The Great Wealth Transfer Of $68.4 Trillion, Ripple And XRP

ignition sequence start hey everybody

this is the digital asset investor and

one of the worst things about the

holidays especially after Christmas is

that all of the kids in the area seem to

want to come to my house I don't mind

one kid or maybe two kids everyone's

wrong but it seems like they all want to

pile in my house and then I have to

listen to fighting and screaming and

different things all day long just after

a while it gets a little frustrating

I've taught my kids well I've tried to

teach my kids to be somewhat calm in the

house but they do tend to fight a good

bit I read something I think somebody

sent me something it's it on average

four others fight like five times a day

or something crazy that's about accurate

with with mine but anyway okay so this

first thing is from Stuart XRP Brad

going house your vision is coming true

you can certainly read the tea leaves

November 25th 2019 Charles Schwab to

acquire TD Ameritrade October 2018

fidelity digital assets amounts the 26th

of April 2019 etrade is close to

launching cryptocurrency trading and

then he's tweeting this this was from

this Eric Jackson podcast where Brad

Garlin else says at some point in the

future I'm very very much believed that

you're gonna be able to go to your

Schwab account or fidelity or etrade

account and you're going to be able to

buy a Bitcoin you you're gonna be able

to buy XRP I think that's only going to

increase the demand for digital assets

because it's going to be more accessible

and this is what I've thought I've told

the story on this channel before I told

my wife back in 2013 that if I was right

and this was

be a new asset class we were going to be

able to transfer our XRP into a Schwab

account or whatever kind of account we

have one day and be able to sell it

there I said if I'm right about that the

whole world is going to change and our

pocketbook is going to change okay and I

believe I'm way more than right about

that I think that it's exactly what's

happening I think it's happening now

you're seeing the beginnings of it Bob

Ross this is the guy from Coyne field so

and solar genic in addition to this

roadmap there are two other important

milestones release of solar plus XRP

decentralized wallet by the end of

January listing of solo and global

exchanges by the end of q1 2020 is our


and then he tweets this out from solar

genic the 2020 roadmap well so ripple is

saying it's 2020 is the year of digital

assets now solar Jenna or coin field and

solar genic are saying 2020 is our year

everybody seems to think that 2020 is

the year and so I'm hoping that they are

all a thousand percent right and I

believe that there's a good chance they

are blockchain this is from Bank x RP

blockchain no longer a buzzword in Hong


KPMG the future of banking Hong Kong

banking report 2019 blood and this is a

this is a thing from KPMG blockchain no

longer a buzzword in Hong Kong and

they're talking about all the

developments going on in blockchain so

yeah it is a thing then ripple tweeted

this out today ripples being extremely

bold as we go into the new year folks

skeptics might still view digital assets

as a giant game of Jenga just waiting

for a wrong move to send all the blocks

tumbling down but we see the future of

digital assets more like a vast set of

Legos now I mean you know people are

accused of of being hyped be all the

time look sure seems there ripple is

okay with being a little high P because

Ripple's talking about very boldly about

what's coming and I'm all for it I think

it's great because I think that I think

that ripple is being very optimistic

because they are out there and they see

the evidence all around them just like I

do just like a lot of people do who make

bold comments about what's coming the

evidence is all around you and then the

evidence is all around you of what's

happening and what's going to happen

not a thing in the world wrong with

being optimistic about it okay and then

this was those exchange going on really

more like a Twitter fight between David

Schwartz and this jerk guy from the

block I don't know how this guy can call

himself a journalist when when he

basically holds anti - anti XRP in

riffled position and he's very Pro

Bitcoin so he can't a journalist the

whole idea of a journalist is is you're

supposed to be able to cover both sides

and not hold an opinion one way or the

other that's not what this guy is anyway

David Schwartz went on it with him and

you know nobody ever really wins and

these things it's just an argument that

guy's never going to change

bank XRP it's tweeted this arc is a

Yahoo Finance article ripple plans to

expand partnerships with Brazil banks in

2020 and this was from today on Yahoo

Finance blockchain payments firm ripple

this is always going to be whit

mentioned with ripple now which recently

had a valuation of ten billion dollars

is targeting more partnerships with

Brazilian banks this coming year their

current focus is to coordinate banks and

regulars and in the country to make

remittances more efficient the managing

director for South America told Reuters

Brazil they launched operations in

Brazil earlier this year and already has

partnerships got it out a lot you get

the point they're highlighting that that

ripples going to be aggressive in Brazil

next this is from the crypto utility guy

and he sent me this grayscale tweet

sixty-eight truth you need a real

let this sink in what this says right

here folks because Millennials are about

to be handed sixty-eight trillion

dollars in the coming years sixty-eight

trillion will be transferred from older

generations to younger generations over

the next twenty five years it's time to

pay attention to the behaviors of the

next generation of investors and they're

the link here is to this report

apparently from this company here

Sorelli associates the great wealth

transfer over the over the course of the

next twenty five years sixty eight point

four trillion will be in motion their

latest report us high net worth an ultra

high-net-worth markets 2018 shifting

demographics private wealth examines

this sizable shift and what it means for

wealth the wealth management industry

this report will be available on

Thursday and in between so bottom line

is you think and look I was a financial

advisor with Morgan Stanley do you do

you think that no Anna and we talked

about it this morning I showed you the

the out of out of they took three asset

classes and they showed the greatest

