hey mamma's your body was made to give

birth and if you've been watching my

videos for a while you have heard me say

that plenty of times before but apart

from simply saying that I want you to

have the confidence in the knowledge of

how your body works in harmony with

itself and your baby to make birth

happen in a beautiful healthy and safe

way so in this video I'm sharing with

you how your hormones work perfectly and

in your favor to help you progress

through labor and even enjoy your labor

I'm Bridget and I'm a birth doula in the

San Francisco Bay Area and I love

helping moms love their birth for more

information on how to have a healthy and

happy pregnancy birth and motherhood

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knowing how your body works is one of

the best ways to be confident in its

ability to do what one of the most

challenging events of your life birth as

you watch this video you're going to

learn how amazing your body's natural

hormones work together to help your body

prepare for labor help it to progress as

you're in labor and how those hormones

impact your baby so let's jump in so

ever since your period to your ovulation

to your pregnancy and now to birth your

hormones have been running the show

keeping everything on a timeline making

sure that baby is growing the way that

it needs to and preparing your body to

give birth and in the weeks leading up

to birth there will be a huge hormonal

shift to set off a domino effect of

physical changes that will ultimately

lead to your baby being born so during

the last weeks of your pregnancy your

body starts releasing more

prostaglandins which are what helps your

cervix to soften and this softening of

your cervix plus the weight of your

baby's head settling into your pelvis

really helps your cervix begin to a face

and dilate now it's important to note

here that babies are the ones who

trigger most of these changes so when

they are ready to be born they will

release chemicals that one help their

lungs to fully develop but also trigger

the placenta to begin releasing estrogen

and cortisol so baby is the one who's


trol to really get things moving that's

why it's so important to make sure that

you're not inducing too early if baby

isn't quite ready to be born because it

may mean that baby won't handle labor

quite as well or it can disrupt your

body's natural hormones that help keep

birth safe and manageable so those

hormones prostaglandin estrogen cortisol

are what is leading up to the onset of

labor and now as you move into labor and

throughout labor your body is pumping

the hormone oxytocin which causes your

contractions to grow in intensity and

regularity and that's exactly what you

want to happen because those intense

regular contractions are what bring baby

down and out so even though they may

feel overwhelming momma and challenging

welcome those contractions because they

are what bring your baby to you however

if you are in an environment especially

during early labor that makes you scared

or makes you feel exposed or anxious

stress hormones called catecholamines I

know it's a big name also known as

adrenaline which you might be more

familiar with are released and can stall

or even stop those contractions and

obviously you don't want those

contractions to slow down or to stop by

any means because those contractions

that are growing in that intensity and

that regularity is what's going to bring

your baby to you right so on the flip

side when you are feeling confident and

cared for and at ease oxytocin will

continue to flow in more and more

quantities throughout labor now I know

that can sound overwhelming to think

that those contractions are only going

to grow more challenging but your body

does something amazing in response to

those heightening levels of oxytocin

your brain signals to release hormones

called endorphins and endorphins lower

your pain perception and manage the

release of oxytocin giving your uterus a

break from those intense oxytocin

induced contractions so these endorphins

are what send women to another planet

during labor which is often called labor

land and it makes them more intuitive

and tune in to their body and their baby

helps some

kind of block out all of the

distractions in the outside world and

helps them find comfort as they cope

with their contractions now during a

medically induced labor women receive a

synthetic form of oxytocin but

unfortunately that man-made form of

oxytocin doesn't cross that blood-brain

barrier that helps trigger that

endorphin release which is why induced

Labor's oftentimes can be much more

challenging to cope with during labor

so these hormones oxytocin and

endorphins are all working together to

get may be down and out effectively and

as you move to find more comfort on your

own and breathe through your

contractions your baby is able to rotate

and descend through your pelvis giving

you with that undeniable urge to push

and at this point lots of Mama's

experienced a little bit of anxiety as

they're approaching like oh my gosh I'm

gonna have to start pushing oh my gosh

I'm about to have my baby now at the

beginning like I mentioned that anxiety

can cause those contractions to slow

down however at this point that little

bit of anxiousness actually helps you

those catecholamines are released in you

and your baby in response to that stress

and helps actually quicken birth that

hormone is going to give you a jolt of

energy as you've already spent so much

of it throughout labor it helps you be

more perceptive and focused as well as

give you a strength booster as you push

your baby out and once your baby is born

those catecholamines in their little

bodies make them instinctively take

their first breath after being born

followed by a nice cry for Mama and then

helps them be alert as they lay on your

chest gazing at you and the new world

around them now the last hormone I want

to mention is prolactin so now your baby

is laying skin-to-skin on your chest and

abdomen which starts to stimulate your

body to produce prolactin so prolactin

is what helps you a produce milk and

also helps you continue in producing

oxytocin which is going to help your

uterus shrink down and prevent bleeding

and then helps with your milk to get

that letdown all of these hormones that

have been increasing and working

together through labor are what will

give you that you

and in love feeling that is associated

with that mom and baby bonding so those

are the primary hormones that are at

work during birth and it's amazing what

your body can do during nine months of

growing your baby and what it will do

during labor when I say your body was

made to give birth mama it is so true

and I hope that after watching this

video you're trusting even a little bit

more in your body's natural abilities to

manage birth from start to finish each

step you take and learning about birth

and preparing your mind and your body

for this incredible experience also

brings you one step closer to having a

birth that you love so thanks for being

with me in this video mama and I will

see you in the next one