Dr. Glasser Reality Therapy & Choice Theory

my name is dr. William Glasser a

president of the William Glasser

Institute the purpose of the Institute

on our logo is teaching choice theory to

the world and I'm the originator of the

ideas of choice theory and so choice

theory that could be taught to anyone

who's capable of understanding what a

choice is because all through our lives

we make choices and as we make choices

we make choices that help us get along

with people in our lives and we make

choices that harm us as we harm our the

relationships with people in our lives

so for example what we talk about is in

choice theory we want to make the

choices which we call mentally healthy

choices and in the book I describe how

that happens and everything else but

basically we believe that there are kind

of good things to choose and we call

these the helping habits then there's

about seven of these there's more than

seven and we also have the harmful

habits or the deadly house big book it

started as a little book and grew to be

bigger and bigger and bigger and now

it's a pretty huge book it's called the

DSM for diagnostic and statistic matter

manual fourth edition they're working on

the fifth edition now and the dsm-4 is

the most destructive book destructive to

human relationships that's ever been

written and yet it's the Bible of much

psychiatry and most of psychiatrists and

things like that because they think this

book is accurate and if you learn choice

theory you learn how inaccurate is and

how deadly it every book this book

informs us that psychiatry specifically

getting into the point where they now

don't they diagnosed you with mental

illnesses you don't have the only thing

you ravage you don't get along well with

people they treat you by saying to you

we'll give you drugs which will help you

to get along better and these drugs

actually arm you and make it more

difficult to get along with there's huge

money in drugs and they also tell you

you could do nothing to help yourself

well when you learn choice Theory you

learn there's a lot to do to help you

continues to help yourself and to help

others at the same time and in doing so

you can really not only get along well

with the people in your life have better

marriages better relationships and every


but you really can help transform a

world which is being ruined and wrecked

by external control psychology