90% of Reality Creation is Complete when you change this one belief

this video I'm gonna show you how 90% of reality creation is complete when you

change this one belief I'm gonna show you how this changes everything

and exactly how to do it welcome back to another video my name's Aaron and I help

people expand their consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you

the one belief that if you change over 90% of reality creation is complete it

is a belief that as well many people make it so much more difficult than it

has to be just based on the fact that we see and we believe that it has to be

this way and first off understand that for this process beliefs create reality

whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us on the other side

if we believe that it's hard to attract a relationship then it will be hard to

attract a relationship we will find ourselves in situations that make it

appear to be hard we will act feel and think consistently to a reality where it

is hard to attract a relationship and if it's hard to attract money same thing

there's a belief it is hard to attract money therefore it is then something

that we experience in our life so it's about understanding that whatever we

perceive of is because first we have an inner belief that says something and

then reality reflects that back to us now a lot of what I teach and a lot of

what I share is how if you change your beliefs you change your life now what

you could do is you could go and look for your beliefs about relationships and

change your beliefs about relationships and loves that you can attract love into

your life what you could do is you can go to your beliefs about money and say

you know I want to attract more money into my life you could go and look at

your beliefs about money and change your beliefs about money you could look at

your beliefs about your health and losing weight or being the perfect

energy level and you could change your beliefs about that however there's one

belief that if you change makes these three things so much easier and it's a

belief that a lot of people self impose this one belief is simply believing that

change is hard or that it is difficult to

manifest what you want like instead of changing your beliefs about

relationships or beliefs about money your beliefs about health what have you

changed your beliefs about reality itself what if instead of believing that

there's this big story - the way that reality works and believing that change

is really hard and transformation has to come from no pain no gain

what if instead of that you realize that things could be easy the things could be

in flow that things you could allow to happen you see instead of going for the

individual beliefs around each individual category what if you

challenge your beliefs about reality itself and the way that reality works

you see this is the profound shift that you can have in your life and this is

what I have this is what I have noticed about the process when we understand the

quantum physics of things and the quantum physics shows us that every

moment is a new moment all potentialities exist right now when we

understand that we can then see that every moment is a new moment every

moment is a new moment every moment is a new moment right now right now right now

so the idea is what story we tell ourselves right now what story telling

ourselves right now what story are we telling herself right now we could say

oh this is hard well then it will be hard and then we can realize that every

moments a new moment anyways so why not create a greater degree of change

between this moment and this moment you see because the potentialities already

exist but it's about knowing it can be easy if we allow it to be easy but we

all have a story about how really about how relationships work about how health

works about how money works about how reality works and this story is keeping

this narrative on autopilot and it is keeping us in experiencing certain

things over and over and over again but it's about realizing that if you're

creating the same story from when you were a kid or even the beliefs of your

parents you're doing it now and you're doing it maybe from the autopilot mind

what you could begin to do is be aware of it because awareness as 90% of

changing beliefs when you become aware of a belief you then see it as a belief

not as the way reality works if you say but it is hard to attract this is it

inherently true that it is hard to attract money is it inherently true no

for some people it's easier than others but it depends upon their belief systems

but when you let go of the belief that it has to be hard that's where things

will begin to transform in your life so instead of trying to change your beliefs

about money about health by love those are the big three right there change of

beliefs about reality itself and realize that reality is much more flexible than

you can imagine what quantum physics is showing us is every moment is a new

moment every moment is a new moment the only thing that keeps so much continuity

there is the fact that we are so insistent upon the story that we tell

ourselves over and over and over again but if we let go of that story we then

become free like think about it like this how what is the practical examples

of this you may believe I know I was talking to my mom a while ago when she

was talking to me about quitting smoking cigarettes actually let's go back up

even a couple of years like years ago five six years ago I was talking to her

and she had these stories and beliefs about quitting smoking cigarettes she

told me she said she knew somebody that quit smoking that smoke cigarettes their

whole entire life and then stopped quitting smoking cigarettes and then

died or something like that so in her mind if she were to quit smoking

cigarettes she could end up having that same response even though there could

have been many different things in that maybe that person had a lot of other

stuff going on besides just that but it was a certain story that then scared her

into being afraid of quitting to smoke cigarettes and then if you were to want

to quit smoking cigarettes and then somebody were to tell you oh it's super

hard to quit smoking cigarettes wow it's so hard and you know you're gonna fall

back many times you know I've quit like 12 times but I'm still smoking you know

like this is how it works about my body you were to listen to these stories and

agree to these stories and let them into your consciousness well then guess what

it may be hard for you to quit smoking but

just a story it's just a story that we intertwine and maybe other people agree

with that story other people would say well you know I've tried the squids

Bogut is hard you see but understand that you're gonna perceive of people

that are in alignment with your belief in what you are letting into your

consciousness so understand this though it's just a story quitting smoking

cigarettes is just a story if you believe it's hard and once you can begin

to do is ask yourself what does it really take to quit smoking cigarettes

well simple just don't put another cigarette in your mouth that's it it's

really really really easy and simple to quit smoking cigarettes but you see even

now if you smoke a cigarette cycle that's pretty easy for you to say what

about all the winter hauls what about the science behind their withdrawals and

if you were to quit smoking you would feel these withdrawals but if you were

to be present with the which Rawls if you were to not label it if you were to

not resist it and think that you shouldn't be having the withdrawals then

you might find that it's way way way way easier than you think you see but we

have we have ideas about smoking we have these ideas about these different things