returns of the last decade now keep in

mind those are the returns they show in

that article we're against a backdrop of

the central banks of the world printing

as much as you can print to pump up and

stop markets of the world and to pump up

all of their favorite asset classes now

in the midst of that what happened

Bitcoin rose what was it two hundred and

something million percent I think it was

two hundred and something million

percent you know that the next in line

was Netflix stocks at like three

thousand something percent and then it

was a commodity at three hundred and

somethin caladium now do you think that

the the the financial advisors and the

people in charge of private wealth

across this world do you think that they

are going to ignore a two hundred and

something million percent return the

highest returning

acet it was Bitcoin digital asset do you

think they are going to just say oh no

we're just not going to pay attention to

that instead we're gonna just keep doing

what we're doing no do you think they're

gonna ignore that or do you think

they're going to focus on that for the

sixty-eight point four trillion dollar

transfer of wealth you better believe

they are there I've said it from the day

I started this channel somewhere between

a half a percent to five percent of all

of the money that is allocated from all

of the financial advisors institutional

and retail in the entire world is going

to be shifted to the new asset class

which is digital assets and XRP yes it

is it's the greatest digital asset ever

created so it's a nice place to be

so if 2020 is the year of the digital

assets like ripple says then go ahead

and strap in and and sorry if that

sounds a little high P it just is what

it is all right and then we've got this

from bid for it now now listen I don't

care if you hate Tron this is a big deal

right here we're thrilled to announce

that official D live blockchain based

content sharing platform will be joining

the BitTorrent ecosystem D live and

BitTorrent will be dedicated to

providing p2p live streaming services

for all users around the world now

here's here's the problem we had all

this stuff about YouTube and everybody's

threatening that they're gonna meet all

the youtubers are threatening they're

gonna leave YouTube and they don't need

this well here's the problem here's the

only reason that all these guys really

don't ever leave YouTube it's because

YouTube is the one that has all the

traffic it's as simple as that

and until that changes you're not gonna

see anybody leave YouTube in mass

because that more or less have a

monopoly on all the traffic now the

reason this is such a big deal is that

this is Tron has gotten with BitTorrent

which already has a hundred million

built-in users now if you start to see a

good platform and I don't I don't know

anything about Delilah the

is it I wouldn't linked it up I don't

know anything about how good the

platform is or anything like that but

when you see some platform that's got a

significant amount of users that's

decentralized and they do some kind of a

partnership if it works if they're able

to make that happen with the user base

that's when you're gonna see a lot of

things change but like right here this

the BitTorrent says right bee-lieve will

be merged on the D live platform D live

will begin utilizing B TFS BitTorrent

100 million users will gain access to D

life service offerings so this could be

a really big deal and who knows how how

it will involve who knows how it will

involve BitTorrent their their token and

on but the point is is that it's

decentralized and if you have the merger

that decentralization and then and then

a decent video platform that's when

things are going to get interesting

because that will be a real competitor

to something like YouTube all right

and this is great you've got to go watch

this let me see if I can play I've never

played a video on this channel I'm gonna

see if I can play you very much for you

time tonight it's my great pleasure to

be with you you know I'm not gonna play

it all right but you've got to go watch

this because they they perfectly

illustrate the absurdity of quantitative

easing and what's gone on not just in

the US but across the world for the last

10 plus years quantitative easing is

nothing but hitting the print button and

they've called it a thousand names in

the last 10 years and they'll make up

new terms for it but the fact of the

matter is it's a joke they all know it's

a joke it's a Ponzi scheme and it

doesn't end well fact that's just the

way it is and that's the and these guys

really illustrates good watches under in

rhythm traders twit Twitter and then

finally this polarity right here I'm

really enjoying

XRP the standard productions they

they're doing is the equipment it's the

onion for digital assets they do these

parody articles

mansu's ripple for not making him a

billionaire and it the the this this

parity lawsuit is no is is no more of a

joke than the actual lawsuit and that's

what makes it funny they say that

there's always a bit of truth in any

comedy well

there's truth here so absurd the lawsuit

was in the first place my client is

under extreme trauma said Paul Way

German mr. needles attorney after three

torturous months of not having at least

a billion dollars mission mr. Snoodle a

grocery store clerk invested thirty five

dollars in x RP after opening a coinbase

account in early October and has claimed

the ripple has caused him severe duress

for not making his 150 XRP worth six

point seven billion dollars each in

order to enable his desired billionaire

status but so how funny is that I love

this sense of humor enough said before

the XRP community needs more of this we

need less of the people that take

themselves so seriously think they're

smarter than everybody on the planet and

more of people that have a an actual

sense of humor and a little bit of

down-to-earth in them and then finally I

want to finish with this success could

this from Winston Churchill success can

consists of going from failure its

failure to failure without loss of

enthusiasm Winston Churchill one of the

greatest leaders in history but but he

couldn't be more right there life you're

everyone's gonna fail and going from

failure to failure and never quitting

and and keep being enthusiastic knowing

that eventually success will come as

long as you stay with it I'm the digital

asset investor I'm not an investment

advisor this is for entertainment

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