How to Invest Through the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

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welcome back to the channel and in this

video I want to talk to you guys about

the greatest generational wealth

transfer in history and Tom I'm

interpreting this information as an

investor in my mind it's not only

important to understand the markets

themselves but you have to understand

the landscape as a whole you have to

know the people who are investing in

them you have to understand the people

who are actually allocating the capital

within these markets all right at least

in my opinion that's very important okay

so we'll kick off this video with a

brief article that I think touches on

these points really well we will then go

on to look at this little graphic

breaking down the countries that are

handing down the most wealth and then

we'll finish it off with the top 100

stocks on robbing it okay that might

sound weird but trust me I will be able

to tie this in at least hopefully I'll

do my best to do so okay so before we

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always thank you very much okay so this

is an article by Palm Beach research

group let's get straight into it I like

the stuff these guys put out it is

titled young investors are buying tech

related stocks and crypto okay

read through this with you guys if you

came into a large inheritance how would

you spend it if you don't know the

answer to that question I wouldn't blame


most people don't expect to come into a

sizeable inheritance but if you still

have several years left earning a

paycheck you may want to consider the

question carefully that's because the

greatest migration of wealth in American

history will occur over the next 25

years okay maybe it's well transfer in

history according to so really

associates a staggering 60 a trillion

dollars will move from the older to

younger generations over the next

quarter century it starts with a baby

boomers born 1966 to 1964 it's a little

dyslexia right there each day in 2020 an

estimated ten thousand eight hundred

Americans turn age 65 by 2029 that daily

number is expected to jump to 11.5 K

it's baby boomers retire they transition

from the accumulation to divestment

phase and they get closer to their life

expectancies through the aging process

they'll transfer a large trunk of their

wealth to their Generation X born in

1965 to 1980 in millennial born 1981 to

1990 six children shadow' Millennials

Charles Schwab is over four trillion

dollars in client assets and more than

12 million active brokerage accounts it

says these two generations are buying

three sectors tech communication

services and consumer discretionary

and one new asset class Bitcoin okay so

this article is kind of structured

around Bitcoin but don't worry I mean I

will make it applicable to other things

that aren't Bitcoin but you guys know if

you have been tuning in I do like

Bitcoin but again I will make this

applicable to many other sectors as well

okay the table above and we will look at

this chart because it's very interesting

in the table above Gen Xers and

Millennials on eleven distinct stocks

and nine of them highlighted or 82%

belong to three if three sectors

technology communications services and

consumer discretionary that old saying

buy what you know applies to younger

generations think about it many

Millennials and Gen Xers shop online

Amazon spend their time on phones Apple

live on social media Facebook Instagram

use Gmail Google and binge watch movies

and TVs Netflix credit Sirius reports

the average S&P company has a lifespan

of less than 20 years today so 25 years

from now new companies will form an

existing ones will gain more traction

with an average market cap of over seven

hundred and seventy seven billion

dollars these nine stocks have staying

power as you can see above grayscale

bitcoin trust is already millennials

fifth largest holding at Schwab which is

actually crazy today only 9% of the

population owns Bitcoin and about 50% of

them are Millennials again this this

article is focused around grayscale

Bitcoin specifically and I do own the

stock just for full full disclosure I

like this stock but I will make it

applicable to many other revolutionary

stocks okay I focus on those a lot

that's I know it's a wide sector and a

lot of things fall into that category

but I really like world-changing

revolutionary stocks around here and

that is what I cover for the most part

all right so we'll take a look at this

again it's broken down by Millennials

Gen Xers and baby boomers you can see a

lot of these around the top so Apple

Amazon Berkshire Hathaway Microsoft

these are all pretty common in all the

portfolios all huge companies it makes

sense that these are these are in the

portfolio's of pretty much everyone in

anybody but then you look at companies

like Tesla okay so you see Tesla Tesla a

lot of baby boomers don't even hold

Tesla but Tesla is like on top of

Bitcoin again a revolutionary industry

Nikola falls into this to that and

that's kind of why we're gonna look at

these top 100 stocks on Robinhood later

just because again Millennials people

