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so today I'm super excited I love

nothing more than to share with you guys

my absolute favorite products like

that's probably one of my favorite

things to talk about ever because I'm so

picky when it comes to products I look

at their ingredients I take into account

their smell the packaging how it works

with my curls how it works with other

products like I'm so picky when it comes

to products and I have like a group of

faves that's like my hair product fam

those are the ones that like live in my

bathroom live in my dresser in my beauty

room and those are the ones that I use

like literally weekly daily the OG

products I'm gonna go through cleansers

conditioners treatment and stylers so

we're gonna cover all bases and I'm

gonna go through each one tell you why

they're amazing why I love them and how

I use them on different occasions etc

etc oh I'm excited alright let's jump

straight in alright so let's start with

cleansers first as you all know I do not

use shampoos if you want to know why and

the whole backstory and all of that to

it I did do an entire video on that so I

will link it up here as well as link it

below if you guys want to check that out

as well so my first favorite cleanser is

going to be a conditioning cleanser not

a shampoo and that is the coconut

co-wash by as I am so I think this cool

wash is actually amazing for like a

weekly co-wash a weekly cleanse for your

curls if you were like me and you do not

like shampoo this is perfect the major

thing that I love about this well two

things actually I love the smell and

then two I absolutely love how

moisturize it is it cleanses just as

much as it moisturizes and it's just

juicy and it has a lot of slip in it as

well so if you're like me and you like

to start to clear out your curls while

you're cleansing

this is amazing because it's got some

stuff in it too and you will absolutely

love it my other favorite comes in but I

wanted to mention here today is the

built-up Buster by Chiba pearl so this

is something that I actually use to

either like reset my hair or kind of

just give it like a deeper like way

deeper cleanse than an actual

conditioning cleanser so this is not a

cleanser that you want to use like once

a week because then that's gonna be way

way too much like this type of cleansing

it's really like resetting your curls it

takes everything out of there like if

you use the products that's too heavy

and you're finding it difficult to kind

of wash it out with anything else this

will completely take all of it out and

get you to start from like scratch with

your hair I don't use this more often

than like once someone sometimes it

depends if I have an issue that maybe

bi-weekly it's literally as it sounds it

gets rid of all of that buildup on your

hair and you start new and it's just

it's amazing this is also really great

for tons in your scalp as well

all right onto conditioners so I have to

rinse out conditioners that I really

love so the first one is by texture

which is aligned by Cantu and this is

their leave-in / prints out hydrating

conditioner so don't come for me my dog

definitely bit the pump off of this so I

have to like screw it off to use it but

it's fine it works the same this is

actually a super super affordable

conditioner this is less than ten

dollars I want to believe like it's like

nine dollars and it's bomb it is so

moisturizing for my conditioners /

treatments in general whenever I'm

conditioning my hair I never ever wash

it out completely that's just something

that works for my curls I always leave

just a little bit and you don't want to

leave a lot in because then it's just

gonna weigh down your curls it's gonna

be a hot-ass mess but if you leave like

the right little bit amount your hair

will be able to maintain not much more

moisture and they'll be popping like

that is one of my scripts for my curls

this also smells really really nice it's

very sweet it's got like a sweet shea

butter type smell it does have shea

butter in it

um and I just love it it's not too heavy

not too light weight and it also really

helps to define my curls my other

favourite red cell conditioner does the

same thing so this is actually a very

very recent addition to my collection

and I'm obsessed this is the verb curl

conditioner just from the curl

collection that they launched recently

and I adore this conditioner when you

put it in your curls you can actually

feel it and see it like defining your

curls as you're combing it through it is

so balm and it's again like the other

conditioner that I just spoke about it

is not too heavy so where you feel like

it's like like in your hair and you need

to just get it out like it's pretty

lightweight but also very very

moisturizing at the same time I swear by

this I love it I also really really love

the smell of this because it's not like

a fruity smell and shea buttery smell

it's not any kind of smell like that it

literally the best way I can describe it

is that it just smells fresh and it's a

clean nice subtle kind of smell so you

can mix this with other products without

having to worry about the smells

clashing which I love

alright moving right along let's talk

about treatments so I tried for like

each category not to make it like a huge

list of products that say like oh I got

these all all ten of these I love so try

to keep it to like 2 to 3 products but

honestly four treatments

I have four I have four favorites and

I'm gonna tell you why I use them all at

different times or when I'm looking for

a different outcome so first things

first is my olaplex number three

treatments so I started using this ever

since I colored my hair I actually

picked it up that same day my

hairstylist at the time swears by this

and pretty much what this is is an

awesome treatment that you can use for

your curls it is not only for color here

but it is also for anybody who feels

like they have any kind of damage in

there here this will repair it

now I do have to point out that the rest

of the old elects line I don't use

because they have silicones in it which

is like a huge nono for curly hair so

there are all of the rest of their

products I will not

