you know itself we get it you already

know what's everybody happy new year

Mary crib happy 2020 happy 2020 date

your date's 2020 stop we have to get to

it all right so we have something very

special planned as you all know we've

all looked forward to this date and it's

finally here

and well we wanted to start it off by

just us to thanking you guys on all the

hype around this and and we worked so

hard now and we want you guys to

freaking know that so we're super

excited to finally announce that reality

house season 2 is here there's no more

waiting the day has come

today's a day this is the first episode

you're watching we have season 2 episode


apparently basically we started guys's

comments and we really paid attention to

all of them and we saw your concerns and

everything you had to say and we took

those and put them into effect in season

2 so hopefully season 2 is a little bit

better than season one like we've always

said season 1 was kind of like trial and

error we just wanted to see what would

happen if we did something and a lot of

people had you know voice their opinions

so we took those into consideration per

season 2 and this is what you're gonna

get alright so knowing that we worked

our butts butts off for this we film

back in November and now here we're here

in January you know at least in the

first episode so if you guys can do us a

big favor use the hash tag right here on

Twitter and I would really help us out

and also thumbs up this video

yeah I had a big thumbs up right before

the video starts just to show us your

appreciation joseph' love show us the

height like that all right what else

everybody Joe yeah all right here we are

world premiere of the reality of season

2 episode 1 starts now

see ya alright


welcome to vacuum very bigger than ever

yeah right yeah

welcome welcome one and all the first

thing you do is yell sorry as you can

see things are different we have we've

upgraded quite a bit well you can't

rusty yet we're in a house but we have

we have upgraded or a property right now

that is five acres they have mics as

well now so I hope Andy's sorry about

that we're just adding a little bit more

stress on you all right so um we wanted

to show you around the house a little

bit before the contestants get here

right now it's like 3 o'clock 3

something who cares all right okay it's

almost 3:00 so before they get here we

want to show you around then show you

around let's go show you around a little

bit so if you can see over here we have

the kitchen in which there's gonna be a

lot of people eating food wow that

Chandeleur is sponsored by sea geek and

it's a shame to see it's a seat can we

get a zoom in on the eye we have snacks

ready she's ready to serve yeah ready to

serve snacks just chewy bars just true

bars in a candle we have a stacked

fridge only from it's a top-heavy fridge

that's pretty much it for the kitchen

yep here we have the dining room you

know fit for a good group to sit down

fit for a king and his King grow yeah

thanks this is our living room this

isn't this is a room in which we live

you also have a pot plant that sponsored

by sea geek you want to show in the

barrack balcony kind of a ballad come

with this is the balcony this is in

which we balcony you can kind of like

get an overview of what we're dealing

with here in the backyard this is where

we film the intro in which you just saw

we got roses we got a pool we got we got

we got a fish pond what would you have

fixed money for but I don't worry

is that a real duck in it let's show you

where the contestants are gonna be

that's the most important part I think

that's my favorite part as well shall we

go through the that's jiggle again this

is the contestants room this is my

favorite part come on in

so here we have the game room and which

is connected to the sleeping quarters

arrogated at the same time I'll show you

the bathroom we got two cameras on we

have two cameras that's that well we

have total cameras but the other two are

on the bus I'm talking Oh Graham what

are they doing on the bus should we cut

back to the bus sure but contestants are

on their way down the bottom yeah camera

the contestants are the bus right now on

the way here

I wonder what they're doing let's let's

see what they're doing

here we're gonna have eight contestants

sleeping each person has their own bed

as you can see this is where you pee

poop shower wash your hands pretty much

it if you come on over he this is

another room that's connected to the

other room that has a big ol bed lay on

it this is here we go nice been a secret

room it's sponsored by C gig we should

