The Reality Creation Process

I now present to you the reality

creation process which is intended to be

the most clear and precise description

of how reality is created available on

the planet the reality creation process

will help you create the life of your

dreams so pay attention and take what

you learn here for checking for playing

for experimenting don't just believe

what I say don't just agree with me or

disagree take the ideas here and play

with them yourself

bring them to life yourself because this

is only information and mere information

is surface-level will not make no

difference in your life so it is up to

you to bring these ideas to life please

for a moment look at your life and

notice that you've created many

realities consciously or subconsciously

everything you have in your life is a

result whether you own a car or a house

whether you're married or not whether

you have money or not your state the way

you communicate with people the state of

your body and your health those are all

results those are realities that came to

be that are the consequence of something

what are they the consequence of I'm

asking you this question so that you

discover the real it reality creation

process for yourself because if you can

see this for yourself you're no longer

dependent on my description how did

those realities come to be

and more specifically what happened

right before you had a result so if you

have a glass of water on the table what

happened right before that glass of

water was there if there's a car parked

outside what happened right before you

had that car if you're in a relationship

what happened right before that

well what happened before that was an

action you took action and then you had

a result

this is incredibly straightforward and

simple you took action and then there

was a consequence of course if this were

all that there's to it I wouldn't have

to teach what I'm teaching it's not all

that there's to it but bear with me for

a moment so any result is a success

because the result is the successor of

action in my paradigm even negative

results and negative experiences are

called a success are taken

responsibility for because it is seen

that they are the consequences of

various actions so if you happen to be

overweight and that is a success because

you did many things to achieve that

success so you may have over eaten for a

long time or lacked physical exercise

for a long time or held emotional heavy

emotions for a long time and so you

succeed with the result of overweight

likewise if you have a healthy and

athletic body that is also a success a

consequence of various actions behaviors

and emotions so at the most fundamental

and easy level at the level that is

obvious to most people actions lead to

results 99% of the population are aware

of this not all people use this but

everybody pretty much sees the

correlation sees that there's an action

and then something happens

so creating reality could be as simple

as writing down actions that are aligned

with your goal and then executing them

or writing down the actions that are not

aligned with your goal and stopping to


now as simple as this as many people

still don't do that they think they can

keep taking the same actions and get

different results what happened right

before action was taken what is action

the successor of I'm asking you this so

that you participate in this

presentation and look for yourself

discover for yourself most of you will

have answered well before there was an

action there was a thought and that

answer would be correct but right here

I'm looking for a specific thought which

is the decision a chosen thought a

decision so you made a decision then you

took action then there was a result so a

more fundamental level of creation is

decision of course if your consciousness

and life are chaotic

then not every decision will lead to an

action you'll decide one thing you'll

change your decision the next day day

after that you'll have yet another

decision and not act on any of them but

if the two are aligned then your

decision will create an action will

create a result and decisions succeed

thoughts and at one deeper level

feelings so it's basically thought

action result or thought chosen thought

which is the decision action result or

thought word deed thought word deed

so you have thousands of thoughts a day

and from these thousands of thoughts you

choose one you make a decision then you

act upon the decision then you have a

result so if your thoughts and feelings

are fearful then you will make fearful

decisions which lead to inappropriate

actions and negative results say you're

afraid of your boss so you make the

decision to avoid your boss and then you

take actions of going away every time he

enters the room and the result is a very

contracted and constricted reality and

perhaps getting fired sooner or later

because there's no rapport between you

and your boss but if you have

enthusiastic thoughts such as being in

love with somebody and then you make the

decision to spend a lot of time with

them to be intimate with them with the

according actions and the result of

intimacy so rather than only operating

at the surface level of your actions

it can be wiser and more effective to

operate at the level of thought to

change first your thoughts and feelings

before you try to change your actions

because if the fundamental template is

not changed the actions and external

results and realities will eventually

resort back to the default that is based

on the template of thought so again

using the example of overweight if you

exercise like crazy do sports like crazy

diet and so forth and so on but have not

changed your underlying thoughts and

feelings you will need much more effort

much more action to gain results and

these results will only be temporary

because sooner or later your thoughts

and feelings will compel you to read

or to the old behavior now most people

are aware of this progression scientists

brain researchers psychologists

motivational teachers success coaches

most of them are aware of this

progression even new agers are aware of

it but they overemphasize the thought

part saying thoughts create reality

however feelings are one level deeper

than thought so if anything feelings

create reality emotions and there's also

decisions and actions involved not only

thoughts thoughts only have a direct

influence on reality without taking

action if they are strong enough powered

