False perception of Society

why are trump and boris so happy to risk

a recession the truth is hidden by a

trick that quietly transfers your money

to the super-rich CEOs and hundreds of

times more than their average workers

Trump and Boris want to support these

job creators by cutting regulations and

taxes but studies have flipped some of

our basic assumptions about money the

highest-paid CEOs are consistently the

worst performers and the most overpaid

CEOs perform even worse actually

destroying shareholder value

overconfident they may surround

themselves with yes-men and refused to

reverse bad decisions now who does that

sound like another study found that CEOs

who won awards went on to perform poorly

well below average and the awards hide

another secret a string of studies has

shown that CEOs have surprisingly little

impact on the success of their companies

one study measured their influence at

just four to five percent for CEOs

overconfidence is blinding but also

crucial to their perceived value studies

show that people focus more on

confidence than performance there's no

evidence that Jim Cramer is more

accurate than other pundits but look at

his confidence okay he writes should I

be worried about barristers in terms of

liquidity you get my money out there no

no no

Bear Stearns is fine do not take your

money I just really look if there's one

takeaway other than M +400 somebody Bear

Stearns is not in trouble I mean if

anything we'll likely be taking over

move your money from there that's just

being silly don't be silly

the following week Bear Stearns

collapsed John Oliver had some fun

replacing the sounds of Kramer's

decisive red buttons is it any wonder

Norfolk Southern Union Pacific keep


by hi and then Trump is an icon of

overconfidence I know more about Isis

then the generals do believe me I know

more about courts than any human being

on earth nobody knows more about trade

than me I know more about steel workers

than anybody that's ever run for office

nobody knows more about construction

than I do I know more about drones than

anybody I think I know more about the

environment than most people trump's

book the art of the deal helped him find

fame it was written as a memoir but the

true author Tony Schwartz said Trump

played no role in writing it I felt

guilty about writing the art of the deal

with Trump for 30 years

who would have possibly guessed at the

time that it would be such a

consequential decision I created the

Donald Trump he wished to be I wrote

every word of that book with no no

engagement with him he is spectacularly

uninformed and ignorant I don't believe

he has read a book in his adult life who

are your favorite authors well I have a

number of favorite authors I think Tom

Wolfe is excellent did you read Bob

did you read vanity the bonfires I did

not it's it's a phenomenal book what

book you're reading now well I'm bonfire

of the vanities

writing my own book again because I

think it's so fantastic Thomas what's

the best what's the best book you've

read beside art of the deal I really

like Tom Wellesley last book and I think

I think he's a great author he's he's

done a beautiful job he's rich Brooke

he's his current book is just his

current work it's just a bonfire of the

vanities yes and and the man has done a

very very good job and I really can't

hear with his ear phone by the way

Schwartz described the book as his

greatest regret in life and called for

it to be recategorize as fiction Trump

trades on the

option of success everything I've done

virtually has been a tremendous success

Trump shuttle which no longer exists

Trump vodka which was discontinued Trump

magazine which folded trunk world's

magazine which also folded Trump

University over which he's being sued

and of course the travel booking site go

Trump com whose grief existence was I

imagine a real thorn in the side of

anyone hoping God's rom-com featured a

single thing worth masturbating to he is

paid to put his name on buildings Trump

Tower skips 10 floors so that the higher

floors sound more impressive mr. Trump

with the exception of your family have

you ever been told no don't know by him

many times I mean my whole life really

has been a no and I fought through it I

have been and you know I talk about it

it's not been easy for me it has not

been easy for me and you know I I

started off in Brooklyn my father gave

me a small loan of a million dollars an

investigation found the loan was in fact

60 million dollars or a hundred and

forty million dollars in today's money

the illusion of control is the CEOs best

friend it is also the president's best


despite Obama and Trump's starkly

different approaches economic growth has

continued in a straight line in fact

despite Trump's tax cut

Obama's economy created more jobs in the

same period but Trump's corporate

America first policies have boosted two

things the deficit and pollution air

pollution kills around a hundred and

seven thousand people in the u.s. each

year as Trump removes regulations

unhealthy air days are rising his team

even questioned the health impact of

pollution a former EPA official liken

this to big tobacco's denial of health

effects the World Health Organization

has said that air pollution is the new

tobacco causing 7 million deaths around

the world and harming billions more it

has been linked to miscarriage dementia

heart disease and lower intelligence the

UK government has been repeatedly fined

for failing to meet EU air quality

standards Boras paints EU regulations as

a barrier to success but right seem to

name one is

this kipper which has been presented to

me by just now by the editor of a

national newspaper who received it from

a skipper smoker in the isle of man who

is utterly furious because after decades

of sending kippers like this through the

post he has had his costs massively

increased by brussels bureaucrats who

have insisted that each kipper must be

accompanied by a this a plastic ice

pillow pointless pointless expensive

environmentally damaging health and

safety it is in fact a UK rule we can

also get rid of so much of the pointless

rules and regulations bunches of more

than two or three bananas you cannot you

cannot in truth Boris

like Trump wants to reduce the taxes and

responsibilities of the wealthy the real

part of the deal is the myth that all

this is fair because we earn what we are

worth research has found nothing special

about CEOs except well their height they

are on average three inches taller CEO

pay isn't based on competition or

results it's based on perceptions and

the same could be said of many

professions a historian points out the

only true solution in 1500 private yet

flown in here to here Sir David

Attenborough speak about you know how

we're wrecking the planet and I mean I

heard people talking the language of

participation and justice and equality

and transparency but then I mean almost

no one raises the real issue of tax

avoidance right and of the rich just not

paying their fair share I mean it feels

like I met a fire fighters fighters

conference and no one's allowed to speak

about water right we got to be talking

about Texas yeah that's it taxi

taxes taxes all the rest is [ __ ]

