$500 Booster Box? Should You Buy Into the XY Evolutions Hype?

hey everyone jake here and welcome to

the hobby are you guys ready

for the hottest set of the 2020

holiday season yeah get out of here

hidden fates

and no i'm not talking about you either

champion's path

we're talking about the freshly released


2017 set

xy evolutions that's right this thing is

hotter than a swedish meatball right now

and we're gonna have to crack this

classic elite trainer box

open and see what the hype is all about

so what is the short answer for why x y


is the hottest pokemon card set right

now the

short answer is definitely nostalgia

people are just really in the mood right

now to open up some pokemon cards with

their classic

artwork and you're gonna have a hard

time finding some base set booster packs

to open

considering that base set booster packs

are selling for around five hundred


per booster pack so xy evolution is a

great secondary option as this set is


very readily available and it is a lot

of fun to open up some classic pokemon


in their original artwork so what are

the big hits for xy evolutions there are

actually only two major big hits and

they both begin with charred

and and in izard and those two cards

would be

the mega charizard ex full art

as well as of course the most popular

card himself

the original charizard hollow rare in


hollow rare form really cool card a

little bit different from the base set


and definitely the chase card for this


inside of the elite trainer box you do

get eight packs so some solid chances

of pulling the charizard even if you do

not pull the charizard then there's

always the chance of getting

the holographic reverse version of

charizard which is still worth

a little pretty penny so there are some

decent cards inside this set

and i do enjoy that classic classic

1999 design for these pokemon cards

and the interesting energy card we got


tangela poliwag as well there are some

really interesting

secret rare cards in this set the

surfing pikachu being the most popular

of them we have double colorless energy

holographic reverse

and mewtwo in the back decent pull not


shabby i do have four

copies of the hollow rare charizard

currently sent away

to psa to be graded hopefully one of

them is a psa 10.

