Homework Excuses

all right guys you have three weeks to

do it please submit your homework on my

table now along with reports Oh mark I

think before yes that one wasn't that

due next week because today no no the

thing but I'll do mine next week get it

because right now I'm weak you're not


Joe where's yours when is mine may you

ask does it really matter

people are dying of hunger and only care

about is homework why don't I give you a

homework but don't you try well you put

yourself in our shoes and what's your

shoe size 44 oh yeah

are you hungry where's your homework

it's at home why it's homework so it

belongs there home work is it that at

least working at home you're in

University my god eight to homework not

this excuse again no my dog really ate

the homework thing so that's yeah I know

after eating the homework my dog pooped

it out can't you read

no but you speak most of the time in

class I know the same way you can't read

where's your homework I'm not telling

you I didn't do it

thanks for the honesty but where is it

I'm not a child

no I'll call getting colder what about

here sell cold calls I mean cold through

15 minutes yeah cause it's not here it's

at home where do you live Walmart

Walmart hot

I told you it was hard I have my

homework it's right there it's ready and

ready the whole time actually