Boris and Trump are masters of

distracting [ __ ] Boris didn't

campaign for a hard brexit how would you

vote tomorrow if there was a referendum

I'd vote to stay in the single market

I'm in favor of the single market I want

to be part I want us to be able to trade

freely but a hard brexit was a path to

power tax cuts and deregulation for

Trump it was China China China China

China China China China it's the

greatest theft in the history of the

world Trump's tax cut helped the world's

largest company Amazon to avoid paying

any federal income tax on eleven billion

dollars of profit many companies used

the tax savings to repurchase shares

boosting the bonuses of executives who

then sold shares Oracle CEO made two

hundred and fifty million dollars it's a

familiar story over eight years

America's 92 most consistently

profitable tax dodging firms cut jobs by

one percent compared with the average

job growth of six percent and the ceos

of those ninety two firms received

particularly large pay rises lower

corporate taxes boosted executive

salaries not jobs but what happens when

workers get a pay rise when Henry Ford

paid his workers $5 a day double the

typical manufacturing salary at the time

it paid off dramatically for the company

Ford called it one of his finest

cost-cutting moves studies show that

when workers receive a pay rise they

work harder boosting productivity this

enlightened self-interest is in short

supply economists agree that brexit and

Trump's trade war are major recession

risks but unlike taxes and regulations

recessions don't change the game

in the three years following the Great

Recession the top 1% saw its income rise

by 31% while the rest remained frozen in

place sensing that the game was rigged

some later voted for Trump and brexit

and they are now asked to lead the

charge towards lower taxes for the

wealthy and a mountain of national debt

which will intensify the next recession

but a rebellion has begun when officials

offered Amazon a three billion dollar

tax break to build its headquarters in

New York the people stepped company just

got sent packing thanks to an unfriendly

welcome by New Yorkers we should not

have a regressive tax system in which

large profitable corporations like

Amazon pay nothing in federal income

taxes people will take to the streets to

demand a vote on the brexit deal Boras

has tried to silence Parliament and the

people but we will be heard and the

extinction rebellion will occupy cities

around the world global animal

populations have dropped 60% since 1970

and scientists warn that will be next

protesters want a jury like system to

weigh the evidence and make decisions

without corporate influence you can also

join aa little rebellion to help spread

the truth that's not one of the wettest

we've ever seen from the standpoint of


China has total respect for Donald Trump

for Donald Trump's very very large a


our next brexit [ __ ] award goes to

Boris for successfully lying his way to

the top of [ __ ] Mantid crikey

ah this honor will post Boris's full

acceptance speech to patreon to thank

you for your support

researchers can identify conservatives

and liberals by scanning their brains

liberal brain activity indicates more

empathy to the protests erupting

coast-to-coast over conditions at those

migrant detention centers the outrage

this morning growing while conservatives

have larger amygdalas focused on

detecting threats build that wall build

that wall could our brains explain our

reactions to Trump's racism how much

does our biology shape our views studies

have found surprising answers and even

identified the best words to bridge the

gap political polarization has been

rising for decades increasing numbers

see the other side as a national threat

and don't want to talk to them or live

among them a striking number would be

unhappy if a family member married

someone from the wrong party how much of

this is the sorting of similar brains a

study followed thousands of twins some

with similar genes and some with

identical genes any differences that

emerged between the two groups of twins

would likely be down to biology the

study estimated that 30 to 40 percent of

our political leanings are genetic

we used to think that after childhood

the brain did not really could not

change and it turns out that nothing

could be farther from the truth every

time you learn a new factor skill you

change your brain so people who read

Braille they have larger hand sensory

areas in their brain than those of us

who don't one theory is that

conservative brains evolved to defend

territory from attack disease while

liberal brains were explorers an

experiment tracked people's eyes as they

looked at an array of images

conservatives focused on threatening or

disgusting images while liberals had a