that would be absolutely amazing the psa

10 copy of charizard

is extraordinarily expensive right now


it is an extremely difficult card to


fellow youtuber duriam i believe he sent

over 40 copies

of freshly pulled charizard from his

pack openings

and not a single one of them got a psa

10 so it is an extremely difficult card

to grade and the main reason for that is

that xy

evolutions is just a very poorly printed


the print design for this set is very


so you're gonna have some difficulty

getting some solid grades we have star u

holographic reverse

and wow there's a decent pole mu

two e x four r

that is a really nice card

definitely one that i would love to keep

inside of my collection let's turn it


see how the back looks and

not too shabby i don't see any major

issue of this car do you guys see any i

think this is a really

solid copy wow not bad we might have a

solid shot

of getting a ps810 with this car really


glad to have it now the next thing that

we have to talk about with

xy evolutions is how great of a set it


to be investing in and i'm gonna caution

you guys

against really stacking a lot of xy

evolutions products

and there is a couple of reasons why xy

evolutions i think

might be a real hot potato set very

difficult to

really invest in and the main reason for

that is that it's an extremely risky set

xy evolutions wild a fairly

old set is not out of print and it is

the most

popular set for pokemon to reprint right

now because

everyone loves xy evolutions it really

brings us back

to our childhood and it's a very fun set

to go over and just see classic pokemon


artwork so in general xy evolutions is


out of print in fact there is plenty

more xy evolution

products coming to stores near you

in november there is even a release of a

brand new

xy evolution product kanto power

collection i believe is what it's called

and inside of every single box you're

going to get around 10 packs of x y


so they're still wow what what

what just happened did we just get

double code cards in a single pack wow

that is really cool

i've never seen that happen before i've

already lost my train of thoughts

so yeah in general i would caution

against uh

getting really deep into xy evolutions

if you're looking to open up some packs

definitely go ahead if you have a couple

of items for display

no problem but yeah it's maybe not the

best set to be stacking products off

nine tail breaks too bad breaks cards

are just not as popular

but they are definitely very cool

who knows maybe people will start really

enjoying these

in later years to come i definitely dig

them might start collecting some break


so yeah the pokemon company has already

stated that they are very willing to

combat price increases for modern

products in xy evolutions is

one where i think they are more than

likely to reprint

xy evolutions as the printers are very


they can print more xy evolutions

anytime they

want there is no stopping them from

doing so

and if i know the pokemon company they

definitely will print more of this

products because there's no reason not


when a booster box of xy evolutions is

going for

upwards of five hundred dollars which is

pretty insane

super risky if you purchase it at five

hundred dollars the main reason for that

is if the pokemon company

reprints it then the price for the

booster boxes will literally drop back

down to

probably 150 or so so you're looking at


net loss of well over 350 dollars per

booster box that you purchase

so very very risky and the upside

is fairly marginal how much higher can

the set really go

maybe 800 and that's really pushing it

chansey holographic rare that's pretty

cool so yeah

general i think that this set contains

some very risky proposition

especially with so much of it out there

most people don't know this but xy

evolutions is by far

the most popular pokemon card set of all


yeah even bigger than base set unlimited

so there are

tons and tons of xy evolution cards out


right now certainly very very hot

but there are a plenty full amount of

holographic charizards in

collections all over the world and as

people realize that there's some value

inside of this set

i think very likely you're going to see

some serious

serious market movement people are going

to start selling plenty of these cards i


so uh certainly a fun set if you have


booster boxes keep them but

be careful you know be smart with your


don't go crazy on a set that is still

being printed that is the biggest worry

of mine

is pokemon can completely over print

this set again at any time

we got brock's grit slow bro spirit link

can we get a charizard here's an

interesting thought

i've opened so many xy evolutions packs

in my lifetime

and i've never pulled the charizard and

looks like

we might not be lucky today either

those were all the packs inside of the

elite trainer boxes

but we're not done yet i'm not going to

stop there

we got to keep on going let's just push

our luck a little bit further

and see if we can get another decent


so yeah an xy evolutions elite trainer

box currently costs around

uh a hundred dollars to pull one oh

there's one of the secret rare

not one of the one that we're looking

for imakuni's dodo the big one we want

is surfing pikachu

definitely so the odds of pulling

a charizard which is the car that will

make you your money's back

is extremely unlikely but it can

indeed happen we got one final shot

let's definitely try

for a 10th pack maybe we'll get some

last pack magic but i'm already

satisfied with what we pulled in today's


if you're looking to satisfy your


itch and open up some classic pokemon


artwork then definitely uh

xy evolution satisfies that urge

which is the important thing we do three

to the front and we got ourselves a

second imakuni's dodo classic looking


there are some other cool cars inside

this set i don't know why there is not a


blast toys or venusaur they really did

my turtle boy dirty but that's all right

and in the back we got ourselves our

second arcanine

a few moments later all right jake glide

we're gonna try to get some more xy

evolutions packs to open and one of the

great thing about xy

evolutions is that it is readily

available as well

in just about every single product that

you can think of they usually

toss in an extra xy evolutions packs and

inside of these great ball tins i'm

pretty confident that there is at least

one xy evolution pack

inside every single pokeball you do get


three packs from what is considered to


pretty over printed sets and you do get

yourself a little

pokey coin you got raichu today

so let's see what packs we got crimson

invasion definitely a pretty poor set

but then we do have burning shadows

which is not too bad

not too shabby let's open this one and

there it is

the xy evolutions pack it's like digging

for gold you never know what you might


let's go with the worst to best which is

going to be crimson invasion

for sure there is no chase pull at all

inside of crimson invasion

so i'm not expecting anything too hot

inside of this pack

let's get it over fast here's the code

card in case someone wants to maybe

open up a crimson invasion pack of their


and let's see what we got here

some kakuna we've got some spoink

mystery this oh pikachu that is going to


very important important for me

definitely collecting every single


card i can currently get my hands on

right now onto burning shadows

maybe we can pull ourselves a charizard

gx in here

who knows well you guys will know if you

skip the video one two three to the


toss the energy and see we can get


good inside of the back of this one and

if not

we always have xy evolutions to rely on

if you are looking for some more xy

evolutions packs to open

remember they are readily available in

just about

every single product that you can think


you'll usually find at least one xy

evolution pack

just slipped in as an extra bonus

we do one two three to the front list

oh my gosh we did we try to toss the


and we got ourselves a charizard ex

not the full art version but sir sure

i'll take it

not too shabby number

12 out of 108 so very cool

it was inside of our final 10 and we got

a pikachu holographic reverse not too


let's see we can find ourselves a secret

rare inside of this pack

no secret rare but well worth it already

last pack magic it always happens 100 of

the time

bet on all it everybody that's the end

of today's video

what is my final verdict on xy

evolutions it

is a super fun set to open seeing all

those nostalgic artwork is amazing

and i can only imagine how exciting it

must feel to open up a couple of xy

evolutions booster packs

on christmas morning and sleeving up all

any of your amazing polls

so yeah it's certainly a fun set not one

that i would recommend really drawing

your money

at because like i said still heavily


and still very very readily available

so we'll definitely be on the lookout to

see where prices go

i could certainly be wrong but in

general it is a set that i enjoy and i

will continue enjoy for years to come

so thank you so much for watching i'm

going to sleeve up all the amazing polls

we got in today's video

and i will see you guys next time