What is Conscious Reality Creation?

right now your entire universe is being

generated by your unconscious mind it's

an unconscious set of patterns that just

keep playing and you see nature goes

around in its pattern the planetary

system goes around everything is in a

pattern and everything grows in that

pattern you included

that's an unconscious experience a human

being has the capacity to take that

experience recognize what's going on in

the experience recognize the pattern

understand what's going on in the

pattern and shift that pattern into

anything faster slower bigger longer

wider deeper but it has to be conscious

so a lot of people's that well it was my

own conscious home we're gonna be

conscious of it you have to push

yourself to be conscious of it you have

to look at the patterns and and start

from an internal world altering them

because the internal world is generating

the external anyway so conscious reality

creation is recognizing the pattern

understanding the pattern forgiving

yourself for the limitation that you're

experiencing because if you experience

something twice in a row you're in the

past you're in a pattern you're gonna

want to forgive yourself for whatever

that is in order to release the energy

on the pattern if you understand that

process you start to become a technician

at conscious reality crashing I'm

starting to understand this dynamic and

the dynamic is me being able to imagine

something I want fully engaged in it

emotionally and expect it in the future

that it's coming and live that right now

in that process what some people would

say is your reality is being drawn to

you you're attracting you're not really

attracting your

actually generating it's all you in the

first place unconsciously now all you

did is being conscious of what was

unconscious I've taken responsibility in

such a way that I've altered this

unconscious experience that's conscious

reality creating it isn't like ooh today

I created this and this and this and

like well did you imagine that in the


well no it just happened that's not

conscious you might have had a wonderful

day and it might have went your way and

you might want to take responsibility

all the power you can out of that I did

that but if you didn't really

consciously do it beforehand and then

watch it happen without controlling the

environment you're not in conscious

reality crazy conscious reality creation

is not consciously controlling the

environment it's actually interacting

for my internal place to such a way that

I'm beginning to love myself and I'm

watching that love change the way I

relate to things within myself and the

outside shows that change physical

reality and a lot of people have seen

this physical reality is a mirror it's a

mirror a mirror isn't really who you are

either a mirror is an image that you're

seeing in something but it isn't who you

are and you're not even looking at

yourself you're looking at a reflection

of yourself reality is the same thing in

that manner it's a reflection of

yourself but it's not you this is why if

you try to have outside reality validate

you it damages you because this is me

and I'm trying to make it trying to make

it influence me but if it doesn't do it

I'm not going to do it that feedback

loop separates you from being conscious

because if I don't understand that it's

just an image so conscious reality

creation is imagining a future that I'm

motional II invested in and I hold the

line even when I'm not seeing it because

I know that I will

so it's a future creates the present now

if I can't create this present I've got

to find out why I can't hold it there'll

be a reason you can't hold it and that

reason or one of the steps you need to

getting to that reality I have to solve

that step the better I am a conscious

reality creation the more elegant those

steps become so conscious reality is

just really in essence you are becoming

you are in the process of becoming the

god being that you're the reflection of

so what kind of reality do you want to

have to share one where everyone's in

pain struggling feeling sorry for

themselves pushing everything away not

my president you cannot change reality

that those are not people who are awake

right now people think they're awake

we're gonna impeach if that's just the

adolescent gone cray-cray the world is

in a state of adolescence adulthood only

comes with conscious choice so in order

to be a conscious reality creator I have

to become an adult and you can't become

the adult that the adolescent thinks is

what an adult is it has to be your own

thing that's where the paradigm shift

because then you design emotionally what

that experience is going to be and when

you start acting on that set of values

you will see reality start changing so

conscious reality creation is being an

artist wanting to be on a path of

artistry to consciously direct my

experience where I can first create a

beautiful reality with one other person

then maybe I get some friends and then

maybe I have an impact on my building

and maybe my community and maybe my

state and maybe the world because you

can do it that's a big thing and I don't

want to give too much to you but that's

totally in your grasp