stronger response to flowers and rabbits

when shown ambiguous expressions

conservatives perceive more threatening

emotion when you looked at that bridge

loaded up with people that's called an

invasion of our country in another

experiment people watched colored beans

fly past on the screen they didn't know

if clicking the beans would win or lose

them money Democrat brains clicked on

more beans and have lost more money as a

result they have an appetite for

information and they see strangers as an

opportunity while conservatives see more

of a threat that wall built that wall an

early community of conservative brains

would stagnate and starve while liberal

brains might meet their end at a magic

mushroom cliff-diving party there are

tantalizing indications that gene

variants may drive social participation

at both ends of the spectrum encouraging

collaboration knowing that our

differences are partly based in biology

may make them easier to tolerate

we might be more aware of manipulation

neuroscientist Bobby Azarian says racism

is a failure of the more rational

prefrontal cortex to control the

impulsive amygdala and Trump is betting

on the amygdalas country they were

elected to serve a merciful they are

American citizens

I got a newsflash for both of you this

is what this election is gonna be about

when the president said yeah we got a

plan for health care but I'm gonna give

it to you after the election he was

telling you the truth

the internet doesn't help echo chambers

create a march to the extremes

encouraged by subversive forces it's

estimated that 30 percent of active

Facebook accounts are fake designed to

look and act like the people they want

to influence their goals are to sow

division or to attract clicks through

divisive content

one study paid people to follow bots

that retweeted people from other parties

this actually increased polarization

mixing offline is a moderating force but

social networks flip history in the

hostile online environment the messages

needed more careful tuning one

experiment found an effective approach

three groups were given articles about

the environment one article explained

that we are causing real harm to the


another spoke of keeping our water and

skies pure and described pollution as

disgusting and a control group were

given a non-political particle liberals

already supported environmental policies

so the articles made little difference

but conservatives were more supportive

of policies to protect the environment

if they had read the moral purity

article they were also more likely to

say that they

in global warming even though it wasn't

mentioned in the article if you want to

convince someone speak to their

underlying values liberals prioritize

equality and care while conservatives

focus more on loyalty Authority and

purity when Trump talks of invasion and

infestation he appeals to primal

instincts enabling him to subvert true

conservative values by driving up the

national debt with a corporate tax cut

El Paso Texas say they are responding to

an active shooter it is an invasion you

know that I say invasion this isn't that

terrible the letter states this attack

is in response to the Hispanic invasion

of Texas they are the instigators he

wrote not me

I'm simply defending my country from

cultural and ethnic replacement brought

on by an invasion


yes we've had a rise in hate crimes

every single one of the last three years

during an administration where you have

a president who's called Mexicans

rapists and criminals though Mexican

immigrants commit crimes at a far lower

rate than those born here in the country

he has tried to make us afraid of them

and the FBI director repeatedly

testified that the white supremacist

white nationalists threat is now much

more frequent and and likely to occur in

this country and manifest itself in the

form of terrorism than any other form of

extremism we now know what they did in

response to that massacre is that the

president's campaign affirmed that in

fact they're still gonna leave up their

millions of dollars worth of Facebook

ads that rail about an invasion of

immigrants at the border just like the

El Paso shooters diatribe said I gotta

ask you a question I don't not leaving I

can't trust

i-i have riverbottom and he's not he's

not he's uh he's an Arab he is not no no

ma'am no ma'am he's a he's a he's a

decent family man citizen that I just

happened to have disagreements with on

fundamental issues and that's what this

campaign is all about he's not thank you


Jodie's first three years were textbook

normal then about six weeks after her

third birthday a storm of epileptic

seizures took control of her brain

Jodie would lose almost all of her right

hemisphere and the cavity would fill

with cerebrospinal fluid what we're

