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first order so here we go we've got 10

images from Evelyn Sinclair let me hit

refresh here real quick because I don't

know if this is the order is this the

order yep this is the order here we go

first image right here is a naked girl

in the grass with trees I would like to

see a masked man or woman in the

background being all super scary

pointing out like in between the trees

that would probably make it pretty cool

so let's see what it was shot with Canon

EOS Rebel t3i with a 50 millimeter f1

point-eight STM lens so not the most

extravagant camera in the world but the

results look pretty good to me in terms

of color quality contrast and clarity

everything looks pretty good what was it

shot at f-18 50 millimeters iso 100 1

250th of a second so that looks pretty

good in terms of the image I'm not the

most fine art photography driven person

in the world for me personally I don't

find these shots to be super interesting

now I know some people do they really

like this stuff but for me it's a naked

person laying in the grass I don't get

it personally now that's not a knock

here on Evelyn that's just my personal

feelings I'd love to hear your personal

feelings about an image like this but

what I can say exposure looks fine

the processing looks good it's a little

distracting to have this stuff in the

background maybe I would like to see

more going on in the background like I

said a masked person somewhere but again

that's just my opinion off of what I'm

seeing and I don't know much else about

it so this image is really cool but the

fake bokeh is killing me

there is no way that you're getting that

bokeh with the 50 1.8 straight up at 1.8

you know that they really tightened up

and cut her out this girl now that part

looks good I like the scene I like the

composition I love the colors in the

background it's just super fake it's

super fake and cut out I hope I'm not

wrong if I'm wrong please let me know

but it really doesn't look natural at

all it looks like a fake blur now again

personal preference we'll say Oh most

people will probably like that who

aren't photographers they'll be like wow

how'd you do that it looks so cool and

me on the other hand I think the image

is fine I just don't like the super fake

bokeh at all it's just cut out and super

fake and look how jaggedy it gets around

her her dress right here so I just think

it's trying too hard to do that one of

the only ways you can do this and in

knowing that it's a 50 millimeter so a

75 ish equivalent on a crop sensor

camera there's no way that the

background would be this compressed with

that lens you're gonna be looking at

something like a 200 F 1.8 in order or

200 f/2 to try to get something at least

similar to this or close so we'll move

on from there

a naked girl laying holding a skull shot

at 1.8 again seems like everything shot

at one eight fifty millimeters not

saying there's anything wrong with that

again with the t3i which I love seeing

somebody getting nice images with that

again composition is fine I okay maybe

this is symbolic of a grave right now

that I'm thinking about it she's laying

there though you would probably really

be on your back unless she's living with

a dead person and that's what's going on

there this one is under

exposed and I get it it could be a

little dark on the dark side but I just

also think that it's just not processed

very well I think you get more creative

maybe go black and white to see if that

does something to to make it even better

composition it's fine but other than

that it's trying there's nothing wrong

with trying keep on getting out there

and trying more I just don't feel that

it's a strong image just because of the

things I just said next um I like the


I like the tones I like the focus on her

face but it looks sharp is this again

shot at 1.8 yeah again shot at one point

eight one eight hundredths of a second

at ISO love you're keeping the ISO down

but be careful because you're at Ono

your 1-800 of a second so I thik the

fifty-four one fiftieth of a second from

the fifty millimeters um this is fine

it's not extravagant in terms of coming

in terms of images it's not that

extravagant because it's just a girl

laying in the grass I like the first one

more with the naked girl laying there

with more of a scene this to me I'm

getting I'm getting lost it's all right

processing spine I like the color I like

the tone I like the feel of it I just

don't think it is super duper strong

would like to see a full body to see how

that would have looked that's just again

opinion on there so well I don't know

how you did this how did you get

somebody laying in the clouds that is so

amazing I want to try laying in the

clouds one day obviously it's a it's a

composite that I think does a pretty

good job laying on the cloud with the

light coming from underneath that that's

done very well because you can see this

that the highlights are coming from

underneath where the clouds would be so

that's a great job of thinking and

executing knowing that this is what you

were going for and then accomplishing it

see I like the fact that you're trying

to do something with the image now I'm

not a big fan of composites and you

could tell clearly that this is a

composite but that's alright because I

love the fact that you're bringing the

light up from below which is lighting

her properly and not having light up

from the top which wouldn't make any

sense so that's well thought out and

that's very nice other

that the cutting out is not perfect you

can see that it's off right there she is

missing pieces of her shoulder and you

know things along those lines but I like

the concept and I like the execution for

the most part so nice job right there

see that's better than the two shots ago

see it's just flat and boring and she's

just laying is like somebody laying in

the grass but now you come down from up

top I would like to see better

