How to Always Look Good in Pictures!

are you tired of posting on social media

and getting zero life and one comment

from your mother are you tired of taking

pictures with your friends and you being

the ugly one all the time

are you tired of sending girls selfies

of yourself and then replying back with

ill are you tired of having to post a

group picture as your profile pic

because you photograph too ugly to put

one of yourself if you answered yes to

any of these this videos for you so

today we're going to go over several

tips you can do to make sure you

photograph well all the time as you guys

know I took pictures almost on a dating

for your blog so I've learned a couple

things here and there to make yourself

look your best on camera so a major

issue that a lot of people have is

always coming out with their eyes shut

every time they snap a picture

so a quick ad you can do is once you're

prepping up for a picture close your

eyes and then slowly open them right

before they hit that shutter trust me

that works number two is to avoid a

double chin this is not attractive so to

avoid that all you have to do is first

of all posture is key every time you're

taking the picture so take up and out

that's it up and out don't do it that

excessive I'm just showing you but all

you have to stick up and out you do that

you're with a double chin number three

this is crucial

find your good sites trust me everyone

has one if you look a lot of my pictures

I photograph almost on the same side

using the same post all the time that's

that tends to be my better side so all

you have to do is go through all your

previous pictures and find out find your

favorite ones then go to them and look

for the common theme chances are you're

probably standing the same way or

positioning yourself in the same format

if that's the case try to use that all

the time to ensure you always come out

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check them out the first thing you want

to do is to clean up an oily face if you

know your about a snap a pic your group

picture or even a singular picture find

tissue paper toilet paper toilet seat

covers or even better if you have oil

wipes and quickly blot your face and

remove any excess oil this will ensure

you look clean and avoid any awkward

reflections off your excessively oily

face number five is to never face the

camera head-on rarely will you ever meet

the perfect human with that perfectly

symmetrical face with no imbalances or

imperfections and unless you're that

person you don't want to face head-on

instead try turning your head about 3/4

to the side whichever side is your good

side to add a little bit of more

dimension and chances are you're going

to look more attractive as well

number six is trying to find good

lighting any photographer I'm not a

professional photographer but I do take

a lot of pictures so I kind of know a

little bit about it but any professional

photographer will tell you that lighting

is key and if you want bomb pictures

you're going to need to find some good

lighting the first thing you want to

avoid is really harsh direct light above

you that's going to cast awkward shadows

on you from your eyelids from your chin

that's why I've usually pictures and a

lot of shadows don't look really well

try to find natural light especially one

coming from a window and face it

instantly if the natural warm sunlight

is going to warm up your skin tone it's

going to whiten your teeth brighten your

eyes and you're going to look better in

a picture number 7 this is something I

personally do when I'm taking pictures a

lot of times I'm here alone taking

pictures so what I do is think of a

funny joke because same cheese or

cracking a fake smile just looks weird

and awkward a

candid genuine smile will trump a fake

smile any day of the week so try to

genuinely make yourself laugh think of a

funny experience you had or some joke

you know to actually smile and make it

genuine cuz that's going to portray

through the camera and going to ensure

you get a nice picture which leads me to

number eight if that doesn't work squint

your eyes a little bit so if you want to

portray a genuine smile and you can't

make yourself genuinely laughs then

squint your eyes a little bit instead of

smiling like this try to squint your

eyes a little bit which will make it a

little bit more genuine I still prefer

the genuine smile and finally number

nine I hinted about this earlier what

posture is key if you're slouching it's

going to make you look fatter your chest

is going to look droopy your shoulders

are rounded that pictures not going to

come out flattering when you're taking a

picture you're going to have to pull out

all the confidence you have and make

sure you stick that chest out square off

your shoulders and smile that's going to

ensure a perfect picture all right guys

that's it for today's video I hope you

enjoyed it those are nine things you can

do to ensure you start taking better

pictures and avoid looking ugly in them

trust me with a lot of practice you're

going to be a photogenic pro also don't

forget to check out our sponsor for

today the fifth I'm going to have a link

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guys can check them out that's it for me

today see you next time