Language Affects Reality (Part 2: Chaos Magic) [Esoteric Saturdays]

in last week's video we explored the

power of removing the verb to be from

your everyday speech and the how well

how useful it is to remove it from your

everyday speech specifically the verb to

be in the context of using it to define

identity like to describe identity if

you haven't seen the video I strongly

recommend you you go and check it out

before watching this one there's a link

down in the description and it'll make a

lot this one will make a lot more sense

because it's a direct response to to

that video so in last week's video we

were talking about how removing the verb

to be or rather the is of identity from

your everyday speech how it can make

your a worldview more objective and

sometimes more helpful we've seen how

using the verb to be in a mindless way

can cause all kinds of contradictions or

seemingly contradictory ideas going on

in your head things that just you can't

come to terms with if I believe that

then I can't believe that and so on so

forth and suddenly if you remove the

verb to be in the context of identity

then then those

seeming contradictions suddenly become

clear well today I wanted to talk about

using the verb to be in controlled ways

and my contention is that the majority

of magic whether it be elemental or

celestial or ceremonial whatever it

might be but whatever the kind of magic

I I contend that it really boils down to

using the verb to be in a controlled way

I've got a book here called chaos magic

hands on chaos magic by Andrea

vitamist fantastic book it's a it's such

a shame that it's so

but it's that the contents are amazing

absolutely amazing let me just show you

the the contents page there we go

so it's really a full initiation and

full introduction to magic from a

postmodern point of view I guess I mean

it's it it's looking into what all of

magic kind of boils down to right that

that's the idea I suppose of chaos magic

and and a very strong point of chaos

magic is that practitioners tend to take

on a belief and they don't pretend to

take on the belief they actually believe

something because they know that any

belief effects the the believers reality

in a very real way in a very strong

powerful way and when a whatever outcome

was have a desired outcome relies on a

particular belief then well they're very

happy to you know believe in such and

such a God or such as such a way that

reality works or things like that but if

you think about it that's all down to

using the verb to be right so when I say

this wand is an extension of my will and

that's that's using the verb to be

this one is an extension of my will now

is it objectively an extension of my

Willman who can say it's just that we're

using this verb to be in a in a

controlled way we're telling our

subconscious mind that this wand is an

extension of my will and therefore

anything that I do with this wand my

unconscious subconscious mind should

recognize that as what my will is right


thing is with a lot of magic we're using

external materia so like like a candle

or like the directions they're the

cardinal directions right north south

east west or something in sense of a

particular smell or maybe some

particular colors or some particular

foods or things like this and every time

we do this we're attributed a attributes

to the element that we're working with

so suddenly this orange it's the color

orange and therefore it's something to

do with hod orange is a hard color and

HOD is the sphere of mercury and mercury

is the god of getting of transactions

and of travel and of things going from

one place to another so if I want my my

packets that has been lost in the post

to arrive

I can I can use this orange because this

orange is an element that can help me to

do that right

so using this this verb to be in a in a

controlled way in a in a conscious way

to tell our unconscious mind what it

needs to notice what it needs to to do

the situations that it needs to pay

attention to and and maybe alert us hey

there's something going on over there

that can help the result that you've

been asking for pay attention to it why

is that that kind of stuff

other examples of using the verb to be

in in a magical context herb voodoo

dolls right so this doll is my boss

right so this dolls left eye is my

whatever ex-husbands left eye hey who

write some some other examples this is a

service in ceremonial magic right yeah

this week

we draw circles to to protect ourselves

by this circle is a safe haven for me

and again the the spirits that we

interact with absolutely respect that

you know I contend that spirits are an

aspect of my self they are an aspect of

my of my consciousness but again I'm

using the verb to be which is absolute

you know as soon as you use the verb to

be then you're not being it being

objective the D but the other point of

view is just as as unuseful sorry about


yeah technology getting in the way so I

guess so

but the yeah as I was saying the

opposite is just as subjective right to

say that no spirits are real is it has

power and you can well you'll get

different results depending on what you

claim I guess what else could just to

talk about materialism versus idealism

right to say that the mind is an aspect

of the physical world versus the

material world is a manifestation of the

mind once again you know if you say one

or the other

consciously to yourself as a belief then

you are going to have you're going to

engage with the world in a very

different way and one way may be more

helpful than the other and it's really

up to you - or up to us to experiment

with that to work out what is the is

that brings the most the most desirable


when I say you know a lot of people have

been very surprised I've written online

that I I believe that so you know that I

do consider myself a Christian although

that's a difficult thing to say you know

I am a Christian what does that actually

mean but when I say to people if you

think that you're the kind of person who

would turn into some crazy fanatic by

say by believing in God then don't do it

if you're the kind of person who would

go out persecuting other people then

that's not a positive outcome of saying

I I am a Christian or I am whatever are

the religion right however if you would

benefit from it if you would start

engaging with the world in a more

respectful way in a more useful way and

if you started noticing the gifts of the

world as gifts and as you know once

again it is a gift it is a coincidence

you know it's it's not objective it's

it's something that you decide on and

then it goes out and does its business

for you I didn't yeah so there we go

those are those are my thoughts and let

me see can I think of any other examples

talking about Christianity right so this

is the blood of Christ this is the the

body of Christ which transubstantiation

thing is absolutely magical thing is

absolutely rooted in in a decision but

that decision then affects your

unconscious mind and


makes you engage with the world in a

different way and of course depending on

how you engage with the world the world

will present itself to you in different

ways so those are my thoughts for today

I hope that your brain is not itching

too much and thanks very much for you

for your patience thanks very much for

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