are buying companies that are

revolutionary a younger audience the

younger demographic gravitates to those


those more revolutionary stocks more

game-changing stocks like Tesla like

like Nikola now which is the hot stock

in a moment okay and then grayscale

Bitcoin trust again I will I'm hyper

bullish this is actually one of the few

stocks that I'm probably practicing the

strongest hands with one of the few

stocks that I've held for I can't even

remember how long I've held it for and

I'm continuing to put more money into it

okay and I trade options for the most

parts of the fact that I'm keep putting

money into a stock that I'm long on

definitely speaks to it okay so I will

make more content on greyscale in the

future please let me know if you guys

want to see that or if you want to see

more crypto focused content but again I

know a lot of you kind of don't mess

around with that and that's perfectly

fine I will again Tesla is a good

example of another company like

greyscale that that the younger

demographic and younger audience is

gravitating towards okay and it's just

super important to understand the the

point we're going to this I'll just kind

of talk talk a little bit before we get

into this okay so the point I wanted to

make this video again you have to

understand the landscape you're playing

in I did upload that the video talking

about how Robin Robin Hood traders run

this market a few days ago and again

that's kind of this is just furthering

that point alright you have to

understand that there's gonna be so much

generational wealth so many so much

money is gonna be handed to this new

generation and that's why it's so

important to watch what this younger

generation does watch what the Robin

Hood traders do okay and again etrade

etrade weeble there's a lot of ass but

just watch what the younger generation

is doing because over the course of the

next couple decades a few decades

probably our lifetimes that generation

is going to be the generation that dick

state dictates the movement of the

market so stocks like Tesla you know

like I was just talking about probably

widely known as a cold stock I don't

think it's a cold stock I do call it a

cold stock sometimes out of fun but it

is a revolutionary company it's the the

current stock price and the valuation of

the company does not match up at all

with the with the current fundamentals

and financials but that just shows that

people sorry Millennials specifically

and just the younger this younger

generation wants to invest in things for

the long run that will do good for the

world in the long term okay so keep that

in mind we'll take a look at this this

is a titled

wealth this is a this is an article by

Wealth X or graphic made my wealth X and

NFP family wealth transfers a report all

right so this is a global wealth

transfer UHMW is ultra high net worth

individual population and then this is

total wealth US dollar trillion alright

so over the next ten years there will be

just under sixteen thousand people ultra

high-net-worth individuals okay so this

number is significantly lower than then

the war was sixty eight trillion but

this is only covering ultra

high-net-worth individuals alright but

it gives you a good grass just break

down broken down it by countries of the

countries that are handing down the most

wealth to their next generation okay so

ten years is gonna be four point one

trillion twenty years nine point two and

then thirty years over sixteen trillion

dollars expected to be handed down from

ultra high-net-worth individuals across

the globe to the next generation

alright countries are the largest

expected wealth transfer in the next

thirty years one is the United States

with six trillion dollars sixty three

percent ultra high-net-worth forty

percent max inheritance rate I won't go

over that but to is Germany three Japan

four United Kingdom five Brazil it makes

sense again all of these are large

economies it's this there's not a lot of

gravity to this I thought was just cool

for you guys to know and you guys can

check this out for yourself again it's a

it's a wealth X article the five

countries of the largest expected wealth

transfers and United States is the

biggest one that's why it's important to

look at these kind of us focused

exchanges like Robin Hood okay and just

see what the next generation is doing

that's why it's so important right now

although the market is so crazy right

now in so volatile and so irrational in

a lot of people's minds even myself like

obviously the fundamentals and and kind

of common sense is at least in regard to

financials is not applying to the

markets right now and is not reflecting

in the markets all right and I think we

are seeing a true paradigm shift from

from value investing and I think I will

I will clarify that I do think value

investing to an extent will always be

around it's it's very important and it's

not sustainable forever just to be

investing in stocks that you think are

cool that's kind of what's just

happening right now but there's a

paradigm shift where

people this next generation I keep

saying people but hopefully you guys

know what I mean this next generation