looking at here is an image and MRI that

was done on chori after her surgery and

what it shows us is the fact that we in

removed her entire right hemisphere but

how could Jodie function normally with

only one hemisphere it's because of a

miraculous ability of the brain called

plasticity our brains can actually

change shape creating new connections

between neurons or brain cells to

replace lost or damaged ones Jodi's left

brain started reconnecting almost

immediately everything you encounter and

everything you experience is changing

your brain and that can be for better

but it can also be for worse so when you

leave today go out and build the brain

you want it's safer to pick the best

ideas of both sides well there you may

take some flak as I did when teaming up

with jordan peterson to argue against

political correctness I've been given a

huge grief already simply because I'm

standing here next to Professor Peterson

which is the very reason that I am

standing here in the first place I'm

standing next to someone with whom I

have you know differences shall we say

in terms of politics and all kinds of

other things precisely because I think

all this has got to stop this rage

resentment or stiller hostility

intolerance above all this with us or

against us certainty

the grand canyon has opened up in our

world the fist year the crack grows

wider every day I think it's time for

this toxic binary zero-sum madness to

stop before we destroy ourselves and I

would like this quotation from my hero

Bertrand Russell to hover over the

evening one of the painful things about

our time is that those who feel

certainty are stupid and those with any

imagination and understanding are filled

with doubt and indecision let doubt

prevail if you can change my mind about

something the best Democratic candidate

I think it might be Elizabeth Warren but

I'm not sure head over to change of

eucom which support it it's important to

grasp but we have two futures ahead of


they are things get much better we

address climate change we ensure that

automation doesn't lead to rising

inequality or things get much worse we

have runaway climate change where the

global South has locked out from

development what if we could feed a

world of 10 billion people not just the

bare minimum but champagne lobster and

Kobe steak what if we could not just

house everybody but house them in luxury

ensure lifelong education free public

transport and the means but each person

to live precisely the life they want to

live this is not science fiction those

technologies are already here whether

it's synthetic biology and healthcare

cellular agriculture and meat without

animals or AI automation and machine

learning and reducing the amount we need

to work but technologies alone won't do

it we also need politics otherwise these

magnificent technologies a result of our

species astounding ingenuity will be

reproduced existing social inequality in

2015 we saw the first self landing

rocket three months earlier Alan Kurdi a

Kurdish refugee from the Syrian

Kurdistan washed up dead on a beach in

polyps three years old it's the idea

that you can have a world of

unimaginable technology and also equally

unimaginable suffering is already here

which is why I wrote the book because we

I need a political manifesto for a

different kind of utopia because the old

ones no longer make sense no individual

or organization can achieve goals

without imagination whether it's civil

rights universal suffrage they're out

day the weekend modern democracy these

were once upon a time all unthinkable

impossible and yet we did it and that

search for meaning is fundamental to

humanity and if the left hasn't provide

it the right will the center most

certainly won't because they're still

fixated with this idea of capitis

realism the idea that it's easier to

imagine the end of the world than it is

the end of capitalism 200,000 years and

yet this system which has only been

around for 200 apparently defines who we


it doesn't since 2008 something very

strange has happened that year we didn't

just have the global financial crisis it

was the first time that the iPhone 3G

was launched since then what's happened

yes we've seen rising inequality the

emergence of authoritarian populism but

we've also seen that digital economy go

very much mainstream today Amazon is a

trillion dollar economy

ditto Google it's from Microsoft

Facebook has worked hundreds of billions

this is new the emergence of companies

worth a trillion dollars was unthinkable

10 years ago and that simultaneously led

to the rise of a global class of super

rich Jeff Bezos is worth more than 150

billion u.s. dollars he's the wealthiest

man on earth 150 billion would pay for a

lot it would eliminate homelessness

United States eliminate malaria

worldwide he could cancel student debt