have a seeking secret right here like

this what you're going on the night to

the hospital no I'll box match you on

the 22nd of October 2020 stipple Center

that thing is sponsored by seeking as

well I hate him and 'edit seat geek

right here so basically before we end it

we want to give you guys a little

insight on every single room in every

room of the house we have a little

hidden camera it's not so hidden just

kind of a camera and those are gonna be

rolling 24/7 so when there's no big

cameras rolling and I think they're all

alone and they're doing some suspicious

sneaky shiz so yeah sure it yeah now we

just know he's got away from to come

back now we wait thanks man thank you

thank you all right we'll see you at the

challenge first challenge two people go

home let's go see him at the challenge

we'll see Matt the intros see you guys

at the intros sorry about my partner all

right let's go that's gonna be before

the challenge and now we're gonna see my

the interest it's roughly the challenge

I just round you know at the challenge I

just round it up I just rounded I'm on

my reality star friend he's an idiot

you really what's 18 times 43 dumbass

right here the answer is 774 you dumbass

I'm gonna figure that out and obviously

I'll figure it out right on a piece of

paper and let me know in 10 years

we're so excited everyone finally just

arrived this is the moment we've been

waiting for Andy

roll the intro baby what's up guys I'm

Amari I'm a youtuber a little bit of an

MTV reality star I'm used to this so I'm

not nervous at all I came to win 50 K


my name is Tabatha I'm a mom and

youtuber and I'm also can sister and I'm

here to win

hi I'm Lana I'm a youtuber slash adult

actress and I'm here to bring my A game

was even one dose of decay yo what's up

you see boy Kenny NOx we've changed my

life it's $50,000 my name is Andrea

Russett I am incredibly competitive and

I will win nobody here I have beef with

so I'm chillin what's up guys I'm Teala

Dunn I've been acting since I was 6

years old and I'm the life of the party

hi I'm Caleb Lee and gay nobody here

knows who I am which plays to my

advantage because I'm gonna fly under

the radar and always gonna know what

everybody it's ooh boy [ __ ] I'm here

for three things food get a girlfriend

and win $50,000


sometimes I'm Brittany you might know me

as kombucha girl please don't call me

that have you ever seen any person if

you don't know me you know get on the

internet huh Ryan and my life is pretty

crazy it's really not that crazy but I

am excited to be here I flew from

Philadelphia to be here so I hope I make

it I'm pretty I'm pretty blessed to be a

part of this to be honest with you

hey guys I'm an emu a and I'm the

designated be pretty one that's

tow-ready she bonjour what's up guys I'm

Harrison I flew in from London like two

days ago

and I've come back on social media so no

man she knows him in LA yeah


welcome everybody to reality house

season 2 if you wanna say yeah you guys

nervous yeah every part of emotions yeah

in the back

well as you all know we're kangjae and

we like to throw twist at y'all

oh wait before I say it a show of hands

who's seen season 1

ok we love we love a community well on

season one we sent three people home the

exact same day so for season two we

thought we do the same thing make us

drive three more in ours bad guys

turning pink Ian and Jason just informed

us that two people are leaving the house

as soon as we get here and I know damn

well I did not take a two hour nap on

this long ass car ride to be Sam home

you will be ordering me an uber SUV back

Vince for season two we're sending two

people home okay immediately oh okay and

that's who the men in suits are the meta

to star will until those are drivers if

you lose a challenge you go home

immediately the rest of the ten get the

stay in the house so there's gonna be

one girl and one guy going home


you don't even get to go now so there's

a challenge that you can see over there

you guys have no idea what it is until I

explain it but before I explain it I

want to let you know that it's gonna be

guys and girls not guys versus girls

it's gonna be guys versus guys all six

of you and the girls versus girls all

six of you one guys going home one girls

going home I wish you'd come from London

so I'm not looking to leave so our first


it's called being for a bed or being for

a bunk as keen likes to call it I leave

you here a bunk bed er we didn't get the

name official so over there we have

around 500 pounds of flour and two

separate bins and both bins we have a

total of ten beans you guys have to find

