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hello world I'm Adam Sol welcome to a

world without money about 30 years ago

the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

disaster had happened the Exxon Valdez

oil spill had happened nuclear bomb

testing was going on pollution was

rampant many things were going on that I

did not understand I didn't understand

why humanity's behavior was so

profoundly contrary to the sustainment

of life on Earth why would we build

nuclear power plants before we knew how

to dispose of the radioactive waste why

had we conducted over 2,000 atomic bomb

tests why did that person just empty his

ashtray on the side of the road

the ways we were acting didn't make

sense to me

until I started to see that behind every

contrary behavior was our need for money

I looked at this for a long time and

kept coming back to the same conclusion

money is a poison that has infected and

held humanity rigidly under its

influence while humanity didn't realize

this was happening I saw that the poison

of money was causing humanity to destroy

our own environment if someone was under

the influence of a poison then you would

expect to see symptoms of the poison if

humanity is under the influence of the

poison of money then we would expect to

see ourselves showing symptoms the

symptoms I've observed of the poison of

money are distorted perceptions and

abnormal behaviors and the reason I call

money a poison is because the end result

of consuming a poison is usually the

death of the victim let me show you what

the symptoms of the poison of money look

like we were born in this world of money

and we grow up learning how to survive

in this world of money we learned from

our parents our schools our jobs and

essentially throughout our lives we

learn that our survival depends on money


that the better we are making money the

better our lives will be so we grow up

proceeding that our survival depends on

money but this is a false perception

because we know that our survival truly

depends on nature we know that nature

gives us steady climates and normal

temperatures and the process of

photosynthesis to grow our food but we

don't work for food we work for money so

that we can buy food we work for money

to survive and in so doing we developed

the false perception that our survival

depends on money a false perception is a

distorted perception and a distorted

perception is a symptom of the poison of

money according to psychology the

instinct to survive is life's most

important instinct what we survive on

for our survival

is also the most important because if

our means of survival should fail and we

can't survive then nothing else really

matters protecting what we depend on for

survival would therefore be considered

normal behavior and not protecting what

we tend on for survival would be

considered abnormal behavior then we see

the breakdown of our environment all

around us and also see that we're

essentially not doing anything to

prevent it that we're not reducing our

consumption not reducing our carbon

footprint not protecting nature then we

can see that we are not protecting our

true means of survival not protecting

what we depend on for our survival is

abnormal behavior abnormal behavior is a

symptom of the poison of money and the

end result of not protecting nature is

the deadly horizon of environmental

collapse that we face today knowing why

we live contrary to the sustainment of

life is a key to finding our way back

onto the road to life this is Adam soul

thank you for listening



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