How to hack someones drone!?

Jones security needs to be taken more

seriously all the way from the hobby

level to Amazon delivery / Ministry of

Defense drones have so much potential so

much flexibility and for these reason

they are incredibly desirable to hack

for nefarious purposes

never before of hackers had this kind of

access to at all which is such physical

influence in the real world you can hack

a robot arm in a factory a printer in an

office or someone's nuclear program back

a few years but no human will ever be

near it's in the first place nobody's

going to drown in paper and you're not

gonna shut down an airport from a

factory in this demo I'll show how

anyone with a bit of imagination and

Google at their fingertips can hack a

drone and if this isn't hard this is the

biggest takeaway from this it's not so

hard to imagine that someone who really

knows what they're doing could do a lot

more and a lot worse in the sky that

I'll be using kali linux kai linux as an

operating system but you don't need it

to do what i will show you it can be

done in Windows Mac or about any

distribution of Linux Kai Linux is just

specifically designed for penetration

testing and security auditing

penetration testing being the process by

which you invite a hacker to do your

worst to your products so kex comes with

a lot of hacking programs which will do

almost anything you would ever want to

do but in this will be just focusing on

aircrack-ng which stands for next-gen so

what is it the authentication attack and

exactly why is it possible her Wi-Fi

deal authentication attack is a type of

denial of service attack their targets

communication between a user and a Wi-Fi

or a wireless access point

unlike jamming the authentication acts

in a unique way

the 802.11 Wi-Fi protocol contains the

provisions for a deal that occation

frame sending the frame from the access

point to a station is called a

sanctioned technique to inform a rogue

station that they have been disconnected

from the network think of this as almost

divorce papers where the do

authentication frame are the papers but

these divorce papers have no holographic

marks or aunty forgery devices justice

ends address on them and that's the only

way to verify them

the attacker essentially sends a fake

serve divorce papers and lies about the

sender's address using the ax

points address instead of its own the

MAC address in this circumstance you

receive the divorce papers see there

from the registers office and this is

not a joke and you accept your fate

computers are stupid what else is there

to say

well when doing the attack we constantly

send these messages meaning the user

cannot reconnect and the services

tonight these messages are sent

unencrypted and unverified for speed the

last time someone who isn't supposed to

be on your network spends on it the

better so let's set the picture that's

why I'm a hacker and it's a sunny lovely

day I'd really love to be out flying a

drone I don't have one but you do let's

make things super easy for me let's say

it's a pair of bebop two being flown

from your mobile phone and let's choose

Manchester's offense our location home

to Manchester's BMF a Flying Club if I

hear a lot personally I see a lot of

other people flying here so knowing the

area this would be the perfect place now

I'm not the fittest hacker I don't feel

like running so I'm going to set on my

laptop over here that way even when they

go running after their drone they have

an extra long way to go so back to the

more interesting stuff now we're on the

hackers laptop now and we're just loaded

into catalinux and then we're gonna do

up the terminal okay so let's start air

crack by typing in air crack - ng then

we're gonna follow that up with IW

convict show what adapters are available

to use then we can see wlan0

for that up with em on - ng wireless LAN

zero and that's gonna put the card in

monitor mode so we can see what's around

us but then to actually get that to dump

in we're gonna have to type in idle you

config and see what the name changed to

which in this case is Wireless LAN zero

mom and then we're gonna type arrow dump

- ng to get the information that the

card is seeing into the terminal okay so

now from this panel we can see in the

top right the name of any Wi-Fi networks

available so we can see your drone there

and then we can also note down the

channel it's on and then we can fill in

arrow dump - ng

wireless LAN theorem on the MAC address

followed by bssid followed by the MAC

address of the target drone and then - -

channel bought by the channel of the

drone as well and what this is gonna do

is tell us what devices are actually

connected to that access point okay now

we need to identify which one of these

MAC addresses belongs to the phone which

is really easy because there's only one

MAC address here because one drive phone

controls one drone so we're gonna

control that to stop that so then we can

copy and paste that MAC address and then

we're going to actually do the attack

now so our plague - ng - dusty auth0

- C followed by the map the phone's MAC

address and then the drones MAC address