Who is right shia or sunni

our very simple one-line question what

and why is the difference between Sunni

Muslims and Shia Muslims

walaikum A'Salam Radha the Thea may

peace be on you too Musharraf in Arabic

Salam means may peace be on you Islam

religion of peace he has the question

basic question what is the difference

between Sunni and Shia Muslim correct

yes brother

there is no Sunni and Shia in the Quran

read the Quran there is no Phoenicia and

the Quran Quran says in surah al-e-imran

chapter 3 verse 7 and 3 what a seam will

be happy like jamia vilasa Farouk ooh

hold to the Rope of Allah strongly and

be not divided you have to follow Allah

and his rasul follow the quran and

authentic hadith he I am came later on

because of political differences it has

nothing to do with this I mean Islam

there's no sect

Quran says in surah anaam chapter 6

verse 259 if anyone makes sex in the

ring of Islam or prophet have nothing to

do with him I love look after the face

there are many verses in the Quran mache

making sect in the religion of Islam is

private there is no sect all these are

because of political differences that

came but in Islam there's nothing like

Shia Sunni there is only Muslim Muslim

is the person who submits his will to

God so in that case of which belief is

more correct Shia or Sunni the belief is

believe in the Quran and the hadith is

correct the belief

the person who believed in the teaching

of Quran and the saya did this correct

the moment you ask questions if you give

reference from the Quran is correct if

he says my Shaykh says this my Shaykh

said that my mom said this is the saying

of the map match with the Quran we mess

with it

Quran says in surah nisa chapter 4 59

after lot of you Rasool obey Allah and

obey the messengers and those who have

been given the power of omerta

of commandment but that verse does not

stop that continues but if the people of

knowledge defer go back to our land is a

fool if truth scholars say two different


check up which color matches with Quran

and say hadith the one who follows this

Quran say a deed is on the straight path

is a true Muslim the other is not so

brother which one would you like to

choose share for me I have a Hitler so

sorry I mean do I really don't know much

but it was just that I was curious to

know about you no no but I thought I

thought no you know decide should I

become a Shia or Sunni