From False Perception to True Perception

whoa hello world it is now live welcome

to google hangout today's discussion is

from false perception to true vision so

as Ali's I say we hand this entire hour

or 45 minutes or whatever the length may

be to the beautiful light of the Holy

Spirit and our minds that would ever

flows forth maybe what was helpful for

each and every one of us here and for

those who may have a listen after this

is recorded so with that being said I

think I'm just going to come into a

little bit of stillness here let my mind

come to the blank slate of awareness no

longer bringing any of my own ideas to

the table but instead letting my mind in

my heart be an open bottle of

communication and the word that comes

forward here is gratitude gratitude for

our Father for what we are and gratitude

to everyone who is in the room today

allowing us to feel great synergy and

open communication and flow that we make

together walk that bridge to

timelessness carrying us from the false

perception to the true embodying and

accepting that correction in our minds

now for now is the only time that change

and transformation can occur in our

perception so as we let this now moment

be all there is

I feel perhaps sharing a little bit on

false perception first and then moving

forward and as always if you guys are

inspired to add comment on the board or

unmute your mic and feel free to show so

false perception as I begin to talk

about false perception I always see the

image of the little baby on their backs

ding their feet seeing their hands I'm

beginning to have this identification

process and seeing that hey these hands

these feet are mine mommy said baby this

is your name look in the mirror this is

you this is you this is mummy this is

daddy and we start to go through this

labeling process we start to identify

with this form with this body as being

what we are and so since we are

identifying with the body with this

forum as being what we are then

immediately our mind gets placed in the

hands of the body and so since our mind

is placed in the hands of the body we

are open to the learning and the ideas

and beliefs and ideologies that this

world and our parents have to offer and

considering you know we are course

students who have gathered in this room

today it is quite obvious in our lives

or at least it is for me personally

speaking when I have identified with a

thought that is coming from the body

mind or the ego versus when I am in this

face of true vision true seeing and for

me the recognition that I'm believing in

body mind is when I am not at peace when

I think that something has gone wrong

when I think something needs to be

different than it is and so when we are

first identifying with this body as

being what we are

and accepting and absorbing all of these

thoughts beliefs and suggestions that

the world has to offer we do reside in

the clouded mind we do reside in the

mind of darkness and since that has been

our past experiences of being in this

world and we get to recognize that that

is currently where the world resides

because they identify with the body they

identify with the mentality of being

separate than others or different than

others based on where they might reside

in the world or in their life then this

can either frighten us to keep us

wanting to remain with the

identification of the body and all the

worldly thoughts that come with it or it

inspires us to make a change and it

inspires us to truly see yourselves a

new so that we can be the demonstration

for all of those who are currently also

caught you know within the realm of

mind-body darkness and this is actually

calling upon I think it was a post that

Regina Don acres put on open minds today

and the quote that she had put was that

you know we are all one mind we are all

sons of God but she used the analogy

that the Sun not only being you know a

child of God and not necessarily just a

child of our mother and our Father with

that recognition of the Sun she also

used suun meaning that when we first

identify with ourselves as a body we are

in darkness and once we cancel imps that

there's something greater than that

something greater than ourselves being

identified with the body is when we

become open to the light and once we

recognize and go through the processes

of realizing it you know what these

beliefs of unworthiness and doubt and

not good enough of it myself are keeping

me stagnant are keeping me identified

with the body and less feeling pain and

feeling suffering therefore i'm open to

knowing myself as what i really am and

then we become open to accepting the

idea that i am light

no longer am I this darkness but I am

light and light further begins to draw

us back into the true essence where we

all reside which is is the Sun which is

the all that is which is the

all-encompassing light but until we

begin to fully embody the lightest what

we are and come back into the fullness

of the Sun we are still on that path we

are still on that Trek to bring us from

the darkness to the light and so we will

find that we waver sometimes between the

two will find that almost like that

you'll yo-yo roller coaster existence

that seems to swallow us up a little bit

and yet what is mighty helpful in the

transition from the darkness to the

light and the full acceptance of the

light is being what we are is our my

companions is our brothers and sisters

such as all of us here as being the

reminders of what we really are and so I

find most often that if I am caught in

the realm of false perception I know

immediately because I don't feel well

right because I really have judged

something and I feel irritated or

frustrated and when these feelings come

forward for me it's an instant of

recognizing that this is not true you

