#2020 (great wealth transfer) #xrp

that's an easy model kid kids easy

meaning you need none of your own money


most of you have no money so you fall

into that category easily and secondly

it's there's a plethora of opportunities

now you may hate president Trump or love

him but he has changed the financial

world forever forevermore whether you're

from Cambodia England Netherlands

wherever the hell you're from he has

changed the market forever ever

announced a couple days ago the numbers

for unemployment etc in the United

States 50 60-year records and how have

you benefited from the greatest

transformation of wealth and the history

of mankind so far how have you benefited

not a at all right doc for those

of you that have higher education you're

going to fail for those of you that are

Asian you're going to fail for those of

you that are devout religious anything

you're going to fail

and I'll explain to you in the next few

days why if love and religion got the

job none of you would be

here who are the most religious people

on the planet the poorest and why are

they the most religious because they had

no hope but they're smart enough

to understand it you Sartre

thank you and for those of you who don't