Why does Australia have a river? - Australia's Inland Sea

Australia was discovered by Europeans in


although colonization of the continent

was initially quick exploration

thereafter was slow 60 years passed and

the continents heart was as much a

mystery as in 1770 Thomas Maslin was

disappointed by this the interior of the

continent was on almost all maps a

literal blank canvas so he wrote a book

named the friend of Australia in his

words it was a plan of expedition

offered to the politician the

philosopher and to the naturalist soom

of the inner land of Australia was known

to be arid desert so Maslin proposed

that camels should be used to map the


in his handbook Maslin provided a handy

map where Australia is split into two

parts by a vast River Delta to the north

there is Austral India so named for its

cultural contact and proximity to

Indonesia to the South there is angle

Acharya the part of the continent that

the British had settled when we compared

this map to Australia as we know it now

the map is to be polite to Maslin a

little bit wrong how on earth did he get

it so wrong the story starts over to the

east of the continent the Macquarie

River is part of the wider Murray

Darling Basin it flows

counter-intuitively westward away from

the sea a feature which was only known

to Europeans under a select few

circumstances in Europe there is the

river Danube it is Europe's most

traversed river and it flows through 19

modern countries and many dozens of

subsidiaries flow into it away from

their closest ocean the Danube carries

the water

counter-intuitively away from the sea in

the United States there is the

Mississippi River

the Ohio River flows away from the Great

Lakes into the Mississippi agreements

surrounding American independence were

built on the assumption that Mississippi

was far larger than it turned out to be

for a river to seemingly pull water away

from the Great Lakes it was understood

that it must be huge in all of European

experience there were examples of rivers

flowing away from the seat but only if

they were pulled that way by a

substantially larger body of water the

belief that there must be a large river

on the Australian subcontinent had a

large amount of merit and basis its

absence would go against all of European

understanding and thought at the time

that the Macquarie river flowed

Northwest had spurred maslin's

imagination it must mean that there was

a vast river based pulling it up this

river must come out somewhere near

Roebuck Bay the recent discovery of the

rivers which descend from the blue

mountain ranges in eastern Australia has

solved the question of whether there is

an estuary on the northwest coast there

must be some large stream or channel in

the interior of Australia which pours

its masses of water into the ocean

this would mean land to explore

resources to exploit and natives to

educate about god Maslin hadn't caused

the increased interest in exploration

that he'd hoped for in London was

unknown for much of the 19th century

so Frank Hann in 1897 discovered that

relatively near to Roebuck Bay rivers

again flowed in luck there he found a

vast body of water an inland lake for a

moment he thought that he had found

Australia's Inland Sea quickly he

realized that this

not the colonists his dream upon closer

inspection the lake was salt water with

disappointment firmly placed in his mind

he have named the Lake Lake

disappointment Australia's dead heart

was and remains a bit grudgingly

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