hey guys quick video we're going to

cover some settings today or one setting

in particular I should say is reality

creation it's a setting you guys have

been asking about and what settings I'm

using in-game and some of you are new to

so many displays and it's just getting

into the way they describe their

settings versus another company you know

what advanced contrast is one is dynamic

range a dynamic contrast on another so

what I want to focus on is reality

creation today and this really is

helpful for some of you guys that are

staying with the ps4 and the Xbox one

you're not upgrading to a ps4 Pro and

you're finding the image to be pretty

soft especially when you're upgrading

from 1080p to 4k you're waiting for this

huge up scale you're waiting for this

really clean image and you guys are

pretty disappointed especially when

moving up to a larger display with a you

know the pixel density is not as close

and you're it's not as tight and you're

basically know you're a little bit

underwhelmed with the image so reality

creation for me is something I can use

and do use on softer images primarily on

a game like Call of Duty the new Call of

Duty I should say so what you're gonna

do is you're gonna go into your settings

go down to picture adjustments you're

gonna see we're in HDR so right away

brightness is at max whether I want it

that way or not just has to be that way

and extended dynamic ranges at max I

don't always leave those at least

brightness at max during all content

just during HDR because it's automatic I

do tend to drop the gamma here in there

I do stay away from guys with softer

images this is just my opinion I do stay

away from advanced contrast I do think

it does create noise I don't love what

it does with the image so I tend to stay

away from it

at least with this content going back

into clarity now clarity as you can see

and almost every manufacturer

in game mode in order to decrease input

lag and latency most of this stuff is

grayed out so especially in the Samsung

lines you find that there's almost

nothing you can tweak at least in last

year's models what I like what Sony left

on is reality creation which is a very

interesting interesting mode its

definition is it adds pixels and cleans

up the image and it's a resolution scale

I don't know how much of that is real or

marketing but it does have a pretty

significant effect so right now we're

off and I'm going to do is we're going

to turn it and if you don't see how it

cleans up this word all right we're on

going back to off it dims and also you

can see how it makes some of the you

know the worn out parts of the sign kind

of increase off it does clean up the

image significantly now I have it on a

hundred percent I wouldn't put it on a

hundred percent I just want to do that

for the for the video so you guys can

actually see it but it's so setting that

it's definitely worth I think playing

with especially with some of these games

that are 900p that are trying to upscale

the 4k it's just um it's something that

you guys can use you know you can I

wouldn't use it and then turn on

advanced contrasts you can try turning

down the sharpness if you guys are

finding that some of the green is there

this game has inherent green but try

using the reality creation so again

you're gonna go in see your settings

picture settings come on over to

advanced your clarity tab and then

reality creation I would go off manual

and then you know go as low as high as

you want go up slow coming you know if

you're playing something like whole duty

the best thing is set up a private match

walk around the map so you're not

distracted by other players and just

mess with some of these settings guys

and really don't listen to people saying

you can't have that on it's in the game

tab doesn't increase lag or anything but

it's worth playing with we want to get

the best possible image one thing I'll

say I don't love about HDR is it adds if

you can see dots there are some small

dots that are a byproduct of HDR and

some of the rendering that I don't love

about HDR but I do like the effect so

give that a shot and tell me what you

think guys

thank you as always