enough but this is still not all there's

to it what our thoughts and feelings the

successor of out of what to do thoughts

and feelings arise and this is where my

teaching comes in they arise out of

consciousness out of a vast field of

awareness that both originates thought

and feeling and permeates without

feeling action and realities this is

where I and science differ mmm

contemporary science says that

consciousness is a byproduct of thought

a byproduct of the brain but this cannot

be so as any longtime meditator can tell

you this is something usually only

longtime meditators can see and

experience for themselves namely the

thought arises out of consciousness

consciousness has the ability to

originate thought release thought

permeate thought

let go of thought and feeling so it

cannot be by product of thought

consciousness can observe thought there

is something an awareness or an observer

that is aware of thought but not thought

that is also to say that if you change

your consciousness you change external

reality quite radically because a shift

in your own consciousness changes many

feelings one shift in consciousness can

change a thousand feelings changing a

thousand feelings can change 100

thousand thoughts changing 100 thousand

thoughts will shift a million decisions

and actions and ultimately change your

reality even if there's a time buffer

between changing your consciousness and

the result if you're not quite sure how

to change your consciousness you might

at least operate at changing your

emotional state your emotional feelings

because one emotion is followed by

hundreds of thoughts all those many

thoughts going around in your mind

change simply one emotion and you have a

completely different set of thoughts now

in what I teach there is there are a few

more items between consciousness and

thought or feeling and I'll call that

identity here this realm between

consciousness and thought or feeling

could also be called core beliefs and it

could also be called the subconscious

identities or core beliefs or the

subconscious are the fundamental

programs you are not aware of you are

not conscious of through which you see

the world

so you see reality not as it is but

filtered through certain identity

glasses subconscious because you are

looking through the glasses instead of

at the glasses looking through the

identity instead of at the identity this

is addressed in the Enlightenment

technique which is available on my

website that's where you learn how to

handle and release and shift certain

identities so if for example you are a

doctor you have the identity I am a


then you will have certain thoughts and

feelings as a consequence of that make

certain doctor decisions take doctor

actions and experience a doctor reality

and one of those realities will be that

you rarely get sick or ill it is

statistically proven that doctors rarely

get sick or ill the reason is that their

identity does not allow them to they are

responsible for giving health and in

giving health all day it is in fact

difficult to get sick even though they

are constantly exposed to sick people so

it is not necessarily true that the

contagious things are contagious they're

only contagious from a certain identity

a non doctor identity so it is rather

rare that doctors get sick that is how

powerful an identity affects reality so

you will make the most fundamental

changes at the levels of consciousness

identity deeper seeded emotions and core

beliefs it is highly recommended that

you first change these aspects before

trying to change your external reality

which as you can see here is futile

trying to change your life by changing

only externals like getting a new job or

moving to another location or changing

your partner but that does not change

your fundamental consciousness who you

are you take who you are with you

wherever you go so if you change your

location or change the curtains in your

room or change your partner your

identity and the way you experience and

perceive the world still stay the same

and no matter how many

partners you have you'll be experiencing

similar problems similar energies no

matter where you go or if you take

action and try to work like crazy in

order to create more prosperity in your

life that's not really going to work if

you don't change your identity to that

of a rich and abundant person you can

take as much actually what you want it's

not going to make any difference in your


and after working 40 years chances are

you'll just get fired instead of

promoted so trying to create change at

the wrong level is one of the common

mistakes another common mistake is

having too many different contradictory

identities contradictory thoughts and

feelings thousands of thoughts and

feelings that don't match and with that

contradictory decisions and

contradictory actions so if you have too

many different things going on you can't

laser focus your attention so that it's

one clear and clean line of identity

feeling thought decision action result

and the way to solve that release by

releasing almost everything releasing

all of your thoughts and feelings and

then looking at what's left which will

be certain identities with then

releasing those identities and finally

choosing one at a time so that you can

rapidly and clearly create whatever

reality you focus your attention on so

consciousness as I've said elsewhere is

like the seed of the ocean the floor of

the ocean identity subconscious and core

beliefs are like the ocean itself and

your thoughts your conscious mind is

like the surface of the ocean and your

decisions actions and external realities

are even more surf

so in operating at all these surface

levels not much really changes but a

slight shift at a deeper level changes

everything that's why many people are

reluctant to change things at this level

because they know that a change in

consciousness will create a tsunami at

the surface of the ocean so in my work

with people I mostly operate at changing

emotions which are one level deeper than

thought and changing core beliefs which

is another half level deeper and in some

cases identities a shift and change in

consciousness is only recommended to

expert and advanced reality creators or

under coaching guidance if this

presentation made things clear to you

and inspired you to experiment and play

with it please recommend it far and wide

my name is Frederick Dotson thank you

very much for viewing