Where can I choose to give birth? | NHS

every woman has the right to choose

where she has her baby she can choose to

have a baby at home in a hospital or in

a midwifery LED unit you community

Midwife will be there

she'll assess your pregnancy and tell

you what your options are a home birth

is an option that's open to many women

there is a risk assessment that needs to

be done beforehand and you need to have

your pregnancy assessed as being a

low-risk pregnancy if everything's okay

then there's nothing stopping you having

the lovely home birth some people aren't

so keen on having a home birth when they

think about the emergency side of

situations and getting into hospital the

mess and the pain relief a birthing unit

or a midwife related unit it's very

similar to having your baby at home

again you'll be risk assess and low risk

pregnancies are able to have their

babies there it's a home from home

environment you haven't got the mess in

your lounge and you're not going to get

your carpets dirty some of the midwifery

LED units or the birthing units aren't

co-located within a hospital so that

means that there won't be any

obstetricians or any pediatricians there

so in an emergency you'll have to be

transferred up to your manger hospital

the hospital is the option that was

available to many women for many years

there's obstetricians there there are

pediatricians and their own anesthetists

so if anything goes wrong with your

health your baby's helpful you need an

epidural or an emergency caesarean

section there are people there to help


sometimes with having your baby in a

hospital it can lead to more

intervention at the beginning of your

pregnancy you'll be asked where you'd

like to have your baby it's not setting

tablets of stone in you can change your

mind at any time as much as possible

we'll try and enhance your birth

experience by giving you exactly what

you want but now and again we have to

change the plans