✅Right Angle Drill: Best Right Angle Drills 2019 (Buying Guide)

for many carpenters right-angle drill is

one of the essential carpentry tools it

gives them the freedom to fasten and

drill in a confined space this tool can

simplify the task that is hard to do

when doing manually if you're looking

for a reliable and hardworking right

angle drill then you are on the right

channel focus yourself here because we

will give you the five best right angle

drills in the market today

whether you're Iying for the best price

or the most trusted brand we've got you

all covered let's get started first on

the list of the best right angle drills

is part of the Milwaukee m12 series

tools with a head size of just 3.75

inches this compact right angle drill is

amazingly lightweight and durable the

power is still unbelievably high for its

size this Milwaukee right angle drill

has 3/8 inch single sleeve ratcheting

Chuck designed for better grip and the

ultimate comfort it can deliver up to

100 inch pounds of torque with a maximum

speed of 800 revolutions per minute

while weighing only 2.25 pounds with

first-of-its-kind electronic clutch not

to mention its additional 12 torque

settings and built-in LEDs to eliminate

the work surface it gives you complete

control in fastening applications it's

considered right now as the most

versatile right angle drill in the

industry m12 right angle drill has a

cordless power source from two 12 volt

lithium-ion batteries that are both

rechargeable with onboard fuel gauge

LEDs that display the remaining runtime

once batteries run out the charger

inside the tool bag was also included

for use any time needed as part of the

m12 starter kit the charger could charge

enough of the battery for as fast as

only about 30 minutes with a five-year

tool and a three year battery warranty

there is guaranteed of actual value for

your money all in all the m12 right

angle drill is a powerful tool and

perfect for drilling those challenging

to reach spots

the overall balance of the device is

right and had a decent weight that gives

a solid feel to it

drilling its way on the second spot is

the DeWalt 20 volt lithium ion right

angle drill kit its main feature is the

3/8 inch drill has dual speed options

the first one has maximum speed of 600

revolutions per minute while the other

one has a maximum speed of 2,000

revolutions per minute this incredible

feature gives more user flexibility it

also has a cordless power source of 120

volt lithium ion battery that gives it a

running time of about 4 hours

it comes in reasonably light weight of

only 3 point 9 pounds to lessen user

fatigue for the added comfort and

efficiency of use

Dewalt 20 volt right angle drill was

designed with an overall length of 12

inches and a front to back length of 4

inches with a multi grip trigger to

allow the user to get into tighter

spaces the deep hex chuck enables the

user to recess the bit further back into

the head of the tool shortening the

overall front to back length of the

drill with a bit inserted with much

faster speed and longer running time

this powerful tool could get a lot of

drilling jobs from a single charge of

the battery along with the kit besides

the tool itself and the detachable

battery is the Energy Star qualified

battery charger all of these fit inside

is safe and hard carrying case for

convenient mobility the right angle

drill is quite a handful with a 3/8 inch

chuck size that comes with built-in LED

light to also illuminate the drilling

spot for some users this light is

blindingly too bright generally the tool

is practical to buy especially for

extensive use with a three-year warranty

Dewalt 20 volt lithium ion right angle

drill kit is a great right angle drill

to consider interesting isn't it keep

watching because we still have three

more items to go before we continue

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let's continue on the 3rd drilling spot

is the makita 12-volt max

cxt lithium-ion right-angle drill kit it

has a maximum tremendous power of 245

inch pounds of torque and yet weighs

only 2.7 pounds for less than 12 and a

half inches long this powerful drill has

a variable speed of up to 1,100

revolutions per minute

designed with rubberized soft aergon aa

McBay roll grip and built-in LED lights

to eliminate the working space users

rest assured of great convenience of use

Makita features this right angle drill

with a 12 volt lithium ion battery of

about 2 ampere hours was designed and

engineered with a battery protection

circuit to protect against overloading

over discharging and overheating

integrated to its battery is another LED

that serves as the battery charger

indicator to know if the battery was

charged to its full capacity another

option which is not part of the drill

kit is a 4 ampere hour battery for

longer running time from Makita c xt

series of powerful tools making holes

with this right angle drill in

hard-to-reach spots is possible of

having just an angle height fewer than

3.4 inches the angle is about half of

the whole body for more effortless

drilling in compact spaces without

exerting too much pressure on the

surface there is an excellent balance of

well designed tool that is compact yet

powerful enough to get the drilling job

done it was designed with ease of use in

mind without compromising its torque

power with a guarantee of 3-year

warranty on the tool battery and charger

the user could easily opt into this

valuable tool the fourth feature tool of

the list is the rigid job max 12 volt

lithium-ion right angle drill it's great

for budget-conscious users who need

enough power to make basic drilling jobs

rigid job max 12 volt lithium-ion right

angle drill has a variable speed of up

to 550 revolutions per minute

and 120 inch pounds of torque it's

designed with a 3/8 inch single sleeve

Chuck that holds bits tightly and

securely the user will have less fatigue

as its somewhat weight at 5.3 pounds

this job max series from Ridgid is also

cordless powered with a 12 volt

lithium-ion battery however the downside

is that the battery and charger are not

included and should be bought separately

the additional feature of the 4 position

head that is adjustable will give the

user better access in tight spaces

besides the 90-day money-back guarantee

there is also this unique lifetime

service agreement with regards to power

and speed this could not compete with

the first three featured tools however

for good practical reasons the low price

still comes with excellent value for the

money not to mention the lifetime

service agreement which is not offered

in any other right angle drill brand you

first need to register the item online

for lifetime of free parts service and

batteries as of now the Ridgid job max

right angle drill is only available

online this is the second to the last

featured tool and undoubtedly still one

of the best power drilling tools on the

market anyway why would someone need an

overpowered weapon in the first place

for basic drilling needs we love to read

your comments and suggestions so please

don't hesitate to interact with us also

please watch our past reviews because

this might give you an idea for your

future buying decision let's finish on

the last item for the last feature tool

the ryobi 18v 1 + right angle drill is

ideal for people looking for a DIY fix

for tight spaces the additional

advantage of the mag tray magnetic

holder keeps the screws within easy

reach on the user without worrying about

dropping them it's engineered with

extended body for greater ease of use

and efficient control also the ergonomic

grip zone helps the user to have a

comfortable and secure grip if your

workplace is a little damp you still be

able to maintain a grip with a carefully

designed hex rubber overmold on the

handle this allows you to maximum grip

strength and freedom of movement in

slippery conditions this right angle

drill from Ryobi 1 + tool series has

conveniently located forward and reverse

selector for one-handed direction

changes besides the integrated with LED

to eliminate the work space the 3/8 inch

single sleeve chuck has

a lot for quick and secure bit changes

with the right amount of 130 inch-pounds

of torque power this drill could speed

up to 1,100 revolutions per minute given

its functional working capacity this

power tool from Rio B only weighed 3.23


it's another cordless power drill and it

has an 18-volt lithium-ion battery for

power applications however the battery

and the charger are not included in the

kit these should be purchased separately

the tag price is more than enough for

the power delivered with added magnet

tray and well thought-out design for

ease of use this excellent tool is an

excellent buy for power drilling jobs

for peace of mind upon purchasing the

product a 90 day money-back guarantee is

also given besides the three year

manufacturer warranty and there you have

them we are all done reviewing the five

best right angle drills in the market

today for prices and more information

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