Checking if PenSee Sunglasses are Polarized

hello this is a video to show that the

sunglasses that I bought from pensee on

eBay and not UV protected you can see on

the box that says UV 400 protection and

this is a different pair of sunglasses

that I have and I'm just going to show

you how they are you be protected you

can see that when I rotate the glass it

blocks out the light in the screen this

is how very quick and easy way to test

for UV protection okay so those are the

ones that I got from NC all right now if

I flip up to the screen okay you can see

through them should see through them

here and then they should walk out the

light and you can see they don't

actually do that okay so it looks like

I've just made them darker to try and uh

I this fact

okay so that's it

thank you