in the u.s. he could do unthinkable

things what's he doing with the money

instead he's building a giant clock

which nobody can actually watch he has a

huge bow which not even he probably uses

and if you think that Jeff bezels having

150 billion is a lot of money wait till

artificial intelligence because in the

words of Mark Cuban it will create the

world's first trillionaire now the

alternative is we create a world of less

work and enjoy far higher living

standards that we presently have the

most radical technologies around will

only reproduce existing social relations

namely capitalism unless they're

accompanied by something else in Britain

for instance the Bank of England thinks

40% of jobs could be lost as a result of

automation you need a political response

to that technology

similarly with synthetic biology and

healthcare 2003 we mapped the first

human genome

cost several billion dollars today you

can sequence your genome for around a

hundred dollars in ten to fifteen years


sequencing your genome a cost the same

price as a Mars bar it means that we

could probably eliminate thousands of

single-cell conditions unless we have a

politics which addresses it these will

be patented they'll be treated exactly

the same as pharmaceutical drugs and

that's why politics matters so modern

aquaculture is one of the primary things

driving climate change we use more

freshwater for meats than we do for

ourselves if we can transition to sell

your agriculture meat with our animals

and milk without cows the technology's

already here then we could feed a world

of 10 billion not just the bare

essentials but the most delicious meat

imaginable and we could do so using 90%

less land 90% less labor 90% less water

and creating 90% less greenhouse gas

emissions but that can only happen if we

change the operating system of human

society you can only access housing or

food or medicine or education under

market capitalism if somebody somewhere

makes a profit and if they don't you

don't get those things given the

opportunities ahead given the

technologies are disposed and given the

challenges also confronting us that

looks to me is increasingly absurd these

profound probs homelessness food banks

are socially manufactured they're

contingent on capitalists rights of

access who gets what is a political

choice rather than one of social

necessity how do we get there what do we

need to do to move from the present day

to a future which is much better

it's about socializing finance to ensure

that resources get allocated to socially

useful things rather than the casino

economy of modern 21st century banking

it's about creating universal basic

services where everybody can access

universal and free housing transport

education health care and information

these could be extracted from commodity

circulation they wouldn't be subject to

the logical profit because their human

rights if we do that and quickly we can

address all the major challenges of the

next several decades and at the same

time we can create a far more just and

prosperous society than the one we

already live in


what these guys are doing at DoubleDown

news is phenomenal if you can go to the

DoubleDown news patreon give some

resources to them they're gonna need it

but you're going to need them a

different kind of media nobody is gonna

do this for us so be a part of that

movement and help double down use become

the kind of German in the modern

political world the terms left wing and

right wing can often be heard and

misunderstood but what do these terms

mean and where do they come from

the terms left and right were first used

in an ideological context during the

French Revolution of the 18th century

those on the Left are in support of the

Revolution and those on the right

supported the monarchy this idea of the

left supporting change and the right

wanted to keep the status quo continues

today and is key in some of their

philosophy the difference between left

and right wing ideology fundamentally

comes down to the balance between

individual liberty and government power

the left strive for an equal society and

believed that the state should play a

substantial role in people's lives

this means increased regulation of

business and higher taxes on the rich

the Left also tend to hold more

progressive views often opposing the

death penalty or supporting same-sex

marriage and woman's right to abortion

the Left have more lenient views on

immigration and are usually the driving

force behind any separation of church

and state economically the left often

follow the Keynesian or is it sometimes

called the interventionist school of

thought in brief this system would have

the government intervene to avoid an

economic recession

this means taxing highly during Cadore