use my hairstyles tell me that I just I

don't use them but this number three is

silicone free and it is a miracle worker

so how you use this you kind of use it

as a pre wash so you apply this you can

kind of dump in your hair just a little

bit and then just kind of comb it

through a curl then apply it right

before you're actually about to cleanse

it you can leave this in your hair for

as long as you want

the longer the better I feel and it just

brings your curls back to life it's like

giving them a little hug and just making

everything all better any kind of

damaged heat damaged color damage

dryness frizz breakage any of that kind

of thing this is really going to help

with if you have like more severely

damaged hair then it says on the fact

that you can use it like two to three

times a week but I just kind of use this

once a week when I'm getting ready to do

my little wash day I'll just start with

this and trust me it is so long so if

you are struggling with your curls

I'm 100% recommend it it's nice because

they also sell this at Sephora so it's

kind of really accessible the only thing

I don't like about it is how small this

is like look at how small if you have

super long big curls you'll finish this

in like two washes I feel like it's

halfway for me now and I'm only use it

about two or three times and yeah so I

that's the only thing I wish they made

this in like a jumbo size so I wouldn't

have to buy it over and over again but

honestly even given the size I would say

100% worth it because this is just like

a miracle worker

alright my second treatment that I

absolutely love I talk about all the

time and that's my diva girl heaven and

hair treatment so you already know how I

feel about this if you're an ogee

subscriber or follower on instagram you

have definitely heard me talk about this

before this will be a favorite of mine

until the end of time I promise this is

amazing for your hair the trick to using

this and any other diva curl product is

making sure to use a wire hair is

dripping wet so this is just a deep

conditioner so right after you finish

cleansing your hair you wash out your


and then you slap this on while your

hair is dripping dripping right you can

even apply it and you know add more a

little bit more water trust me this is

actual heaven in your hair I swear like

I just I love this any time then my hair

just needs like a little pick-me-up you

know this is perfect

I again never fully wash this out

it also can double as kind of like a

styling product not if you use too much

you don't use too much but um this is

just amazing amazing also this smells so


like diva Pro products in general it's

like and the consistency kind of reminds

me of like whipped marshmallow it's just

I would say that this deep conditioner

is the one that I reach for the most

if my hair is not necessarily having too

much of an issue if it's just a regular

deep conditioner I need something to

work quickly and effectively this is

what I'm gonna reach for the third

treatment and then I want to share with

you guys is the curls of blueberry blitz

reparative hair mask me and blueberry

blitz also go way back if you watch some

of my videos from like the very

beginning of my natural hair journey

this is what I tried out first

and this just defines my curls like

crazy it's very moisturizing but it also

gives like a special kind of definition

for my curls it's awesome

so if anytime I'm feeling like my hair

is a little bit frizzy ER than normal

and it's not defining like the way I

want it to this is what I go for it is

so good you guys and this is probably

the only like strong smelling hair

product that I actually enjoy I usually

get a little bit picky when it comes to

like super super intensely fruity

products because if you need to mix it

with other products that smell a little

different if you kind of just get a

little crazy and I just don't like all

of that but this is just this blueberry

smell they just hit the nail on the head

with this it's like not too much

not too little and it's perfect it's

exactly what it smells like it's just

straight-up blueberry but it is so so

nice so a nice smell plus define curls

it's it's Bach you can't go wrong with

it I especially especially love to use

this with my hot head thermal haircare

thingy that you can heat up once the

heat is applied to this it takes the

definitions in even deeper level like I

find that it works even better once you

apply a little bit of heat as well and

in my last but certainly not least

treatment that I want to share with you

guys is the honey and sage deep

conditioner by allocating Naturals this

is so good again talking about the smell

I guess I'm really into smell this

smells like something you could eat like

something that you could just dig your

spoon in and just eat it smell like

cinnamon II like cookie goodness it's so

good and it works just as good as it

smells okay this is what I reach for

when my hair is super super dehydrated

if it is super dry especially in this

time of year now that we're going into

fall / winter and the air is a little

bit more crisp and stuff this is what

I'm gonna reach for when my hair is

starting to get a little bit dry a

little bit frustrated this will leave

your curls juicy and moisturize and pop

in no matter how dehydrated they are

this is just so good I don't use this

one as often because it's so I don't

want to say like thick but it is so

chock full of stuff that I couldn't use

this that often but whenever I do need

that extra level of hydration and

moisture this is balm like if you have

curls that struggle to retain moisture

you will love this you will absolutely

love this alright and now on to our

final category which is going to be

stylers I have five products again it

tried to keep it short but I feel like

there are different styles that do

different things so I kind of wanted to

cover all ranges so my first style that

I want to talk

I actually don't have physically in hand

so I'm actually forever giving this away

not because I don't love it but actually

because of the opposite it is such an

amazing leave-in conditioner that I have

given it away on multiple occasions

because people couldn't find it so just

