hey everyone so today I'm going to be

telling you ten reasons why you should

be coming to Boston University it's such

amazing school and I'm so happy here

right now it's the spring of my

sophomore year and I can't believe I'm

almost halfway PS if you need to my

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so you can be notified when I post new

videos right here I just have it ten

reasons that I came up with so number

one I have is the best of both worlds

it's a city campus and there actually is

grass in West Campus for me I knew I

wanted to be at least in a city or near

City for college I love that bu isn't

such a central part of Boston you're so

close to Newberry you're so close to

everything that being said since it is a

city campus I was sort of like okay like

I wanted to see grass in trees you know

I only want it to be one street like

Commonwealth with a bunch of grey

buildings luckily I live in West Campus

and even if I didn't live here you can

come here all the time and there's grass

in trees and the soccer field so the

second reason you should come to view is

that the dining halls are actually

amazing there's Bay State Warren tower's

which I've actually never been to which

is so funny but I've just never lived

there and the dining hall that I go to

most often is West just because I live

in West Campus and also there's like

Hallel and there's this a whole million

other places to eat on campus to you is

a vegan station to look at every dining

hall the food is actually so good also I

want to mention I really wanted to film

this video for you guys because hey I

love be you and be I never wanted that

to be like mistaken in my other videos

because I'm I go here obviously I love


and I know recently I made a video I

made this funny little song about bu

housing just because housing at every

college is so difficult and I just

thought it was a really relatable

subject and so many people are

commenting like ah like same thing

happen to me like housing is really hard

but I knew that video might be taking

the wrong way and I think it started to

just get misconstrued so I took it down

because I don't want to say anything

negative about bu because I truly love

it here so excited for the next two

years so the third reason is the

education is really insanely good the

professors I find are also impressive

they're not just teachers they're like

ex-ceo is like do research on the side

and are also established and it's just I

think even that more helpful to have a

professor teaching you that because

they're ready come from a place of such

high success and I know as a prospective

student which probably a lot of you are

looking at you might be a little

daunting just because it is such an

expensive school and that was a really

big thing that me and my twin sister

Lucy my parents we're looking at but at

the end of

we kind of decided that a degree from bu

would look better than a degree from

maybe some other college that wasn't as

expensive or wasn't like as good in

academics you know so I just think going

to be really is worth it in the long run

so before the reason you should come

here is there's so many clubs are so

many extracurriculars bu is a really big

school if you quickly find like a club

or somewhere you fit in it can make be

looking a lot smaller in more like a

little community Zordon clubs your

extracurriculars clubs sports even if

you want to walk on like a d1 team like

you guys know I wrote in the lightweight

team last year and literally it's so

funny because that's the only reason I

came to bu cuz I got recruited for

lightweight running but things change I

quit this fall I also changed my major

and also don't be scared everyone

changes their majors no one really knows

what they want to do so don't stress

that about that and I actually just

joined Alfea this spring I Russia's a

sophomore weight I actually my pin on

from initiation this morning so in case

you're wanting that this is that's

really funny I'm so wearing I'm

officially a member to stir about see

here at BU that just speaks to my point

there's so many ways to get involved

whether it's athletics Greek life clubs

like you name it the fifth reason you

should come to BU is actually a little

light pack probably a lot of you that go

to V you know this but you can order

pizza with your dining points at the U

so you have like convenience points and

dining points inconvenience point you

have to like buy with money so it's

basically just like money on your ID

card but dining points you get is a part

of like your meal plan so ordering pizza

with your dining points is so nice cuz

it's like not even real money the sixth

reason you should come to Boston

University is that it is right in the

heart of Boston like I mentioned before

it's so close to Mary and Boston is just

an amazing college town there is so many

colleges in Boston I can't even begin to

start I think it's just really special

being in the town where so many people

are like the colleges you'll need way

more friends and just a really a great

place to be when you are in college so

the seventh reason you should come to

Boston University is Marathon Monday

flash patriots day it's literally so fun

the eighth reason you should come to I

really thought about and I just really

am so appreciative of how diverse the

student body is just having classes with

people from all over the world like I've

learned so much that I never would have

learned I've come in contact with people

that I never would

otherwise caring about their cultures

listening to our language is so

impressive they're literally as kids

from like hundreds of countries around

the world that come to be you it really

helps like branching out in college to

because you just meet so many different

types of people so the ninth reason you

should come to BU is even though it's

such a huge school you really will find

your friends and find your little sense

of community with people that you

surround yourself with just knowing that

that's up to you is kind of really

freeing and independent that's super

nice if you are friends with people in

the beginning that you're like oh

they're not really making me a better

person or pushing me academically or

allowing me to be the best version of

myself you can find other people to

surround yourself with since it's such a

big school I know the fact that how many

undergrad students are there I think

it's like 16,000 might be wrong that can

be really daunting but you really will

find your close-knit group of friends

and you may not think this but you

actually will run into familiar faces on

common I promise the tenth reason you

should come to BU is the hockey team

that is all okay but the hockey teams

are honestly so fun I remember when I

was looking at bu out sort of bummed out

that they didn't have a football team

because I feel like big state school the

big football teams are just so fun

obviously like so much school spirit and

although there isn't a football team at

BU the hockey team I feel like is just

the same as football would be people go

crazy for hockey games or so much school

spirit and it's really fun to be a part

of that as well being a college student

so yeah I hope those ten little reasons

to come to bu helped persuade you I'm

just a really big fan because I've been

here for two years and I've had such an

amazing experience feel so blessed and

so lucky to be here and I know not

everyone can go to college so I truly

feel so thankful for this video and I'll

see my next one bye