Stephen Hawking Talks About Reality (With English Subtitles)

that may seem crazy to doubt that our

concept of reality is true but I think

to find the meaning of life we must

answer the question does there an

independent reality or not

imagine a scenario that is straight from

a science-fiction movie

the world around you is actually nothing

more than an elaborate fabrication of

some unknown superior intelligence

a giant supercomputer provides you with

all your senses from what you see to

what you smell hear and touch but in

fact you have no senses

your body does not exist you are just a

brain in a jar

it may sound bizarre but this is a

genuine scientific hypothesis called the

simulation theory

for all we know every one of our

perceived realities is simply fed to us

by some all-powerful supercomputer and

the simulation is so perfect that we

never even notice

but here's the crux it doesn't actually


it's as Descartes said we think

therefore we are

the hamburger could be nothing more than

a piece of computer code

but our desire to eat it is still our

own desire we still feel hunger our

minds still exist even if we are in a

simulation so doubting the true nature

of reality serves no purpose it's

simpler to just accept that there are

fundamental limits to what we can know