False Perception Of A Gangster

what's up everybody big hurt 9 1 fix and

you tune in to another edition of my

vlog want to say thank you for

subscribing to the channel thanks for

supporting you know I'm all about that

positivity in the motivation and you

know I like leasing you guys up putting

you up on game and I want to say a lot

of you guys got a misconceive perception

of what it means to be a gangster you

got the game you got to get confused man

you got it backwards you know I do fresh

out and you know we talk to a lot of

guys who have been in the system guys

who are real gangsters who have made it

out and now they're trying to make a

positive change but then I always get

these questions from various people

about who would they roll with in prison

you know I'm I'm biracial you know what

I roll with the white guys or what I go

with the black guys or a Mexican but I

don't speak Spanish do I have to you

know what I hang out with these guys or

that guys and you know what do you do if

the shot car actually to do some look

man the whole purpose of fresh out is to

give you game on what goes on in prison

so you don't want to go to here why

would you worry about going to prison if

you're not out here in the thick of


if you're not out committing crimes

you're not out doing dirt you shouldn't

worry about it and then I start this

channel about poverty and motivation

they kind of shed a different

perspective on just life in general and

some of the things I've been through and

how I've been able to kind of create my

own reality and you know people you know

they think that oh I was doing this and

I was doing that and you know yeah man I

was a real one dude ain't nothing real

about this [ __ ] you were doing that

didn't amount to anything we're not real

about that would you accomplish

how many how many how many uh

convenience stores do you own how many

grocery stores how many buildings how

many homes do you own in your

neighborhood where you were putting all

this work how many how much how much you

have invested in the community how safe

is it for people to walk through your

community because of what you've done

what have you given back how have you

helped youngsters avoid going to jail

you know most people don't even think

about that they act like well you do

this you should go to jail well why

would you even want a little homie to go

to jail why would you want to see your

friends in jail I don't even want to go

to jail and to have to see friends in

jail that's stupid but that's what a lot

of you guys buy into you you want to be

some tough gangster and you think by

going to prison do you want to be where

you're in a most racist place in the

world do you want to be subject to where

if you talk to a black guy you can get

killed do you want to be worried about

if somebody gave you a a soda pop for

you or thirsty somebody will stab you do

you want to worry about that do you want

to be a part of just a hate group

somebody who doesn't like somebody there

from up north or there from down south

or there from this hood that you're from

that hood you're from this race you're

from they're from that race do you want

to be a part of it you guys don't get it

man you know and then you got these

clowns who make up videos and bah blah

blah like you guys think it's a joke

until you get up in here but when you

get up in there and you start thinking

about the videos I told you to watch and

you and you you knew that existed you're

gonna back all I told you so because

you're stupid you're stupid

and you think it's a joke and then

rather than be out here in the free

world doing something constructive

building a business building a brand

creating a family you know stand out the

way change your community being a

positive role model you want to

entertain bullcrap

you know I knew I know a lot of

different people in prison I would be

able to kind of transcend a lot of the

racial barriers because I didn't law so

you know I could talk to the white guy

in the law library I could talk to the

South Sider you know in the law library

or you know we chopped it up because I

wasn't on no really political time in

there and you know I wouldn't run around

you know gossiping doing a bunch of the

drama but you know I've met a lot of

people and helping them with their

paperwork and they seemed like big Herc

man don't tell nobody you know about my

business man you know I don't want to

hold me to know that I got this I got

that you know I met a white white boy

you know he wasn't a boys a grown man

but you know you guys you know he called

my boy whatever you know whatever he

wasn't really a gang member but he was a

white cat you know and cool you know

from uh the Bay Area and I was helping

him with his uh get rid of like a

misdemeanor so he can drop its points

and this guy was in there for

manufacturing automatic weapons

converting non non non automatics to

fully autos and he got free got much

time he got but anyways this guy had a

trust set up by his dad so that he got

the maximum amount of money put on his

books every month automatically without

having to ask and then if he needed

extra money they would send money to

other people's books for him so he would

have everything he needed in prison its

family-owned wineries when he got out he

was gonna inherit the winery business

start running that and you know he said

man basically I got caught up I was

doing some stuff you know making you

know manufacturing weapons making

silencers doing all this stuff and I

really didn't need to be doing it but I

got caught up and you know it is what it

is you know so he played the role in

prison but

he would probably never see both of guys

that he's run around in prison ever on a

street because he was in a different

economic bracket and so this guy this

white cat cool dude you know and he paid

me and my little Mexican partners to do

his legal work but what he would do is

so he wouldn't get caught up he would

have somebody else bring the payment

which with groceries and we'd make the

exchange in the walkway but it wouldn't

go directly to me I'd have somebody I

knew pick it up so it looked like it was

you know race to race you know I have

white potters in there too so they would

grab the bag for me and bring it back to

unit you know and we make the exchange

this is stuff you got to be sneaky about

even in prison so they don't see black

white interacting but that's the type of

stuff you put up with and this cat

didn't want us home even know that his

family was ball like this because they

would extorted him he'd be looking at

you know people want him to pay their

way to knowing that this guy had a trust

fund he was set up he didn't have to do

the stuff he was doing but he was doing

it because he wants to be a badass like

a lot of you guys out there want to be

gangster you get the tattoos

you take some pictures and all you guys

post your business on Instagram they

didn't have all that I when I was when I

was doing my thing so didn't nobody

floss all this criminal activity that

the police go through and research when

they prosecute your dumb butt but yeah

this guy he was he was he was misspelled

with ballin they own acres and acres of

vineyards and I'm like dude why would

you be trying to make silencers for and

converting guns in the automatic what