oh you need to you need to have this so

have it and that is my Camille Rowe was

a coconut water leave in conditioner I

will try and put a little photo of it

somewhere here but it is so good it is

the most moisturizing leave-in

conditioner that I have ever used if you

are just looking for moisture and a

styler this is it for you this does not

necessarily define your curls so

actually use this leave-in conditioner

then you will need to follow up with

something if you want a little bit more

curl definition but just in terms of the

moisture man it's amazing and it's got

some really really great slip in there

so if you need to like comb it through

your curls as well is balm it's the

bomb.com and i cannot wait to get my

hands a little bit more milrose can you

help her girl them alright my next

styler if you guys have seen my other

videos you would definitely know about

this this is bay until the day I die for

sure and that's my diva curl super green

now the reason why I love super cream so

much is because this styler honestly

does it all if you are a person who just

likes one product and you go like a wash

and go you want style one product you

can 110 percent do it with super green

this is super moisturizing and super

defining at the same time I don't know

how they did it in one styler like

that's crazy but this is why I love

super cream so much so it literally

really does it all and I also really

love to use this to refresh my curls

because I hate refreshing curls with

another layer of gel diva curl super

creamy literally does it all it does it

all and it never gets flaky it never

gets to like thick you know what I mean

like you know how some products just

leave your hair feeling super greasy and

just gross if you use it too much like

this is Jo

the bomb.com it's actually a miracle in

a bottle and if you don't have it you

need it another Sylar that I love is the

verb curl cream so this product is also

a part of the verb pro collection that

was talking about the conditioner

earlier another recent like super super

recent addition to my collection but

automatically became one of my top phase

this is bomb

it is super defining I actually have it

in my hair today and my curls are so

defined I was just super shocked to get

this level of definition without using

any gel I also like how lightweight it

is it's not super thick at all and not

flaky or anything like that and I got

like a decent level of shine from this

as well this is bomb this gives you a

real good mix of the two it probably

gives a little bit more definition than

moisture so I would suggest using this

with a more moisturizing leave-in

conditioner first but it's bomb alright

my next styler has also been an OG

product since the very beginning of my

natural hair journey and that is the

Camilla rose curl maker

this is an intense curl definer like

intense if you really really really

struggle to get curl definition you need

to try this apply it to your hair while

is soaking wet and I swear you will be

shook it when your hair dries so this is

very jelly-like or snotty like how I

like to face intense and it just gets

those curls to spring right up and my

favorite favorite thing about this is

not only the way it defines but the way

it adds shine there is no other product

that I've mentioned today that I've

shined more than this guy does if you

were just looking for some juicy super

defined shiny curls this is the answer

to all your problems and you definitely

want to use a leave-in conditioner ahead

of this but this is gonna leave your

curls looking beautiful this is so

defining that it can have a tendency

sometimes to make your curls a little

stiff but all you have to do is kind of

run you know like once your hair is dry

and your curls

a little bit stiff ish you just run your

fingers through your hair kind of break

that cast and then it's bombed I don't

usually get flakes from this but I've

heard some other people who have I think

it depends on what products you use with

it and I would suggest if you wanted to

try this out maybe stay on the safe side

and use it with another Camille Rose

products because that's what I've done

before and I've never ever experienced

flaking from this but yeah it's bomb

it's super defining I love it

all right and my last product is a

styling product but it's not for the

entire hair it's actually an edge

control and this is the soft touch wax

matte edge control so soft touch is

actually an edge control that is made

and sold in Jamaica I'm sorry please

don't hate me I'm really not sure if

this is sold online if it is I will 100%

link it below in the description box but

they reached out to me sent it to me and

I absolutely fell in love so I'm super

picky when it comes to edge controls I

hate using an edge control that is too

stiff and I know that's kind of like the

whole point of an edge control because

you need something to hold it but my

edges just I just don't like something

that's so stiff I feel like it's just

you really put yourself at a risk of

breaking those edges off and that's

really just not what you want to do so I

like something that gives like a very

very good holes but also is kind of easy

to wash up at the end of the day and

also something that is easy that while

you're applying it you can still easily

like design your curls until it sets

like I've used other edge controls

before and I'm trying to like apply it

and then you know kind of design my

edges and then it's just so stiff that I

can't even get like a nice little curl

nice little swoop on my edges you know I

mean and I just I hate that so this I

find is perfect it's like let me show

you it's like a very waxy material kind

of so this is what it looks like once

you put it on you have a few seconds you

know play around with it your little


stuff but once it sets it sets and it's

good alright guys that is it for this

video those are all of my current

favourite products that I literally use

like all the time these are my go-to

product I really really hope you found

this useful and if you enjoyed it please

go ahead and give your thumbs up and all

these and also don't forget to subscribe

ok thanks so much for watching guys