Basic Right-of-Way Rules and Who Goes First in Road Traffic


Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart Drive Test. Quick video on the basics of

right-of-way and basic rules of the road. So stick around, we'll be right back with that information.


Hi there smart drivers. Welcome back. Basic rules of the road - straight through

traffic has the right of way over turning traffic. And for those of us that drive

on the right side of the road, right turning vehicles have the right-of-way

over left turning vehicles. If both drivers are turning left, they can both turn at

the same time. Now if you're driving on the left side of the road, left turning

vehicles have the right-of-way over right turning vehicles. As you can see

here in the video, I was trying to make a left-hand turn tonight and the woman who

was turning right insisted that I go before her, and waved me on. And finally I

got tired of waiting for her and went. But it does annoy me and I suspect

other veteran drivers as well, when the other person has the right-of-way and

you're waiting for them to proceed and they don't; and they're waving you on. As

well, in the video here--this was mentioned over on the mastermind group

on Facebook, and if you haven't joined that already be sure to head over there

and join up for that--the two-way stop at a major road. And oftentimes when you

come up to a major road from a minor road, the intersection is going to be controlled with

either with a yield sign or it's going to be controlled with a STOP sign. In

this case it was a STOP sign. And the person turning left did not know that

the straight-through vehicle had the right-of-way over the turning vehicle.

And I think what had happened is the driver confused the intersection as a

four-way stop, and was thinking that the rules for four-way stops applied, which

are different than a two-way stop intersection. At a two-way stop

intersection straight through traffic has the right-of-way over turning

traffic; at a four-way stop it's the first person to arrive or the person on

the right. And again, straight through traffic has the right-of-way over

turning traffic if you both show up at the same time. And remember, the

right-of-way is always given, it is never taken. So if somebody else is insisting

they're gonna go first, just let them go and go and have their crash somewhere else.

Question for my smart drivers: have you ever been confused at an intersection

and let the other person go because you didn't know who had the right-of-way?

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