Gen Millennials Gen X Gen zere's they're

the next generation they're gonna be the

ones who are having all this capital to

allocate within the markets over the

coming years so you have to be mindful

of the players in the game not the game

itself the game is is in a weird place

right now and it is I'd if I just

encourage you guys to look into who's

playing the game all right

always be mindful of the other players

on the field be mindful of again who has

the cash and who's deploying that cash

into the markets and what they are

investing in all right so that brings us

to the to the Robin Hood top 100 most

popular stocks which will close it out

with again this kind of just falls in

line I hope I hope I played this in

somewhat well and you guys get why I

have this up but just look at things

like this understand what like again

Robin Hood definitely youth focus

millennial genex Gen Z focused there's

there's freaking Robin Hood traders on

tik-tok that are making a killing right

now that's insane

well that just show was kind of the

demographic right now and again in that

Robin Hood video I posted a few days ago

I talked about how Robin Hood traders

have have so much of our retail

investors as a whole not only Robin Hood

traders again there's other there's

plenty of other kind of easy easy use

trade platforms retail investors are

overtaking the hedge funds as of right

now at least okay so that shows that

more people are signing up more people

are investing for the first time all

right that's why you're seeing so much

volatility in the market right now is

because there's so many so much stupid I

will call it stupid money with with no

ill will you guys know what I mean just

just new money okay there's so much new

money so much new inexperienced money in

the markets so it makes sense why we're

seeing this volatility but just look at

these like this is this is studying when

you're looking at this don't look at

these to invest I personally wouldn't

touch probably any of them definitely in

the top ten wouldn't touch any of the

companies in the top 10 on here but just

understand what this next generation is

investing because again Robin Hood a

us-based company like we saw back here

us is gonna have the most wealth handed

down to it by the previous generation

and Robin Hood is a us-based company

largest in the world a lot of talk about

Robin Hood right now great platform

again but understand what's what them

what gen-xers Jen's ears are investing

in right now okay so for GE American I

know these actually comes free stocks on

Robin whom we sign up so I think that

plays a big role in why I like four cuz

obviously Tesla is a more millennial

focused brand even Nikola than Ford for

it okay I will say Ford is obviously I

love for it for it is a pinnacle of

American history and American

engineering so I do like Ford but I

think it's just because people get free

stalks on for when you sign up for Robin

Hood if you haven't signed up for Robin

here you can use my link down there I'll

just plug that right now I felt it was

fitting you got a free stock I got a

free stock little win win but for GE

American Airlines Disney tell to like

carnival carnival is I'll be straight up

with you guys Carnival is probably one

of my largest short positions just after

these past few days

and it's crazy that that people that

these kids are investing in these travel

companies is right now again they're

winning right now they're there again

they're the ones talking talking trash

about Warren Buffett saying he's old and

washed up and as of right now it is kind

of playing out that way I will say one

more time that I do think value

investing is not dead all right

there's no chance value investing is

dead the markets are in a very dangerous

place if things continue it like on this

exact trajectory

I don't think value investing is dead I

think it has slowed down significantly

and we will see a bridge between value

investing and investing in things you

think are cool even though the

financials don't line up like Tesla but

just look at these understand what

people are investing in obviously look

at the financials make sure the company

is structurally sound

not like these travel companies in my

opinion but like Ford is is a decent

company Disney's a solid company and

Microsoft is a great company Apple

obviously a great huge massive company

everything I wasn't owned as Apple Apple

is awesome but again just look for those

next next up like the plays that are

next up that's what I do again like I

said in the beginning cover those

revolutionary stocks look for the look

for the young companies that can really

change the game and and can potentially

provide a return because that's another

thing these young investors want that's

what everyone wants to be honest but

these young investors specifically want

huge returns all right they want $100 to

10x and make up $1,000 $1,000 10

Noyce you know you're looking for those

510 x gains at least a lot of these

younger individuals are so look for the

stocks that can provide a big return

while changing the world at the same

time all right and that's what I like to

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