for what for a couple without you're

making a couple thousand your family's

millionaires Sekhar man I know man bah

blah blah blah blah you know just a

dummy man you know and he realized it

but now he had to play the game and you

know he'd never been in trouble in his

life so he probably got transferred to a

camp from the medium but that's the type

of stuff you got to look at and that

your face when you go to prison ignorant

stuff like that you know hiding out

hiding your background you know hoping

nobody finds out what you're really

worth because it could lead the major


I knew a South Sider in there you know

and you know he's seen us doing legal

work and he has some prior traffic

violation stuff he's trying to get

handled because you know you knocked

that stuff out it drops your points you

can go to a low or to a camp and you

know I was a legal beagle in there I was

you know they called me and my Potter's

Johnnie Cochran and associates because

we all I deal with legal work wasn't

chasing the drugs wasn't playing

gambling you know wasn't watching TV I

did legal work and wrote books the whole

time I was in there so anyways this

southsider disarray no you know I mean

he couldn't really openly talk to me but

I was cool a lot of people because I did

legal work and it did give certain

individuals passes to conversate with me

if I was helping with her case and I'm

looking at this guy's traffic violation

that he acts my little Mexican pine and

help him with you know and they passed

it to me and we basically drew up the

paperwork for it to file the forms could

we had all the the documents and forms

in there to help you know get that stuff

cleared up and he I got a traffic

violation he was in a Lamborghini Diablo

in South Central and I looked at it I'm

like damn this dude had a Diablo on the

street and the home he looked he's like

yeah man that's the Lamborghini some

like damn he was out there having his

paper man and next day when we seen him

you know the homie hollered at him and

he's like yeah man I had a hablo

and hood and the dundies captain here

know about that you know they they

didn't know I was having it like that

you know and I'm you know so don't say

nothin to nobody man I don't want you to

do that you know no my business man and

I'm like oh okay I'm not gonna say no

that's not it's not I'm not a gossiper

and I don't speak at other people's


but this dude was balling his family was

balling in the game and you know he got

caught up from some some little you know

bull charges you know some garbage

charges and he was in there doing his

little time he only had you know he

didn't have that much time begin with

because he you know he had high-powered

lawyers and stuff but you know his

hustle was he that he still food out the

kitchen he was sell it to me in my arm

me and my little crew but at the same

time just do didn't have to do any of

that he had you know he had Lambos and

and uh you know Harley trucks on the

street jet skis and all kind of stuff he

was telling me you know he'd be at the

you know a strip club doing a staying

clowning you know hanging out with

celebrities and stuff man he was bowling

but he didn't want nobody to know so I

say this to say that a lot of times you

guys want to think that this is

glamorous life you know this this going

to jail and being around a shock collar

and and coming out like an OG well those

dudes in there you know you don't know

their background you don't know what

their objective is and a lot of these

guys don't give a damn about you

so you trying to be cool and kiss up to

them you know for them it might be

sending you on a damn mission because

they might be doing you know they have

other plans they ain't getting out they

don't care about what you had and who

your family is they don't you all they

want is for you to go bring the sack in

or for you to go handle some business so

there's no glory there's no you know

there's no limelight in this gangster

stuff man I'm trying to tell you you

think you gangster you engage until you

get up in there and you got a five

wolves about to split your cap

ain't nothing gangster man when they

find out you've been holding out and

these do they're up in there starving

and they need that sack

you know don't worry about going to the

pen you guys send me on don't stop

worrying about who you're gonna roll

with you're on the street go roll with

some nerds man go roll with some college

students some trade students get in the

Union do something right now what's your

life while you have the chance why are

you watching these channels you know big

hurts and I want six and fresh doubt so

you don't have to go to prison and have

to try to think back to everything I

told you to avoid getting your wig split

use the lines this time to stay out of

prison to keep your mind right and to

avoid the drama so that you can be

successful now rather than trying to

worry about if you're gonna go to jail

and catch time because not everybody

comes out you know clean as a whistle

sometimes you know you got to put in

work man hey you got to remove your

bunkie you got to check in your pocket

and you guys just had a bowl of soup

together the day before and it is what

it is either you're gonna remove him or

they're gonna remove you so you know

word of advice man you know whether

you're you're white black Filipino

biracial Asian Mexican man if you're not

in the life and you're doing positive

things as far as to some degree working

and you know taking care of business

don't put yourself in a predicament

where you got to go to prison and you

got to line yourself with a gang because

it's not pretty and the people in there

there are a whole nother animal you got

guys in there that have no sympathy no

pity and then you got to deal with on

top of it people telling you what to do

the CEO is up in there telling you to

squat and cough open you open your butt

cheeks up open your mouth up lift your

tongue up you know let me see the bottom

of your toes and all this stuff and this

goes on day in day out don't talk in

line you talking law you say something

out of pocket you might get hit upside

the head with a flashlight you might get

an elbow to the face you know somebody

if something goes down and you got to

get into it and when they start

separating people you're not gonna bust

you up

and that's part of the game so there's a

lot of other stuff that goes on that you

know you have no idea about but you will

be subject to if you try to be this

super gangster thinking you're gonna go

to the pen to get some type of you know

status ain't no status man the statuses

on the street you know the status is out

here making life making life worth while

enjoying the beauties of life you know

whether it's spending time with your

family going out with your girl you know

being able to cuddle up to a woman at

night you know that's the beauty man

it's not this you know getting tattoos

and you know drinking you know drinking

coffee with the homies and hanging out

on yard

y'all hang out a bunch of men gotta be

crazy man put me around a bunch of women

man I want to smell fresh coochie before

I want to smell a bunch of armpits and

butts you got the game twisted man

that's why I tell you man get your mind


you know elevate your consciousness

create your own reality man big Herc

nine one six holler at me