processing because I like the colors and

tones on this one let's say are we

shooting at one eight again Hey look

we're shooting at one eight again at one

one sixtieth of a second still Rebel t3i

but what I love is what they're

accomplishing with a basic rebel camera

and just a fifty one point eight great

exposures nice processing for the most

part very creative that's good this is

good this is good because you'll just

keep getting better the more you shoot

composition is spot-on here I love that

you have a little bit of room here to

the left a little bit of room left here

to the right a good amount of headroom

that's not too much and it's not too

little I think it's perfect placement in

the frame so I like what's what is on

her face oh there there there piercings

oh okay yeah I got this is she in water

is she in a bathtub

it of course American Beauty is coming

but this is nice

I like this super be careful at 1.8 I'm

surprised everything you're nailing

isn't it oh my god she's got that thing

right there - that doesn't look like it

feels too good

holy amount of piercings I like this

image I would probably process it

differently myself brighten it up a

little bit but that's that's me but I

think you did a really nice job there

next like the colors like the tone it's

just again it's a boring shot girl right

in the middle of the shot hair looks

great that to me is more of the focus I

would possibly consider going vertical

here and isolating her a little bit with

the background blown out because this is

just what is she doing is this a wedding

dress with the hair and let me guess 1.8

1.8 nice

with your exposures though super-happy

still there technically it's fine

compositionally it's fine I just don't

get much out of this image cuz I don't

have a lot of context to go with so

don't hold it against me but for the

most part the technical parts of it are


all right composition is good bokeh

looks super weird

SuperDuper weird some chromatic stuff

going on around the eyes with that 50

millimeter which leads me to believe

possibly that this was cropped with the

bokeh looking the way that it's looking

makes me think that this image is

cropped looking and seeing the fringing

that's happening makes me think that

it's slightly cropped again as always I

could be wrong but that's what I feel I

also think that this image could use

some contrast I think that cotton you

know I get it it's a glowy mclarson type

of processing I just think that

tightening it up a little bit would make

it even stronger and I mean a little bit

of clarity maybe use some of the D haze

tool in Lightroom but I definitely think

it needs a little bit of contrast

because it makes it look like she's not

super sharp here because of the way that

that the focus is and again 1.8 is is

tough to get it in um I like her look I

like the black and white I like the

tones I think this one doesn't need to

be overly contrast II I think you did a

good job

I almost said there's a little too much

Headroom but I don't really think there

is I think it works I like the feel I

like the look on her face this is pretty

good nice composition again nice tones I

know I said doesn't need that much

contrast maybe a little more for my

personal taste would look good but I

think this is pretty good I don't mind

that this is blown out and it's not

fully blown out because I can still see

that there's details in the shoulders

you can see a birthmark on the back but

be careful at 1.8 because this one's not

sharp you're shooting at 1.8 and this

time it bit you in the tokus because

it's it's not sharp

what is the app what is the ISO 100

again is this cropped eye I say that

because of how the the grain structure

looks right here so it looks like it may

be focused over here

you just got to be careful at 1.8 moving

on is that the last one that's the last

one now we've got some context in this

broken down place you see this chromatic

aggravation given whatever they call it

the purple fringing that's coming from

the lens not your fault oh and that's

because this one is in 18 to 135 kit

lens three five two five six but I'm

happy with the results that you got out

of it I think you've gotten your

exposure spot-on I think that your tones

and your processing for this one is

really nice you're honest slight angle

don't mind the slight angle would be

curious to see what it would look like

straight on but yet straight on to the

window I would like to see one like that

but I'm not saying that that would be

better than this but yeah for a kit lens

that's not bad again we know that this

is a basic Rebel t3i which is fine what

I like that she did Evelyn what what she

did here is your composition is really

good your exposures because you're

definitely doing it I think manually

because you're setting it yourself to

1.8 unless you're doing aperture

priority it's really good as well the

tones the contrast for the most part I'm

happy with most of the processing I'd

like to see some of them tweaked a

little bit but I like this for somebody

I personally don't like the you know

artistic high fashion II brainy stuff

that's not me personally but taking a

look at the way that I saw it I think

you did a very nice job and knowing that

you're working with one lens for the

most part and the constraints of the

camera spot-on I'm really happy with

your results so what I'll say is keep on

shooting keep on getting better if you

do watch this video leave me some

comments below answering some of the

questions that I had but really nice job

and I think everybody should look at

this as something that you should be

okay with doing basic camera basic

plastic fantastic lens and really nice

results so nice job Evelyn and if you'd

like to submit your best ten images send

them to bitly slash fro critiques and

maybe I'll be critiquing your best ten

images and make sure they're your best

ten in a gallery and not just a photo


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