense pain that

just lasts you know until you get

medicine to take care of it first a

contraction where is like it just lasts

for a few seconds yes they're very

intense but then it relaxes and you're

fine again so one of the things I didn't

understand when I gave birth the first

time was why not just get on the

epidural right away and I think this

gets back to the discomfort of being

with intense medication for some people

for some people they're totally fine and

you can sit on the epidural for hours

for others their body is affected by

that medicine so that's why people put

off getting the epidural until they

really need it because not only does it

not only is it sometimes an unpleasant

experience but it also slows down the

natural process of labor delivery so

this gets back to the pros and cons of

the epidural so when I was told it would

slow down labor and delivery I was like

okay but I'm gonna be on the epidural

anyway so why does it matter if it takes

longer I'm just saying they're not

feeling anything and that's definitely

true but it I don't want to say

interferes because that's a very

negative term and that's like a loaded

word but it interferes with the natural

process because when you're laboring

naturally you do things like you stand

up you move around and all of those

physical actions help the baby come out

faster which can be good for the baby

and good for you versus when you're on

that patrol and you're just lying there

flat on your back so I don't want to get

too much into the negatives of birth in

America because that's a whole other

topic but um you know there are dangers

associated with the medicalization of

the birth process however there's also

enormous amazing benefits that have come

with it and life-saving changes that

have happened so there's so much of that

Baker notion going on and I am NOT a

medical expert I don't and I'm into it I

really just want to keep the focus on

what the experience is like but if

you're someone who is really interested

in learning more about that there are

some amazing documentaries and books

which I'll try the link down below just

to kind of understand the bigger picture

of what's going on I know one of the

things that really disturbed me and I

really didn't know too much about it on

my first birth was when we went into the

hospital like 10:00 p.m. the night

before my doctor was like

gonna give birth that I figure out time

we said but something like 7:00 a.m.

tomorrow morning and I was like okay

like how could anyone know that and I

get that he's an OB and like he's

experienced tons of birds and like kind

of sees them but nobody can know down to

a time when you're gonna give birth what

surprise surprise is it because I was

given an epidural and then pitocin to

speed up the labor and all these other

interaction interventions I delivered at

the exact time he wanted me to but it

was convenient for him so I don't want

to paint that as like a fully negative

experience story because you know it

wasn't I delivered net I delivered the

baby was healthy and everything was okay

but that sort of thing just kind of like

bothered me a little bit because I know

that the birth experience is so

unpredictable and those sort of

interventions making it more predictable

just I don't know it rubbed me the wrong

way I guess

sorry about that pause I just had such

memory cards okay so let's talk a little

bit about what happens after you give

birth okay so for me once I removed the

epidural I not I don't wanna say

suddenly because it wasn't instant but

it was very quickly I felt a rush of

pain because I had just given birth I

also had second degree tears that that

were being sewed up

well they had just finished being sewn

up but anyways I had just given birth so

obviously I was in a lot of intense pain

that I really was unprepared for because

on the epidural I was totally numb then

they removed that patrol and I was

suddenly in a excruciating pain and I

was like I'm like I'm in a lot of pain

here and they're like oh okay we'll put

some pain in the IV and I remember

they're like do you want some time

almost like Tylenol that's not gonna cut

it so for me that was also very jarring

and out of control experience versus

when I deliver naturally I felt the you

know pain building I felt delivery and

afterwards yes I was definitely in pain

I also had tearing but it wasn't that

sudden shocking pain it was more like my

body I felt it experienced something I

understood that now I was sore if that

makes sense

so for me I again just preferred that

sensation of understanding what I had

been through understanding that I was

sore etc and I still got pain medicine

after giving birth through the IV so I

still had some so I still had the

opportunity to you know not be just

sitting there in a lot of pain

especially when they were like stitching

up the tears and stuff I'm sorry this is

very graphic but that is the reality of

birth it's a graphic experience but I do

want to say that although giving birth

on the epidural had its downsides for me

and there was definitely reason with my

second baby that I wanted to give birth

without one when I first got into the

hospital with my first baby I was so

thankful for the epidural I was not

prepared for the contractions I don't

think there's really a way that anyone

can explain them in words when you

haven't felt them so for anyone who's

curious the way that I describe a

contraction is to me it feels like your

whole body is being smushed contracted

but almost like you were stuck in some

sort of something that was squeezing you

super super hard and the pain of it you

know kind of like a reverberates through

your body

and totally takes over everything

because it's so intense but like I said

before it's a wave it builds you're

prepared for it you're ready for it

it's intense when it happens and then it

relaxes so anyway so when I showed up to

the hospital to deliver my first baby I

was not prepared for it

I felt the contractions and I felt

completely overwhelmed with how intense

they were unprepared and just like I

could not do it and that's what I said I

said I can't do it I can't I need an

epidural and I did mean epidural and I

was very thankful to have had it so I

think when I tell people oh yeah I

definitely prefer the experience of

giving birth naturally I have the

site benefit of having already had a

child with an epidural knowing what

contractions would be like knowing what

the whole experience was going to be

like so I had that safety net of knowing

what to prepare for what to expect and

that allowed me to give birth naturally

so for the women who give birth

naturally the first time around I give

you full of husband commends because I

definitely couldn't have done it with my

first at least without doing a ton more

research and preparation which I you

know didn't set out to do the first time

around so I think it is easy for me to

say oh no you should definitely give

birth actually but Mutants because I had

done it already the first time so I was

like oh yeah I can oh I could do it the

second I also knew that for me it was

going to be worth it worth the training

worth the pain to deliver naturally

because I really disliked the epidural

experience so the last thing I want to

say on this because I'm sure I've talked

for about 30 minutes ago into my camera

is that before I gave birth I really

didn't understand why anyone wouldn't

opt for pain medication if you're going

in for open-heart surgery wouldn't be

like oh I can do about it

but what I've come to understand is that

delivering a baby yes is an actual

experience I've said that a thousand


but being able to be connected to that

process and to experience it in the way

it is designed by God or you know that

we've evolved into being is a beautiful

experience yes there's pain involved but

there's so much love and beauty and joy

involved and for me I loved it

yes it was difficult yes it was intense

yes I wouldn't want me doing it every

Tuesday but there is something to be

said like running a marathon or going on

some trek up a mountain that it just

feels good when you reach the end versus

taking the elevator up so I know that is

an oversimplification of a really

difficult topic I do not judge anyone

for whatever birth choices they have I

just I'm sharing my honest experience of

what it was like

because there is so much information out

there and I know it is so hard to choose

so I just wanted to share a real

experience of one birth on an epidural

one birth off an epidural if you guys

have any questions we'll leave a free in

the comments I'll try to get back to you

ASAP I wish you all the very best if you

are fragment right now thank you so much

for watching this video and I'll see in

the next one bye