Crypto Investors Will Be Part Of The Greatest Wealth Transfer In The History Of The World

hey this is digital day with another


and blockchain update I want to talk

about the greatest wealth transfer in

the history of the world is upon us

right now and ironically it is the most

ignored asset in the history of the

world it's not gold and silver it's not

stocks it's not real estate I'm talking

about crypto currencies for some reason

maybe some TV news anchor said that

Kryptos are too risky or a scam or

because they saw on television that

Warren Buffett said Bitcoin was rat

poison squared and they just shut their

minds down but what they're doing is

they've shut their mines down to the

greatest opportunity that will ever ever

see in our lifetimes and maybe for the

next 100 years and it's cryptos super

super under valued totally ignored even

laughed even laughed at not as much now

but two three years ago when I got into

this I got into Crypt those three years

ago but even as one year ago two years

ago people were laughing at Bitcoin

investors in crypto investors especially

when Kryptos are when Bitcoin went from

20,000 down to just over three I had two

people approached me and said the exact

same thing they said I guess this

Bitcoin thing didn't work out like you

thought it would huh

maybe they it was a planned attack I

don't know

but when crypto hour when Bitcoin went

up again I didn't hear from either one

of them they didn't say a word and they

must kinda ignored me after that it's

kind of funny that's how people are

people are weird oh well I guess I'm

we're to in many ways what you know if

you're in the crypto you are weird oh

okay if you're watching us right now

you're a weirdo

but you're gonna be a very wealthy

weirdo because this undervalued asset is

so cheap and so undervalued and while

real estate is still overvalued and what

assets do is they go from overvalued to

undervalue real estate overvalued it

hasn't collapsed yet but it will

Kryptos undervalued when the real estate

market collapses is already starting in

Australia in a big way when the real

estate market collapses that's when

Kryptos money's going to come in to

crypto sand that asset will eventually

become overvalued that is when you're

going to use crypto and Bitcoin to buy

real estate we're not even close to that

stage yet but the real estate market is

in big trouble

if you have rental properties you know

for sure that people are not paying

their rent people are not paying their

rent so you don't want to be buying real

estate now you want to be buying it

after it collapses so just think about

overvalued undervalued

that's how wealth cycles work okay I'm

going this silver I like it a little bit

so we're not going to see the true

valuation of tens of thousands of

percent and gold or silver when this

whole thing collapses they will do well

and I do recommend having some exposure

to precious metals but the true

life-changing gains are going to come

from crypto currencies I keep telling

people this and what people ask me on

the side and up on this island I've been

here five or six weeks now and they

asked me what I do and I say I'm into

Bitcoin and kryptos and nobody have to

talk to has any more interest they

either don't want to learn about it are

they just think as a scam or they just

don't want to talk about it nobody's

really interested at least the people I

met here I've talked to some friends

family now they don't care they heard on

the news that bitcoins risky

you could go to zero so they want they

don't have

anything to do with it well that's a

mistake a lot of people and also I've

been trying to do that's why I created

this YouTube channel is to reach out as

many people as I can to get them to at

least think about cryptocurrency

investing because when I talk to people

in the street nobody's listening but

luckily you guys are and I'm thankful

you guys are listening to me if you're

watching this like I said if you're

watching this you're in the Kryptos

you're a weirdo and baikin you're gonna

be you're gonna be a weirdo with a nice

yacht in a couple of years so let's just

say that if you're watching this and

you're not in the Kryptos there's

somebody that cares about you sent you

this video think about it more think

about just because the mainstream media

has not yet told you to buy Kryptos

doesn't mean you shouldn't look into it

by the time they tell you to buy crypto

it's getting close to the overvalued

stage so you want to buy these assets

before they take off in value you want

to buy these assets when they're

undervalued they're still super

undervalued even though we've had a

evidence of a really strong bull market

happened last couple days we've seen to

some big double-digit gains in a lot of

the crypto currencies we're still in

undervalued stage we still got a lot of

room to go Bitcoin it's gonna go a lot

higher chain links going to go to the

moon I can guarantee you that one tezo's

and card on Oh

slow slow d'Arnaud and some people call

it but I still think that car down is

very undervalued it's gonna do well did

you buy cosmos the steak encrypt doesn't

really have a big interest like like Ted

Olson condo will be staking point to

chain link will be a sticking point to

cosmos which is the ticker of atom

staking coin good returns on that one

and there's also energy ticker ng are

really good staking opportunity with

that one so this is how you create

passive income to by holding cryptos

it's not just buying bitcoin and they

selling it to the someone who who's

gonna buy an overvalued asset crypto is

also about staking creating passive

income and I talk about that in my face

young group and I talk about that in my

online coaching that I do with private

clients which I

I do write just about every single day I

get on a video call with a with a client

do private coaching so that's available

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