Who Is On Right Path Sunni Or Shia?

assalamualaikum my name is Aditya

Michale car and I work for the by first

Viera finance company our very simple

one-line question what and why is the

difference between Sunni Muslims and

Shia Muslims waalaikumsalam raided Atia

may peace be on you too

mashallah spin Arabic Salam means may

peace be on you Islam religion of peace

he has the question basic question what

is the difference between Sunni and Shia

Muslim correct yes brother

there is no Sunni and Shia in the Quran

read the Quran there is no Sunni Shia in

the Quran Quran save in surah al-imran

chapter 3 verse commander in 3 what the

same will be happening like Jamil a

tougher aku hold to the Rope of Allah

strongly and be not divided you have to

follow Allah and his rasul follow the

Quran and the authentic hadith gim came

later on because of political

differences it has nothing to do with

Islam in Islam there's no sect

Quran says in surah anaam chapter 6

verse 259 if anyone makes sex in the

arena of Islam Oh prophet I have nothing

to do with him I love look after the

face there are many verses of Quran me

say make the sect in the religion of

Islam is private there is no sect all

these are because of political

differences that came but in Islam

there's nothing like year Sony there is

only Muslim Muslim is the person who

submits level to God

so in that case which belief is more

correct Shia or Sunni the belief which

believe in the Quran and thus I had read

this correctly the belief the person who

believe in the teachings of Quran and

thus I had this correct the moment you

ask questions if we give reference from

the Quran is correct if he says my

Shaykh says this my Sheikh said that my

mom said this if the saying of the Imam

matched with the Quran we messed with it

Quran says in surah nisa chapter 4 59

after loss of the rasool

obey Allah and obey

injured and those who have been given

the power of amaura of commandment but

the verse does not stop that continues

but if the people of knowledge defer go

back to our land is a fool if two

scholars say two different things check

up which color matches with Quran and

say hadith the one who follows this

Quran say a deed is on the straight path

is a true Muslim the other is not so

brother which one would you like to

choose CL for me I have a Hitler so

sorry I mean do I really don't know much

but it was just that I was curious to

know about you no no I thought I thought

no even to decide should I become a Shia

or me Hindu and I died a Hindu born a

Hindu whether even I was born a Hindu I

don't know that last Hindu you know what

the definition of the word Hindu Hindu

by definition means a person who lives

in the land of Indus Valley the people

who live in India Alcala Hindus this

word Hindu is not then any of the

religious scriptures it was first used

by the Arabs when the Adams came to

India they gave that hindi hindi a you

know when I go to Saudi and here they

call me hindi hindi means a person

coming from India it is not a religion

so you are a Hindu I am minded

geographically Hindu is not a religion

definition at all according to pundit

Evelyn here you if you read his book

discovery of India he writes the word

Hindu doesn't exist in any of the Hindu

scriptures before the advent of the

Arabs to India so Hindu is a

geographical definition where there even

I am a Hindu I come from India and the

Arabs called me Hindi Hindi doesn't mean

I deliver Shiva his name is coming from

India so I know you're a Hindu I am

talking about a religious belief if your

religious belief do you believe in one

God well so I know where we going but a

very strong belief

of the fact no I learned one saying a

statement would no I'm not telling you

better I'm not telling you to change

your religion between a mosque

I'm not telling I'm not going to change

your religion if I asked you do you

believe in what he said yes if I said do

you believe in idols you may say no then

I can write you okay okay so your

question is do you believe in believe in

one God no I believe in a lot of gods

oh yeah very good now I want to help you

don't become a Muslim but I want to help

you because they are not obviously bound

to help you more now you said you

believe inside 3 crore gods where you

got this from the Hindu scriptures

correct now if you're in Chandler job I

just thought about itself Oh Marianas

also you believe sighted oh my laughs so

you believe in anything what do you hear

why don't you believe in what do you

hear from me

well sir I'm my enemy brother I love you

rather I love you when I come from it's

not that I've just heard it from one

person the way you said it

but yeah I've heard it from my parents

my uncles and probably 1.2 billion

people in India believe exactly the way

I believe finally so so I so it's not

all of us are all of us are doing

something wrong I correct you that's all

tell us we are doing right which is

common agree which I believe is in

tourism I disagree that 1.2 billion

believe I do agree majority of the

Indians believe not all I know many

Hindus would disagree with what we have

said because those who have read the new

scriptures where you get this from from

the Scriptures current anyone says from

the mind if your father tomorrow says

two plus two is equal to five will you

believe if your father I didn't you if

your father says two plus two is equal

to five will you believe well not unless

somebody connects me know if your father

tells you today two plus two is equal to

five will you believe I will not be my

Allah you're educated man therefore you

won't believe correct now I'm giving you

reference from your scriptures all right

you have to ask your father in Hindu

scriptures as I mentioned earlier there

are two types of scriptures

the truth even if methey Shruti means

the Word of God vedas upanishads next

committee the piranhas daityas

ramayana mahabharata if you read who

punishes the most superior it's

mentioned in chandogya upanishad chapter

number six section number two verse

number one pick up a visit 'i'm god is

the only one without a second it's a

sanskrit condition rather it come visit

theum god is the only one without a


it's mentioned in the south ossetia

Upanishad chapter number six verse

number nine naka sake acid

gelatinous Oedipa of that God there is

no superior there are no parents it's

mentioned in Cetacea Terrapin Ishod

chapter number four was demand nineteen

neste fatima st of that god there is no

image pratima in sanskrit means an image

a photograph a painting a picture a

sculpture a statue so at our centre

Upanishad chap number four verse number

19 says that's a fatima st of that God

there are no images no photographs no

paintings no pictures no statues no

ideas if you read the Vedas I am talking

about the highest scriptures not are

below scriptures I'm talking about

shruti's shooties consider Upanishads

and way that it's mentioned you wait

chapter Metallica was symmetry notice

Tripathi masti of that God there is no


of that God there are no images there

are no photographs there are no

paintings there are no pictures there

are no ideas there are no stages you

will tell me I know we are taking me I

am NOT taking anywhere and breaking or

your scriptures and taking you to your

scriptures fine that's the different

than your scriptures match with the

Quran what can I do

furthermore brother if you really a

duvet chap number forty was some United

faith and had probably Shanthi yeah as a

Muslim opacity they are entering

darkness those who worship the awesome

booty as some booty and natural things

like fire water air etc who says that

they do wait and there was continues

they are entering more in darkness

those who worship with some booty some

booty other created things like table

chair car idly etcetera who says that

yes you wait chap number 40 verse number

nine now when your father told you about

300 God's I don't know whether he gave

your references or not I am giving you

references you can take my references

note it down take the video cassette go

and ask your father go and ask your

pundit I am not telling you to believe

me blindly better you believe your

father blindly you did a mistake once

don't do the mistake the second time

if you know where I'm taking you I'm not

in a hurry I want you to be a firm

believer not just because my father

failed so tomorrow you can quote the

scripture fine now if you are a Hindu

true Hindu you should follow the

scriptures like the citrus that came

unless she asked me question once she

asked me to us she asked me that then

she got convinced you don't get

convinced no problem

you take time she got convinced with

three questions I am NOT forcing you

it's not allowed in Islam I am only

giving you guidance I don't know that I

cannot I cannot give with unless

Almighty God puts it in your heart so if

you want to search the truthfulness in

Almighty God all these references you

can go and check up go and ask your

father go and ask your pundit I want not

you I want your father to come along

with you insha'Allah hope the answer the

question thank you very much for all the

information so may God bless you