What Is "Build A Song?" (Emmy Lou Idea to Demo)

on a drive home from work three months


I just came up with a melody I got home

took out the guitar and put it together

this is the starting point of this song

that we're gonna look at today Amy


now from there you go in the studio and

you have a lot of tricks to help

yourself song right for me I have a very

unique creative trick that I when I'm

thinking of words for a song I'll look

around the room and just start naming

things in a melody like


really even samba fine

see I kind of like some of the stuff I

just sit there but that was me looking

around all things that they said except

the last the last part kind of came in a

flow if flowed right in okay so that's a

good example good um for this core is

the real one that was Antonio one for

the real one I was looking around this

studio box and while I was humming it I

see I mean we Maris

so naturally I fitted in now I'm going

to show you this again this is the real

chorus the previous one was not I know

it was very impressive this - so here we

are with the fully written idea that

includes the inspiration just found

around the room



I'm dying just

talk to you

now I realize after sitting with the

song doing all the mixing for it that I

say you three times in that short chorus

now that shows that it's not the most

well thought-out lyricism but at the end

of the day I think it sounds good I feel

comfortable when I sing it and it gets

the point across that it's supposed to

get across it's not like confusing yeah

wouldn't get too caught up with wording

in your song writing that's like a

polishing thing if something comes to me

now a better idea to kind of fill in but

keep the meeting and remove some of the

use I'll do it I'll switch it but as of

right now I'm comfortable with it still

and the song is growing and it's growing

with that idea so sometimes your wording

doesn't have to be perfect my name is

John Michael and I've been writing songs

for about 10 years now started when I

got my mac book back in the day and I

had GarageBand which opened up a new

world to me and so that got me started

and I've been thinking heavily about

songwriting ever since I've been a

teacher for four years so it's not like

that's my main goal but it's been always

the secondary thing in my head always

flowing looking for ideas and kind of

shaping the world around me - how can I

fit that into a song so it's 10 years

passed and now I feel like I have some

things to share not only just songs

which I'll be doing but also a little

bit of just some theory tips and

superstitions that I've come up with for

songwriting over the past 10 years

so today we're gonna do both those

things we're gonna look at one of my

song ideas any loop going from an idea

on the guitar to a demo which has guitar

bass vocals some keys in there too and

the drum beat so we're gonna hear that

idea to demo and we're also gonna do a

little bit of discussion just on some

songwriting questions that I've asked

myself and maybe you've asked yourself -

first off my question comes from faced

off of this song I'm not gonna talk

about something that's not here it's not

related I'm gonna give you the example

based off of this song so that I can

really talk about it in a specific

specific situation how my brain is

working through this so my question is

does a nonsense idea ruin a song now

obviously there are plenty of examples

of nonsense ideas making a song great

which is off the top of my head we're

seeing this guy with diamonds

sounds pretty nonsense I mean I guess

you can do your research and figure out

what it is but there's these abstract

ideas super out there sent seemingly

nonsense that really connect to people

so nonsense ideas obviously do fit but

you know we're all amateurs if we're

watching this video and we have to ask

ourself in a different way because at a

certain level if you're just spouting

off nonsense where you can barely put

together a full sentence it's not going

to appeal to people so there's a balance

sometimes these nonsense ideas can make

or break you know for me this is an odd

kind of a nonsense

yeah it came from nowhere came from just

me looking around and taking a picture

off the wall does that ruin the spirit

of the song in this case I could say no

because though the idea was based off of

the wall the flow that I wrote in after

that the focus that I had was honest and

I was able to at least honestly convey

what I was thinking in the moment that's

what's really key if you can take a

nonsense idea but then frame it around

on an honest snapshot into your brain

then you're doing a great job not only

for your audience but also for yourself

and that's a more for yourself because

once you get into that flow state and

you can really be fully present in your

songwriting process and you're not

thinking about oh how's this lyric going

to affect me well has this lyric gonna

influence the listener how's this buh

buh buh buh buh buh you're getting too

cerebral you're losing the art but when

you can be in that flow and right from

an honest place talking about what you

really feel right now on your journey in

your life then you're gonna help

yourself because you're gonna show

yourself three months later you're gonna

listen back and you're gonna hear oh

that's how I was thinking of three

months ago not that you're changing your

whole brain over is such a short period

of time but you're helping yourself in

your progression you're getting a

reflection back to you of oh this is

what I sound like this is what my

thoughts are

so it doesn't really take the deepest

philosophy in every song but to just get

that third person perspective on how

you're thinking and you know all the

details to what your words mean you know

what they remind you of so build all of

these mnemonics build all these and

share them as often as you can to help

yourself so you can get that third

person snapshot of how you grow it

brings to mind that I know I'm going off

on a tangent it brings to mind how

sometimes you ask a friend for advice in

a situation where you told you know the

answer let's say you're gaining a little

bit of weight you know it's winter

you're having a lot of Turkey you're

getting a little chubby and you go to

your friend and you know the answer

already but you go to your friends say

yeah man uh then get a little heavy and

you're asking for advice and it goes to

you and says you know I think you should

make a routine I think you should on a

regular basis set four days a week that

you have to go to the gym no questions

asked and you're gonna say to yourself I

could have said that I could have

thought of that but when you're in the

mix up of emotion you lose track of

common sense what you want to do is get

a third-person perspective that being a

friend or in this case when you're

writing a song it could just be you you

listen back to yourself a few months

later you're getting that third person

you're separated from the emotion of

three months ago and now you can listen

to yourself and actually kind of give

yourself advice now just like that

trusted friend can give you advice the

moral of the story is get your song

ideas out write them down play them on

the guitar put them on the voice notes

on your phone and listen back come back

to it you're gonna build your ideas

you're going to improve them and also a

few months down the line you will be

able to give

yourself that third person perspective

advice that your trusted friend getting

right now


in this section we're going to talk

about the development from the idea to

demo so we're gonna go first course

Bridge acoustic all paired up with the

demo version that has guitars electric

guitars bass drums some keys and

multiple layered vocals so let's start

with the acoustic verse


our son

I'm gone

holiday dreams ah







now that first was not in that looking

around the room looking for inspirations

thought that was in the flow space I was

sitting down in the zone

writing out and so that made I feel like

I was more honest that way so now

listening back I can hear those thoughts

that I used to have and I'll see what

that third person just ago saying before

let's take a listen to the demo







which worthy see



to this day





- yeah all right here we go

with the chorus chorus one starts off a

little smooth and builds up by the end


have you heard



you're gonna hear how it develops

similarly similarly in pace in the demo

just with a little more flash to it yeah

have you heard the news


I'm dying just to talk to you not say



and lastly the bridge

it came differently than the verse in

the course verse and chorus and strung

together on the guitar bridge

I had guitar e recorded electric guitar

so has pumped up a little bit and it

allowed me to not strum while I was

creating and also led me to be a little

louder you know in my singing so you'll

hear that in the demo this will be the

acoustic version of it here's the bridge


oh well mother mary's mother

the thoughts injury




let's take a listen to the bridge in












there's the verse chorus and bridge for

my song Emmylou listens the whole thing

go to the demo click on the demo link

and you'll get the whole picture after

all the thought that you've heard me

expound about it may as well see the

final product right so big thanks for

tuning in everybody this is my very

first youtube video and my goal for the

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videos you get idea to demo which is

what you just heard here and you're

gonna get the demo itself so there's

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