Shia // Sunni

we need to shout straight

alaikum Salaam

forgot mine and they pop them oh sorry

on your way to the moon

yeah look a look like oh yeah oh it's a

tire flip

I don't know you well Sean hang Padma

yeah Abubakar

wait are you sure your share in it happy

layoffs well money machine is you


hey just what's going to say them then

say it

no I mean what it's like

you've all got chips on your shoulders

what know what it's a chip on your

shoulder and have it no I haven't so

what you want to put my faith in you're

always making out you're better than us

spending is you're always making our

destinies upsetter than she is

we are betting you well listen just

because there's more of you doesn't mean

you're more right we do everything you

do we believe the Quran is unless we

believe in the same project we allow we

keep the charity with fasting lemma - we

gonna fire praise as we go any way way

way way that is just so wrong that I

can't even begin to explain what first

of all man I don't even know where to

begin first of all she has only play

three times a day that's what's wrong no

we go rocket moments a little while it

was Adam said that we should be praying

five times a day we say the five prayers

we just paired them up with you learning

together in the middle of the day and

mocha Venetia in the evening so you

don't have to do that thing you know but

I'm totally different colors are totally

different because we don't do that all

the time

we only do it when we miss one and you

do that thing with a brick brick

you know the brick the brick just brick

that you pray on when we pray we put our

heads to the floor you put ads on a

brick it's not a break if it for okay

okay it's a great book of Mad Max

Illinois Louis Allen played on the

ground and not an apartment yeah okay

other than that we pray exactly the same

no you don't we cross our arms or we

pray you guys just put your hands by

your side right apart from that you

force one in ones on which we saw we saw

a day or so why do you we started a

before us the month of Ramadan starts

here when we see the new moon in the sky

so it should be the same for every

single Muslim Sunni sent will start on

the same day some of you start when

Pakistan says no some you start when

Saudi Arabia says so we always thought

when Iran to first yeah but what about

sunset you know when you're allowed to

eat you don't just take it a little bit

further what are you trying to prove

that you can fly stronger than know if

we just want to make sure the fun is


we don't want to eat cheese I'm a cheat

now am I getting a little bit personal

are we why because you lose an argument

I'm not your man

everything has to be a comparison okay

so far whatever you say just to me I'm

not your sister and we're not children I

told you my name so music not picking on

you is a bit of an art we are more about

not funny

I'm so sorry like and you a taste well I

look okay come on they just stand there

okay we're worried huh

we need to go get dry if I go 91 I can't

let you in by pushing me into the pond I

saved your life

no before with Elena how did you caught

me another sunny anyway your name always

won't be shared with that name you want

to go there do you Abubakar mommy's best

friend right oh no no no no no we

thought in this out muhammad

sallallahoalyhiwasallam was the last and

greatest prophet of allah right yeah

yeah so when he died the first Muslims

had to decide on a new leader right yeah

but no hear me out you pushed me into

the pond you and I are awesome the first

Muslims had to decide on a new leader

they had to choose somebody who was good

a somebody who was there from the very

start with mohammed abu bakr who ended

up becoming college the successful but

that's not what muhammad wanted he said

that Ali should be the new leader after

he died Andy what these are also

obsessed with Ali like he's important

yeah but he's not dying important

he's quite important but he's not the

most important he's important yet what

are we talking about you think he was a

property that's just you know we don't

yes you do don't alibi beneath you add

his name to the call to prayer it should

be lying on her illa llah

muhammaden-rasul allah and what do you

see the same and what i mean will you

like me it's not wrong it's just

different Ali wasn't a prophet but he

was made to fight among climbers do

argue is a son-in-law and his cousin his

closest relative that's why man is

chosen could be the new leader and we

welcome chief over well Ali in the rest

of the family was still at the funerals

you make it sound like it was some sort

of conspiracy theory like it was our

plan for cut LEL Abu Bakr was chosen

here because he was the best man for the


and though Ali should have been the new

leader Mohammed chose him and although

he didn't speak oh he didn't nobody got

to be Carl it's later anyway so what's

your problem

you made it insane oh I did anyone okay

any stunts Marburger nestlings grandson

he was murdered a couple of bikes in me

I had nothing to do with one the guys

killed him was an evil Muslim but you

guys won't ever let that bone and every

year on the day that new same day you

doll that whale in and that grieving

within your own back clean yourselves

with raises that's just crazy but they

all do that I don't you know I don't

develop like I do

that's what I'm saying well I'm not the

girl with me Oh aren't you cold no kind

ad says when he first came to the UK Sun

even she owes you said live on the same

street and go to the same one you don't

call it almost though to you would you

call again hey Baba even though you're

wrong I'm not you are

it's been good right I haven't had a

proper discussion like this like ever

never got this up Koran school man M

days were long I'm your hyung from

school running over for the mosque so

then the prayers let in the Arabic food

in the Quran move on over and over again

I like careful is pretty sure you would

really okay yeah I should go yeah you're

going to get ill yeah mommy if just this

I can get some clothes or family if math

means okay thanks for saving my last

year no problem

you have to get together

family grow well I can slum I gave you

inhalants in life yeah yeah thank you

that's a head off to musk it's going to

be late

which way are you going that way Camela

why don't you