a white bean within the flower grow


a beam you can only find one / perchance

you got to run the beam back to us once

you give the beam to us we will give you

the stump tack you see this it's pretty

a big thumbtack

it's pretty big I'm gonna grab the

thumbtack jumbo tack you're gonna go

over there to the balloons you're gonna

pop one of your choosing

now here's the trick there's only five

balloons that have flour in them if you

pop a balloon it doesn't have flour go

back and find yourself a new beam if you

pop one that has flour you get a bed so

actually you can celebrate so out of the

six guys there will be five who popped

on that's flour we're starting right now

with a guy so guys get lined up girls

get lined up Oh reality show baby let's

go this is so scary

you guys know the rules yeah I guess

just find me and bring it back get a get

a fan print here it printing a bit of

brotherman all right

on the count of three you're gonna go

all bind a beat all right so we're

running high Lily trip over you sit and

I'm like this isn't setting powder I

need to like literally get the [ __ ] off

my favorite


some of your sister crush on Harrison

your southern lady for the crush on you

conveniently there's no leg skill

because I was trying to prepare mentally

with all these different skills I have

but yeah I know

thank you there's no the beans are in

there yeah



I was the first guy to pop the balloon

with the flower in it and I feel good I

can breathe now I was shaking and now

I'm like I'm calm like I feel happy

about myself hello guys I'm here to give

you a clue a clue

so we indeed we did put five and five

all right okay so there's five and each

one I just started putting flour on my

hand and rubbing my hands and then like

yeah like this and then I felt it on my

skin I'm sifting to this powder and it

feels like there's beans everywhere but

it's just clumps of flour also you know

my new manicure flour comes flying out

and your boy got up I'm like see geek is

it amazing out for you hey can you feel

the love I feel right now do you see it

for me this man is so happy he got a bed

can you feel the love tonight hey

there's only three more people

let's go go take on a minute to that

math you three more people and I almost

said let's go let's go guys I almost

said let's go Harrison but I don't to be


let's go not Harrison to talking by his

room no I said not Harrison okay Manny

your ass looks fine from that really go


Channy whispered in my ear you see every

side when i said JC you agreed that

Manny's asked us like good nd from here

Oh Kenny Thank You universe I got the

right one picked the right one I don't

win it it was amazing

shout out to Ryan special sauce all

right don't be antagonizing already

nervous enough

oh come on boys I'm hungry

oh this is the second beam


good luck oh my god this is cute little

shoots his writings balloons there's

only two to have a bet my best friend in

this house right now is the final two

and I am losing my mind right now

come on boys come on Terry I feel so bad

right now it's only mean Harrison left

and I have to send him home he flew all

the way from London poor guy there's one

there's only one so you boy did it

somehow I feel bad petuzi I wanted to

get to know him I feel like we would

have gone so well which is better when

it was annoying to lose a guy straight

up let's throw back to when he said he's

not biased he's like go not Harrison

let's go not Harrison let's replay again

on when Harrison finds a beam key in the

heavily excited I'm just saying boy now

adjust the Albie I will be equal leagues

excited that fouseytube bad I'm just the

same here well you seem a little hey you

should you should you should see what I

would have done it

Lucy got it I would have been dull


man this really sucks I was really

looking forward to hanging out with some

friends for a while getting to know them

they seem like a great group of people

and I want it to be a part of this

experience I love this show all right

just like that we have our five guy

contestants the contestants are Ryan

Harrison Amar'e maybe Kenny bad yeah so

yes I feel very bad but I'm happy for

the five to stay true my sadness my

happiness outweighs my sadness going oh

you the face man

fouseytube more life Uzi lose hello


yes your friendly neighborhood Tina JC

walking through our house you weren't

able to do this without our sponsor for

this episode our friends cars yet but we

did find a house now without the help of

sikhi clever friend Jase he just said we

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you use the promo code PM Jason you know