boom times and spending this money when

the economy truly needs it the level of

government interference varies by how

far left it is with communists wanting

complete control over all aspects of the

economy whereas the center-left want

only moderate intervention the right

believed that a level of social

inequality is inevitable and think that

the government should have a limited

role in people's lives in business this

is as the right believes that preserving

personal freedom should be the

government's main goal and should not

impose too many rules on people's lives

the right also tend to hold more

traditional and religious attitudes than

the left

often opposing things those on the Left

support such a same-sex marre

and women's right to abortion

economically the right can often be seen

using the new classical approach which

includes have analyzed a fair policy

this roughly translates to leave things

alone and means less regulation to

increase innovation and lower taxes to

increase growth in short the right views

government interference in business as a

bad thing and thinks that the market

prospers best when left to its own

devices parties on the Left include

labor the greens and the Democratic

Party while those on the right include

the Republicans conservatives and the UK

Independence Party


there is also a center ground where

parties like the Liberal Democrats lie

these parties hold views from both the

left and the right this will be in said

the use of left and right to describe

modern political parties is not always

accurate there are actually many

different political spectrums that can

be used to judge how far left or right a

party year's parties often judge

themselves based on other current

political parties in this regard labor

is often seen to be on the left and

conservatives are often seen to be on

the right

in actual fact lots of labor policy

actually places it in the center or

right of the political spectrum the same

is true in America where both the

Democrats and Republicans are on the

right of the spectrum in political terms

even if the Democrats are sometimes seen

as having more left-wing values the

political spectrum is also not just

two-dimensional within both the left and

the right there are people who hold

authoritarian and libertarian views

authoritarians wish for greater

government interference and libertarians

want the opposite as previously stated

the Left tend to be authoritarian and

the right tend to be libertarian but

this is not always the case

we are often taught the extremes of

left-wing is communism and the extremes

of right-wing is fascism this is not

strictly true as the extreme

authoritarian nature of fascist

governments combined with left-wing

economic beliefs make it hard to place

on a political scale while it is useful

to have these labels in order to help

the majority of people easily

distinguish between different ideologies

it is also important to remember that

they are not always accurate and looking

at the party's policy for yourself is

often the best way to choose who gets

your vote rather than following a label




we're so sorry Scotland








can save us from



come rescue us because this couldn't be

pink we're so sorry Scotland for the way

people voted there's no way that this


can be sugar-coated the union's future

is stuffed on all fronts so it's hardly

surprising that you think we're all







united we stand divided we fall

united we stand divided we fall

united we stir


our smart


we're not going to leave you turns out

we need you know



is far too


without these countries we breathe


we must add me

you'll be back shit's crazy

we crazy




there's a girls you know

a skeleton closet I'm sure

a secret to shatter the

see my head

don't be scared for you



do I wanna know






quick glance yes you're still there

but can you say










bomb em was it l-leave hmm

what happened here oh just the normal

drone about brakes it t sure help


bombed we need you back we your country

is you my country what is my country is

it the Commonwealth the former British

Empire Singapore Hong Kong India

Australia America Canada is it Great

Britain also known as Blighty a single

large island that includes England Wales

and Scotland is it the UK the United

Kingdom the same as Great Britain but

now with Northern Ireland at it is it

the British Isles all of Great Britain

and now with all of Ireland is it part

of Europe a key founding member soon to

end with brexit or is it just little old

England now Europe Scotland or Ireland

no Wales just this a quadriplegic torso

without a head which may be all that's

left after Wales Scotland Island or

leave us to rejoin Europe or is it just

the idea of England cool Britannia a

flag used to sell Miltie honestly em I

don't know my country anymore