How to confirm that your polarized sunglasses or lenses are genuine

somebody dropped me a quick message

after a recent video thanking me for

helping them avoid buying some fake

polarized sunglasses and I thought I'd

drop a quick video just advising you on

how you can do the same you'll see this

table in front of you here the whole

point of polarized sunglasses is they

take away reflection and that what you

can do immediately is just rotate them

by 90 degrees when you're looking at a

reflection and if the lens is that

you've got a polarized they will take

away the glare now what 90 degrees

depends on how the glare is hitting the

lenses of course but as you rotate 90

degrees you should see a difference not

only on a table like this but were that

a river or a lake or the sea the effect

would be exactly the same glare without

no glare with if you're in a shop

however and you can't do that because

you haven't got a pond nearby see as I

rotate my iPhone here the color looks

exactly the same but because the way the

light is sent out from the iPhone if I

put some lenses in front of it and then

polarized lenses and then I rotate my

iPhone you'll see that the color of the

screen changes significantly so that's

something you can do in a shop if you're

testing out your polarized sunglasses to

see whether in fact they're genuine or

not if you're buying online of course

one thing you do need to do is buy from

a very genuine supplier and you can see

without the lenses of course is a bright

screen again back to another clip of the

table that would work exactly the same

if you're driving for example polarized

lenses are brilliant to take out the

glare of driving the glare on your

dashboard when the Sun is low in the sky

when there's lots of reflection off

windows or it's been raining polarized

sunglasses can make a huge difference to

what you see on the road so I would

recommend you get a pair I hope you get

a genuine pair and I really hope this

video short note B has helped you to do

that thanks very much for looking

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