the guys over at CP thank you so much

for sponsoring these videos for two

happy boys and we hope your 1/2 of

company so without further ado let's get

back to our scheduled program Wow All

Right girls you ready yep

All Right girls round and great

- one me know break the bucket don't

break the [ __ ] yeah guys were right it

does feel like yeah feels like it feels

like everything you know it's real


has no flour in it okay was it the one

have you ready Tila might be a roommate

I'll see through it no no bed no bed out

of it Melvin you bought that one there's

nothing oh I cannot believe I picked the

wrong woman are you kidding me the house

check the bottom I'm down on my knees my

hair tied somebody keeps boom flower in

my face I can't see there's flower my

eyelashes I found a second bang all

right let's go tabby

again he let in Tabitha keep popping the

wrong balloon so I hope this means I can

find the right one I did not come three

hours to no say oh my god

rest good job dude how I could use like

how she found to come to in a minute

what's going on the cars ready

oh no he's leaving right now wait I was

gonna be like a double like a double

Mikey we can't say goodbye where those

babies off we didn't say goodbye

he's not going in I want to play see you

again bye Charlie puth when he leaves to

empty epi balloon now that's true unluck

right there she's calm enough can poke

it right she deserves to get it if she's

down for 100% clearly it's not the third

charm if you find a beam you get a spot

the last come on so Qian just sealed out

whoever finds a beam you're in it cuz

we've been taking so damn long

that is truly shocking that that's

absurd you know just pop you get afraid

much good yeah boys oh she's pretty

happy whoever you want she goes in the

house she climbs a tree I can't believe

I found one in the first in 15 seconds

and now here I am I felt a Millie Dean's

in my day oh yeah I told Taylor this

whole time

I think first i'ma pull Elijah Daniel

girl might be me my entire was gonna

crumble really look at it cuz it's

different color yeah just be nice

welcome alright I found my fourth being

this fourth being better work thank God

I earn my bed Dale



yes I found a damn bean but no means to

go home and that's a bummer

did not want to see that happen Brittany

Brittany come on sad aren't everybody

I'll did it Wow I'll see y'all did it

yeah this is the official unofficial

goodbye to fousey and Britain no yes say

your hellos say wha

I don't like this at all no I - anyone I

know I feel bad it sucks I was so

excited I kind of doomed myself I took

on the Elijah Daniel well I wanted to be

here that's the difference Elijah rolled

up like semi home we all like each other

man it's crazy I grew up watching like

Oh 12 Keenan JC on YouTube to like to

come here and be on it just like it's a

man well whatever you know

i'ma head back to Texas give me some

water burger some chicken there's been

real it's been fun thank you guys


I really wanted Brittany to say and I

really wanted Taylor to be the one to go

home honestly hey this has been special

very saying I can't wait for this to be

a gift ready you should grab a bun I

shut up this some [ __ ] man

I'll be back though season three I'm

coming back I'll see y'all next the

prize pool is probably gonna be bigger I

need that money

together and I need a girlfriend sorry

but not me

bring the other back please thank you


why I at least wanted to get rose oh


usually two interests get drunk though

you don't celebrate losses especially

not here oh wait so what are you even

gonna do Hollywood are you just flying

back don't have a place to stay wait

just stay at JC Dan's like literally I'd

be like hey I flew all the way out here

I don't know he usually supports the

people that win the show is this a

inroad first off keep dude yet is there

Lane sir Sir I don't see you late

professionalism Dale can you please God

turn off these cameras all right guys

here comes our contestants our winners

not the losers they're gonna come in

like raging bowls

so get ready we'll attack contestants

please come find your bed

Oh y'all chose

not shake on the floor if I have to

worry why would we use our energy for a


oh this is nice oh this is gorgeous oh

my god it's a dead asking for a bong bro

I walk into the room it is goddamn bomb

Bay's everywhere Brown like damn what we

can't play with me welcome to camp boys

y'all dude that's so dirty some people

would be a little bougie because there's

bunk beds Harrison I if you see we just

kind of scroll it on and we're like hey

we've slept in worse conditions not a

big deal of us look at this ladies and

gentlemen this is me this is what I got

you're gonna have to share it with

someone I am Andrea but what bro you

didn't come in here I'm like first you

take us to Temecula then you get those

two rooms with like a beds oh I told you

guys I'm a fast runner I don't know why

you're surprised okay so everyone find a

bunk get situated come on up we'll have

some drinks we'll talk we'll go over

rules and everything but as of now you

guys are the ten that me how do you know

what I take this thing on the floor


they just come out oh we've done it

excuse me

look at the closet space are you kidding


what is this room and the bed so calm

did you feel it

they didn't whoa is that our bathroom


holy shocked oh we've unlocked hidden

role my gosh it's a book wait what is it

a wine cellar this is where we murder


oh it is a wine cellar wait who's on

this bed Taylor sleeping tomorrow -

somebody say drinks got a bathroom

what's but there's no one can i film a

video here alright so there - staying in

there yeah is this the only bathroom we

have just one for all of us Oh


you'll know the patient that was are you

possible yeah yeah soup on this one

Harry we can make a make it let's do it

let's make a bag of fat in the other


I'm literally living for Ryan and living

for Harrison they're so great they're so

sweet they're so wonderful and so kind

like they gave up their bed for Lennon

and like I was a little bit like you're

so kind and so sweet like it makes me

just like love them so much more I'm

also living for drinks so welcome ten of

you thank you welcome to the house tour

not for the home yes yeah you're welcome

thank you

we're glad everyone here made it we're

sorry for you Seth we knew you guys

would make it yeah thank you

I think there's a person in here that's

you know one of you guys don't pretend

like you don't know that

so we're gonna go over a few rules with

y'all so y'all just are equipped with

everything y'all know what's going on

[ __ ] lash we hit the remotes for a

reason there's no TV yeah there's no TV

there's no okay well no TV no music we

wanted to like talk to each other

engage engage in conversation one of the

biggest things one of the biggest things

that not everyone knows that we have to

go over there are cameras there are four

cameras we have four cameramen obviously

but we also have six security cameras

but they're recording 24/7 the question

asked a serious question right now does

anybody have pronouns that they would

like to go by because I would like to

refer to everybody by their proper

pronouns how many days are them or

anything like that let me know now

because I don't want to disrespect just

call me Kimmy I like to go by FAC so

tradition on the reality house no you

take us try it with everyone season

everyone seasons we've been doing this

so we gotta keep the tradition alive


oh all right

thanks Sydney all right get to chill

Isis also foods on its way

you guys better put this in the shop go

okay don't do that oh you can't put me

on the spot like that well she just

talks a lot so it's always the stalkers

that I just want to go just get out

let's just go with it me you do when

you're eating of your life when you

smoke weed you look ridiculous outside

by yourself I didn't expect people to

get like malicious