How to Get on the Right Side of The 2020 Wealth Transfer

you guys aware of this global wealth

transfer like happening right now it's


the economy is so we're going

into recession like unemployment we're

going into inflation we've never seen

we're going into debt we've never seen

yet somehow rich people still keep

getting richer and yet somehow stock

market keep going up I don't know why

I'm not financial expert but I'll tell

you what I don't want to be on the wrong

side of the wealth transfer listen guys

about this global wealth transfer okay

this is what I'm gonna say there's a

couple ways that you can get yourself on

the right side of it right now today

first guys shift your mindset it is a

digital first world it is a remote work

base world okay you have to assume you

have to work from home you have to

assume you need to create income that is

remote you have to assume that and then

you have to commit to that okay when I

decided to go fully remote I actually

got rid of my clients that were

preventing me from going remote you have

to get into the understanding that the

remote is one of the most advantage

Vegas advantages we have these days

given the current circumstances so

shifting into that remote money how do

you do that how do you go into remote

money how do you get on the right side

of the wealth transfer okay number one

you got to become an owner

okay the owners always make money money

flows to ownership okay but I don't know

how many shares of Tesla you're gonna be

able to buy today it's an 800 bucks a

share I don't know how much Bitcoin

you're gonna be able to buy today it's

8,000 per coin I don't know how many

houses and apartments are gonna be able

to buy either I mean let's get realistic

80% of us have no shot at build buying

real estate in 2020 the house my dad

bought was 80 K now it's 1.4 million

like it's the same house how can

we possibly deal with 20x inflation I

don't think we can we need to find

another way around it

and this is what I recommend digital

assets for the last five even seven

years maybe I've been really learning

how to make digital assets how do you

sell a product that's 100 percent

digital zero overhead zero inventory

zero friction all profit I mean how do

you do that at the ultimate and guess

what guys it's a great time because

billions of dollars are flowing into

online courses online education coaching

programs consulting there's a million

ways to get paid online right now but I

want you to remember this work digital

asset development how do you get into

the game of developing these things how

do you understand what to put in them

how do you understand how to sell them

how do you understand how to promote

them right that's the same questions

I've been asking this whole time right

you know and what's good that I've

learned is that there's three basic

things you really need to understand to

be successful with digital assets

product video product creation how do I

deliver something to someone that's just

videos and trust me a lot of people want

to buy your videos if you're good at

anything videos number one number two

web pages how do I build web pages how

do I make web pages that sell things how

do I make web pages that get people

excited how do I use copywriting so

that's number two web pages everything

that goes with them

and number three is email how do I send

emails that convince people to take

action how do I send emails that engage

my customers and to me digital asset

development is something everyone should

be focused on everyone every single

person should ask themselves what's the

number one impact I could make on

someone's life right now what kind of

topic would that be and then how do i

disseminate that in a video course how

do I build a webpage to sell that video

course how do I build an email list and

an audience who I can send this webpage

and video course to that's the game

right digital asset development but the

second thing I realize is digital asset

development is hard when you're starting

from scratch so while you're doing

digital asset development I need you to

do one more thing I need you to become

very audience focused and then

is a completely new revelation for our

times okay

building an audience is not something

everyone's used to but the power of an

audience cannot be matched the ability

to reach out to 500 a thousand even 5000

and more at any given time and let them

know that you've released a new digital

asset is unbelievable and so the way we

create audiences is by creating shows

and the way we create shows is by

creating consistent content you can

create consistent YouTube videos you can

create consistent twitch livestreams you

can create consistent blog posts you can

create consistent lessons tutorials

anything you want you got to make a show

okay once you make a show you're gonna

get an audience and once you got an

audience you're gonna be able to sell

those digital assets so wealth transfer

it's all about becoming an owner it's

all about digital because you're not

gonna be able to afford real estate

assets you're not gonna be able to buy

stocks don't bother that shit's

manipulated what I want you to do is

build your first course within the next

six to twelve months I want you to learn

how to make a basic website and explain

to people like what does this course

solve what is the problem this saw why

should they be excited about it how did

you come up with the solution why should

we trust you why do you have the unique

ability to teach us that what's the

value of this course

what kind of special offer can you make

me if I buy this course what's the price

what are the bonuses what's the

guarantee all that stuff I want you to

figure that out in the next 12 months

and I guarantee you're gonna start

getting yourself on the right side of

the wealth transfer I mean what other

options do you have

you're gonna go back into the job market

you're gonna fight for a job that you

don't even like is that gonna be the

rest of your life what if you take a

chance what if you develop a new skill

digital marketing guys digital marketing

teaches you web page digital marketing

teaches you content digital marketing

teaches you emails all of a sudden I

learned that now I'm making digital

assets every year making more money than

I've ever made now I'm providing

professional consulting services to

businesses brands and influencers I find

myself on the right side of this wealth

transfer I'm trying to share with you

guys what is the ingredients

digital marketing leads to the ability

to create digital assets and sell them

on your own

create them on your own and build the

audience as well that will entertain

your offers alright guys let me give you

a little preview about digital marketing

consulting maybe you're interested maybe

you're not what does digital marketing

consulting it's the act of giving

clients businesses brands influencers

advice on their digital marketing

strategy and their campaigns that are

going to help them sell their digital

assets and maybe they don't have just

digital maybe they got some analog too

but your clients should be thinking the

way you're thinking they should be

thinking all about digital themself as

well they should be all in on that stuff

so advising clients and strategy and

occasionally helping them build their


occasionally helping them write emails

you know occasionally executing for them

but digital marketing consulting it's

primarily strategy ok strategy around

people strategy around process strategy

around tools strategy around platforms

do you think you can assess a client's

people their competitors do some

research do you think you can assess

client tools what they're using if it's

the best maybe they should be using

something else do you think you're

capable of assessing the process of the

client do they have a great process and

effective process an efficient process

and what platforms are they on are they

should they be on Instagram should they

be on YouTube should they be on Facebook

should they be on tik-tok Weibo whatsapp

WeChat that's your job as a digital

marketing consultant to master all that

stuff be able to tell them elegantly

listen this is what your company should

do from my experience you're gonna get

the most traffic from YouTube from my

experience you're gonna get the most

engagement on Instagram from my

experience if you really want to scale

you need to do Facebook Ads

right that's the essence of digital

marketing consulting and it's amazing

job it's remote ok so not only could you

potentially end up on the right side of

this global wealth transfer going on

right now you might become 100 percent

remote capable along the way so that's

all I'm gonna leave you with today guys

that's today's vlog that's what I think

about every day every day I think about

what's the next digital asset that's

gonna help people in this world okay

there's nothing wrong with making

courses and if you had a problem with it

that's on you man this global wealth

transfer is happening with or without

you and I just don't see how anyone is

going to make it without getting into

digital assets courses are gonna evolve

online workshops are gonna involve

online education it's gonna involve so

make sure you stick with it don't sleep

on this yo yo yo yo yo yo yo one more

thing you don't need anyone's permission

to get into this ok you don't need

anyone's money you don't need to buy any

courses even okay you can get started

today I start researching what is

digital marketing what is digital

marketing consulting how can I improve I

got a free course okay no money needed

WWH Anish Academy comm slash blueprint

this is how I do digital consulting okay

three-phase process learn this process

see if it works for you see if you could

deploy that tell me you're not

interested okay tell me you're not

interested in becoming a remote high

income digital marketing consultant