that we believe that it has to be hard but there are certain things that you'll

see like this scientific just to show you it's possible because then if you

hear this story then maybe you say to yourself whoa how can I apply that a my

own life by letting go of my identity or with this this this and out this story

is but this is something that's been scientifically proven and as somebody

that has what is called multiple personality disorder maybe you've heard

me tell this story before or not this I guess it is a story but it's also

something that's been verified and it's just phenomenon where people with

multiple personality disorder which means they have one personality then

they shift to another personality and in one personality they may have certain

thought structures that may have certain identity they may have a throne name for

themselves and let's say that person's name is Carl and say Carl

I don't just normally use the same name when I tell these I realized it's like

Carl in gym or something like that Carl says hey Carl has that of more negative

thoughts they say this personality carl has that of some type of disease

now you could test that person that Carl that personality and say opieop this

person has this disease and then ten minutes later they will shift to be in

gym so one minute there Carl five minutes later their gym once their

gym they have a different identity different thought patterns different way

they view themselves because it's that multiple personality disorder and then

if you were to measure Jim's body and you were to see if they had the same

disease they then would not have the disease within minutes now what is that

why can something happen that quick well it's a phenomenon and it's something

that is the way reality really works there's a story we tell ourselves

there's a momentum we have with our current identity that keeps us locked

within a certain box when you let go of that identity when you let go of those

beliefs of how reality has to work it could become much more fluid and much

more flexible but the key to this is knowing that it can be easy

you're changing your new every moment regardless it's just there's a story

that glues all of this together that has to have you experiencing that over and

over and over again you see if you believe that it is hard to lose weight

it is hard to lose weight it is hard to eat healthy then guess what will happen

you will find yourself finding other people that agree with you you will find

yourselves in tempting situations you will find yourself having a story in a

narrative that says it is hard all of these things but is it really hard to

lose weight is that inherently true in reality that what you do is you eat less

calories then you then you new burn off well no but that's a belief there's a

belief there that that is hard there's a story there's a narrative now what does

it take it's actually very easy you just pay attention to what you eat you eat a

little bit less when you have these feelings of hunger because you're used

to filling up your stomach more you just become present with it you become okay

with it you see and you allow you don't label it and then you'll find that it is

easy you can allow this transformation for yourself to be easy you can allow

yourself to see that reality is a form of dream it is just a

consistent dream that is an equal to the story that we tell ourselves and if we

believe things need to take a lot of time a lot of effort if we find

ourselves like oh the only path to success is I have to go to college for

four years and I have to graduate and then work myself up the corporate ladder

and go along this 12 year plan in order to get and have that perfect family and

all of these things then that will be a self-fulfilling prophecy you'll find

yourself going along to that narrative but what if you were to question it what

if you were to realize you could direct your life in the direction that you

prefer see this is where things really begin to change but this is about

understanding a new choice you making a new choice to be and just realize that

that's all that really takes 90% of reality creation is complete do this one

thing as well your beliefs about who you are you can believe hack the perfect

version of you what I do is I imagine the best possible version of me

how would that version of me think feel and act what would that version of me

believe about reality and I imagine that using my imagination and I'll get into a

meditative state and then what I'll do is I'll just start to visualize it to

feel as if that is me and then I'll just decide to make the choice that's me now

that's it and my actions and everything will be in alignment with that belief

with that belief that choice that that's who I am now if you haven't seen it as

well one thing that I'll pitch to you right now and you'll see is the one of

the most powerful meditations I've ever made it's a free meditation on YouTube

read the comments to see what is possible it is on shifting parallel

realities and you literally walk into a new peril of reality and just know

that's who you are now read the comments to see what's possible

don't take my word for it people have had some of the most profound

experiences listen to that meditation for twenty-one days so if you listen to

it in the top of description box below it's one of my most popular meditations

I'm shifting through parallel realities what it really helps you to do is to let

go of this old belief that reality is fixed that reality is hard and it allows

you to be here now and what it allows you to do is to let go of the old story

so that you can then choose this reality that you prefer so in

general beliefs is about simply becoming aware of the belief seeing it for the

belief because once you see it as a belief it's just a belief and then

choosing and then wiring in the new one that's it it's real simple but what is

your beliefs about reality and the key to this becoming where'd your beliefs

about reality realities fixed reality is solid things are hard and then

questioning those beliefs seeing other times in your life when they weren't

hard when things were easy when magical things happen when synchronicity

happened in your life starting to pay attention to the magic in your life not

trying to rationalize it with the logical mind starting to reframe those

beliefs if you believe you're not worthy fine times in your past when you were

worthy so to see yourself as worthy you see you can wire in these new thoughts

remember they're just beliefs if you have a limiting belief see it fro a

belief and then realize that when you change the belief by wiring in the new

one by taking action as that new version of you by choosing that this version of

me that thinks acts and feels a certain way that's Who I am now

by choosing that's who you are that will then become your reality and the most

powerful way that I found a wire that end is through meditation which is why I

recommend 21 days and watch how your life transforms read the comments below

read the comments in that video below to see see a whole bunch of people have had

profound experiences that will increase the belief that can also happen for you

when you read those comments so read those comments listen that meditation

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