know it can't be true if our Father is

love and only love this means that I am

responsible for how it is that I'm

staying at this current time and then

that is when we become open to the idea

of correction and as we're all learning

here that correction is the shift from

false perception to choose perception

and so the very first step in moving

from fossil perception to to perception

is realizing that I am NOT a piece

therefore I am responsible for how I'm

seeing it therefore once I change the

way that I see it the situation is going

to change

those who did you want to add something

well um I just want to offer I have a

short quote I was just doing this

actually and I didn't even finish before

I came in here of this I've been doing

the lease anatole thing and I have this

is a direct quote directly in

application to what you're saying I just

typed it um I just it's short and I'll

just throw it in because i think it's um

it's beautiful and i think that it will

it just focuses and hones in on exactly

what you're saying it's very short i'll

just throw it in its over here um there

is a deep responsibility which you owe

yourself and one which you must remember

all the time unless the most seem hard

at first but you will learn to love it

when you realize it is true and

constitute a tribute to your power you

who have sought and found littleness

remember this every decision which you

have made stems from who you think you

are and represents the value that you

put upon yourself believe that the

little can continue you and by limiting

yourself you will not be satisfied where

your function is not little and it is

only by finding your function and

fulfilling it that you can't doubt it

magnitude for it reaches you through him

from magnitude you do not have to strive

for it because you have it because

everything you're searching for is what

you are all you're striving will be

directed against littleness or it does

require vigilance to protect your

magnitude in this world to hold your

magnitude in this world is a task the

little cannot undertake yet is asked of

you and should you give tribute to your

magnitude and not from your lil pneus

nor is it asked of you alone you will

never rest until you know your function

and fulfill it or only this can your

will and your father's be fully joined

and the function is happiness

meaning over axis that is most perfect

dances thank you for that because I

think also false perception can be

represented as littleness and then true

perception or true vision can be

represented as magnitude and so this is

exactly exactly we're talking about so

it's most perfectly on point because

when we are believing that you know we

are this body and this world is our home

then we are identifying with littleness

because then we are going to be

referencing what we think we know what

we think we're good at what we think our

part is what we think we're supposed to

do and quite often we have other goals

and other ones that are interposed

between the goal and the launch of

knowing our true magnitude and those

goals may be to protect this body these

goals may be to you know have a lot of

money and have all the fancy dancy

things that this world may have to offer

you know we begin to have the world be

the veil before our magnitude because we

think that it is a liveliness or not

liveliness but we think that it is

things that this world has that we want

we think that it's the status that we

want we think that it's what the comfort

durability and monetary means that we

want we we have this idealized fantasy

of the nuclear family you know with a

white picket fence and everybody is good

looking and fit bodies all over the

place right like this is the contorted

idea that this world has given us of

what we think that we want and what we

think that we're striving for but much

like you mentioned their dances that is

the idea of littleness because what

comes along with that striving and

that's seeking and that fighting for all

of these goals and things of this world

well the opposite side the pain the

suffering the fear the attack the the

stress of everyday life because instead

of knowing that you are the dreamer of

the dream you are caught in the dream

and when we're caught in the dream

believing that was this body that this


home we got the world on our shoulders

and that's a lot of pressure that's a

lot of stress that is mind-boggling and

yet most of the world is in that place

right now because they don't know any

better because they don't know any

different because they still identify

with the form as being what they are but

then we're recognizing that what we

really want is to live and thrive and to

truly be happy like you said dances that

that our true function is happiness but

the only way that we can truly live is

not by identifying with the body because

the body is you know it's a part of the

world and a part of the world is going

to you know as we know it's the whole

birth and death cycle right so the

opposite of death is birth not life life

is a beingness it's a state of mind it's

a state of self that has nothing to do

with the the birth and the death cycle

of the physical body and so what we're

doing here is recognizing that yes it

may be a little difficult at first to

learn to take our identifications off

the body and place it into something

else that doesn't have quite a simple

forex us to understand but it is the

experience of our magnitude it is the

glimpse of the veil lifting the world

lifting from our eyes so we can see our

eternal reality which is life instead of

the identification of the body mind and

then you said here yes we got in this

chaos and live in survival mode keep

going trying to fix which only keeps it

going exactly right is chaos right we're

trying to survive we're trying to keep

