the term flaws perception can refer to a

number of things a hallucination is a

type of false perception and occurs when

a person experiences sensory stimuli

that's an insanity prison though

everyone at times believe some things

that are not correct perceiving the word

incorrectly can lead to health problems

especially when these perceptions are

related to the person's body in many

cases people with false perceptions have

difficulty abandon England even when

contrary and irrefutable evidence is

presented this is a recording for

patient 155 patients name is James

Connelly his pain and suffering is often

attributed to his loss of a loved one a

girl named Rachel in our earlier

sessions he would often tell me the

times him and Rachel spent in the forest

by where they lived it was a place even

happening Estate

but they came a point when Rachel

realized he was troubled a point she

tried helping him with this problem but

he's under him so James how do you feel

when you see this picture

love is the greatest bond between two

people two people who an equal measure

feel that mutually strong attachment to

one another what we actually can be

expected when life is no longer

experience with love but only sorrow and

pain for James his condition became

exceedingly worse hallucination has no

hope a false perception that causes the

patient to experience things that are

not real to the rest of the people

around them sounds smells tastes sights

and physical sensations that are not

real can all be experienced during a

hallucination patients with long-term

mental health problems such as

schizophrenia may experience these false

perceptions for out their lives though

medication and therapy can help

eliminate or decrease the severity of

hallucinations my interactions with

James had loved and being reprised to

delving deeper into his mind exploring

these particular hallucinations he sees

of his former self

James is my rock salt medication that

can temporarily provide a solution even

within he doesn't want to escape from

his condition and hides is behind a

false persona we already is lost but

doesn't have service our sessions became

strenuous as they progress further

James had then our early meetings

refused to tell me the end to that

memory of Rachel but I myself realized

what her fate had come to be he laid

through knowledge to me that she had

passed away that day the faithful last

words being of obscene language and

disheartening truth

James show sighs a restoration earlier

but it appeared evidently clear that

only he held the key to his locked mind

and no one was able to break into it

James's mental stability continued to

deteriorate up to the point where has

started to have difficulty telling me

his force he began to distrust me

this distrust often led to paranoia

within our sessions accusations against

me being the true evil he cannot

confront a change began to occur I

suddenly became the enemy and not the


I fear that part of him died the Rachel

that day his will to keep fighting is

this the true reason for James his

suffering is it the infliction of pain

he accelerated on his own mind by

reciting his memories countless times

for the sole purpose of blaming himself

for the death of Rachel or as he finally

reached the stage where he know a lot of

things for herself but his mind is lost

completely while James I fear my

question has now been answered