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to do it's just the next big social

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make this video is because I love taking


I love posting my pictures to social

media like snupps so that everyone can

see the pictures too and enjoy them and

of course social media is probably just

as big a part of your life as it is mine

so you want to be able to take the best

pictures possible with what you have

because better pictures mean more likes

and comments which eventually leads to

more followers and in this day and age

we all love being affirmed by people on

the internet but with all that out of

the way let's get into the first tip

whenever you take pictures especially

for social media lighting is crucial and

the best part about it is you don't have

to have a big fancy lighting setup for

your pictures to look good all you need

to light great images is natural light

natural light provides the most coverage

of your subject which in my case is

going to be a pair of shoes and it

really allows the people looking at your

image to pull out those minut details

that they might not have caught

otherwise the only thing you want to be

careful of with natural light is to keep

your subject out of direct sunlight

because what will happen is your subject

will become really washed out and you'll

lose all the details that you were

trying to capture with the natural light

tip number two is never use the flash

all the flash does is wash out your

subjects and it can really ruin your

images think back to all those old

family photos where everyone's eyes had

the red circles in them and the

background is completely dark you really

don't want that

however if you do find yourself in a

lowlight situation count yourself really

lucky because phones nowadays can still

take great pictures in low-light the

best way to do this is while lining up

your photo on your screen tap the darker

areas of your subject and the phone will

readjust to the light tip number three

is to use the grid feature that your

phone's camera app already has to line

up your composition you may need to turn

this feature on on your phone but what

this feature allows you to do is to line

up your subject in the center or off to

the side however you want to do it but

it allows you to make sure your

composition is straight and get the best

image possible tip number four is don't

use filters filters may be great for

selfies or to make you look better on a

bad hair day but what they really end up

doing is removing the natural color and

the detail from what could be a

beautiful image but if you're not happy

with the raw image try fine-tuning the

color and composition through your

phone's photo editing app so you can get

the most lifelike image and finally the

last tip is to experiment I'm sure

you've heard this a million times before

but you are an individual you are a

unique person so it's important for you

to find your unique photo taking style

and what better way to do that than to

just experiment try different things

with your photos try different kinds of

lighting different kinds of composition

try going to new locations you've never

been to before that's true with

everything the more you practice the

better you'll get before I made this

video when I was trying to figure out

the different tips to help you guys say

great pictures I went out and took a

bunch of pictures for myself and of

course I used all the tips that I talked

about in this video so if you're

interested in cygnus pictures or want to

check out my sneaker collection make

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at fowler customs if you don't have the

app already I've left a link for you in

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images that you like make sure to leave

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want leave a comment as well I'm trying

to respond to as many comments as

possible eventually I'll get all the

sneakers in my collections up on a

digital shelf so you can check it out I

do have more sneakers than I should so

it's gonna be an undertaking for sure

but check it out in the snupps app and

let me know which picture and which shoe

is your favorite basically what I've

done is I've organized all my shoes in

the app by brand so every brand has its

own digital shell and of course you guys

can do the same thing too and like I

said before it doesn't have to be shoes

it could be clothes it could be food it

could be toys basically anything that

you collect I'm really into adidas at

the moment so I've been taking a lot of

pictures and my adidas kicks and I'm

actually pretty happy with how the

photos have come out I mean I'm not

gonna say it's all because of the tips

that I showed you guys but they didn't

hurt but that's pretty much it for the


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