ourselves safe we're trying to keep

ourselves away from the horrible people

in the world you know so it's all based

on this idea of judgment because we need

to protect our bodies we need to protect

our families we need to keep everything

safe and by itself but we're recognizing

here is that too is just another way to

express the idea of separation which is

what got us into this mess to begin with

I was even reading I'm going to actually

maybe open it for a second we

as I was reading just yesterday which

correlates exactly to what we're sharing

right now as well but it's part of the

text chapter 27 the body in the dream

and it was reflecting in the part of the

very last chapter of course the hero of

the dream and what is the hero of the

dream the body right the identification

with the body and right away when we

identify with the body we are

identifying with this little nest right

and yeah like even it's staying here the

dreaming of the world takes many forms

because the body seeks in many ways to

prove it is autonomous and real it puts

things on itself which it has bought

with little metal discs or papal paper

strips the world proclaims is valuable

I'm good it works to get them doing

senseless things and tosses them away

for senseless things that does not need

and does not even want it hires other

bodies that they may protect it and

collect more senseless things that it

can call its own it looks about for

special bodies which can share its dream

sometimes it dreams a can conquer of

body it's the Conqueror of bodies weaker

than itself but in some phases of the

dream it is the slave of bodies that

would hurt and torture it the bodies

serial adventures from the time of birth

to die is the theme of every dream the

world would ever have right most potent

this is I think the basis of true vision

is recognizing that this world is but a

dream this world is but a dream because

we are truly eternal Souls and children

of God that are playing with an eternity

and this time space continuum that we

have chosen to experience here so that

we can

that opportunity to see what it would be

like to think separate from God and to

see separate from God and to have a

separate form from our brothers and

sisters we chose to have this experience

in time and space but we got lost in it

we forgot that this world is not our

home we forgot that this body is not

what we are and so because we have

forgotten we use the physical sight of

the body as the testament to what we

think is true and so we look out into

the world with a physical eyes and body

and then we see everything we think we

want nicer things to wear nicer jewelry

nicer dresses an extra clothes nicer

cars nicer places to visit and see and

things to do right we get cut in the

sparkling glimmer of it all much like a

little child one sitting in the his like

stroller as you go through the store and

took hi what's that what that was that

looking at everything sparkly and

glistening because it's there to make us

think we need it to make us think that

we want it and to make us think that

that's where our happiness will be when

we have these things of the world but

this is the dream this is the dream and

so for as long as we are identifying

with the body with the hero of the dream

we are only identifying with our little

nests and that will keep us in a rut

that will keep us in depression that

will keep us in sickness and pain and

death and yet as you are recognizing and

as you offered dances that there's a way

to see ourselves through the eyes of

magnitude there is a way to see

ourselves through true vision that is a

vision beyond the physical sight that is

a true self that is beyond the physical

form but it does not exclude the

physical body or the physical form

that's why it is dichotomous right

ducato most meaning you know a seeming

opposite all and nothing but really

including it all right so we really are

the all of everything we really are the

magnitude about everything we are the

power of everything because of what we

are and this is kind of on

sending to the tiny mad idea right

because I did just I guess share in the

stream forth the idea that this world is

a dream and that we asked for this

experience of what it would be like to

be separate from God and from each other

and we literally forgot to laugh so

because I'm on this part in chapter 27

the last part the hair of the dream I'm

just going to read this one sentence

because it is so potent right so into

eternity where all is one there krepta

tying me bad idea at which the Son of

God remembered not to laugh I think the

key word there is we remembered not to

laugh so it was a purposeful decision

that we made to have this little idea

this little thought of separation except

it be accepted into our holy mind our

eternal mind and so because of that the

shows our power that just a tiny tiny

mad idea a tiny thought that we had boom

created worlds created this earth and

then created everything within it and on

it and through it this shows our

magnitude this shows our power and this

also shows the opening to us seeing it

from the perspective of what we really

are in eternity and not from the

perspective of what we think we are as a

body in time and space because our

reality is far greater far beyond this

time space continuum but that we begin

to transcend out of the dream to being

the dreamer of the dream and that's when

our power and our magnitude is restored

back upon us oh I'm going to see what

you wrote here dances mmm great thank

you oh yes and the vigilance is to

notice when those thoughts come up and

just extend light and allow it to expand

to them the situation which is actually

accepting it within myself perfect

I'm just going to even comment on that

before i read your second part because