Right to die with dignity

Els is eating away at Gloria Taylor's

body it's the burden of being diagnosed

with a degenerative disease on Friday

this frail woman played a historic role

hoping to strike down the law that bans

assisted suicide Taylor is the only

person in Canada who can legally request

a physician assisted suicide majority of

people in Canada have spoken at the end

of their lives they want to die

peacefully not screaming in pain and not

with the government in their bedroom

telling them how to die the BC Supreme

Court rulings as a ban on

doctor-assisted suicide infringes on the

rights of the disabled the Kelowna

resident is restricted to her wheelchair

and he's a feeding tube and is slowly

losing her voice the ruling was

suspended for a year so lawmakers could

make changes to the legislation taylor

was given exemption to the year-long

suspension which allows her to make the

decision about her future immediately I

live one day at a time and I'm not there

yet I'm still here for a living and I

hope for a long time

when it's time it's God's will not mine

and I'll leave it at that but the

government may not so far Ottawa says

it's going to study the ruling but most

expected to appeal the Archdiocese of

Vancouver has already called the ruling

dangerous some medical organizations

also feel the decision is flawed we are

extremely concerned about the situation

of Elder Abuse which is a major issue in

Canada if we can't detect it now how are

we supposed to detect it when the stakes

are raised by the existence of assisted

suicide euthanasia the question as to

whether or not there's a significant

risk of abuse the answer to that is no

and this is indeed what has driven to

large extent the the judgment the court

finding because the judge actually

evaluated what happened in jurisdictions

that have decriminalized and she found

that there is no significant risk of

abuse in 1993 sue Rodriguez lost her

challenge to the physician assisted

suicide law in the Supreme Court of

Canada if the government appeals it may

argue that the Rodriguez case overrides

Friday's decision whatever the outcome

gloria taylor's legal victory could

potentially impact thousands of

I would hope that they would just let it

go and not appeal it that they would

just be big enough to say yeah this

isn't right this isn't right we can't

expect people to die in in horrible