U.G. Krishnamurti - False Perception

Yuji thank you very much for a visit

here in my office and it's it's a little

difficult to ask you a question because

if I ask you a question

you immediately tell me that I know the

answer already

so most questions that people ask

especially nowadays especially here the

best is what does it all mean but why

are we is this all there is is is this

what life is all about what a mess how

can I become better these questions you

hear a lot not only the questions which

you are asking but even ordinary

questions sprang from the answers they

already have for example a mathematician

teaches mathematics to his students he

already knows the answer from that he

creates a problem for you and then make

you feel that you are trying to solve

the problem it's already answered by him

otherwise you cannot ask any questions

and all questions are born of the

answers we already have and the question

which you posed is no different from any

other questions we ask how is the

weather even that you see is gone out to

the assumption that the weather should

be like this you see

so we assume that there is some part for

some meaning in our existence that is

born out of the assumption that there

should be some meaning some purpose in

our lives and Why should there be any

meaning why and we are fed up in the way

we are living we are tired bored with

day to day life

and so naturally we ask a question is at

all there must be something more

interesting more meaningful more

purposeful than what we are doing and

that's the reason why we ask this

question nobody knows a thing about life

what is life you know it's the most

difficult thing to understand and we are

only interested in living and not life

nobody knows a thing you look at even

the scientists who are trying to

understand what life is the origin of

life in this planet and the age of the

universe and why they are interested in

is how is that the information that the

universe is 40 billion years old is

going to help us in our day-to-day

existence and surprisingly see I find

that more and more people in the West

are getting interested in this kind of a

thing that's why they are importing all

kinds of things from India from Japan

from everywhere because you have

everything that you can reasonably ask

for they are living a very comfortable

life and naturally the question arises

is that all yeah so that's all I say and

the idea that you should have some

meaning some purpose in your life is the

one that has created the Daman and we

have created a market for that kind of a

thing and so when once you have a market

there is always somebody who is trying

to sell all kinds of ideas you see this

is the meaning this in the purpose and

also in our relationship with our fellow

beings with our partners in our life in

a business management with the bosses

with the people who are working with you

you have an idea that this is the way it

should function that this is the way our

relation should be and so we naturally

ask the question the harmonious way of

living Why should there be a harmony the

idea that you should live in harmony

with the people you are living with with


people around you with a the world

around you is the one that has created

the demand for a strange kind of

creating a harmony there is already

harmony in this world that makes it

difficult for us look at the problem and

deal with it exactly the way it is the

idea that we should live in harmony is

the one that destroys the harmony that

is already there or make it difficult

for us to live in harmony because that's

the the model we have placed before

ourselves and the demand to fit

ourselves into the model is the cause of

our misery so if we say we should love

more a little the one thing that is

attracting my attention when I go around

in this city is the poster of that movie

a love cheat and steal know of chicken

steal steal so very attractive movie I

think I haven't seen the movie and I

don't see the movies these days and they

are all the same he is cheating and

stealing and loving to cover up that you

see it's a very fancy way of covering up

our cheating and stealing because the

law is on the side of those who want to

protect what they have already stolen

you see and we have grabbed everything

that is there on this planet for

ourselves and we want to protect what we

have grabbed and what actually belongs

to everybody see on this planet there is

enough for everybody

so you have to protect yourself what you

have stolen if I may use that word you

might have like in your views may not

like and I say that we are all thieves

we have stolen everything that belongs

to everybody so we have created a holy

system if they cannot protect us so you

have army in the army cannot we have

created atom bombs and there is no way

you can continue that way at home let me

emphasize one thing there is no way you


in the war against terrorists and the

war against drugs these are two powerful

moments in this world you can have all

the destructive weapons in your arsenal

but there will come a time when you will

not be able to live in yourself I am NOT

a pessimist you can pat on your backs

and tell yourself and everybody that god

is in for heavens and all is right with

the world

there was a time when I never thought

that the British Empire would come to an

end even the time of my grandson and

great plants and where is that British

Empire so ok everything will be all

right we can stay on the top of the

world all the time that's just a myth

you see one day everything is going to

collapse you are not a prophet I'm not

like the Jehovah Witnesses talking about

McDonough whatever you want to call it

but everything that is there in this

world is changing constantly changing we

don't have a change but when the time

comes for a change we are not ready for

the changes changes always for the

better I don't want to talk you see you

have to this is supposed to be an

interview and you have to ask some


mmm do you know the other day I watched

a documentary on channel 4 in England

their documentaries are very good on red

mercury we read about the drill mercury

in the newspaper see ascends years ago

everybody who food that there is no such

thing as red mercury the only thing that

we have is the mercury and it hinted you

see the Russians tremendous research in

it and the Americans also burnt the

world stuff and there will come a time

when you will be able to carry a nuclear

weapon the size of a ballpoint pen Oh

see that that is going to happen see and

so what are we going to do and your

belief in God your belief and divinity


and cosmic power why should God be on

your side if there is a God and we have

of course quite a strong religion we

have a judeo-christian religion here in

the West with a big Bible that I was

splitting words how life works or are

supposed to work and if we have some

questions at the end answer but you

should believe those in order to be

saved and to end up in heaven so but

this is all about as you pointed out

it's I believe see you here not live

with unbeli

the assumption that you and believe for

two things or the belief is separate

from you is the one thing that is

responsible for believing in something

and that we live doesn't work you

replace that with another belief

see you cannot be without belief at all

you have to replace one belief with

another belief but once you are

disillusioned with the beliefs that you

are already caught up in you import this

stuff from outside you see we may lose

faith in God and then you see you you

import the things from them they will

Brahman this that and the other in

Buddhism from outright and so you read a

new language instead of speaking a

simple Dutch or English you begin to

indulge in some Sanskrit phrases feel

important it is either saw they are all

empty words and empty phrase there is

nothing what has not helped those

countries is not going to help you here

but we are not ready to face the

situation that the things have gone too

far and there is no way you can reverse

it so as you said they I am NOT saying

anything again Esther you know whatever

you want to do a Christian move that has

made us believe that the human species

is creative for a nobler and grander

purpose then all the species on this

and not only that you see we are made to

believe that everything there in the

universe is for the benefit of humankind

the crown of creation we are praying up

that is why we have created all these

problems in this world the ecological

problems everything you discover in

nature you use them for destructive

purposes the progress that we are very

proud of is really not a progress at all

we are progressively moving in the

direction of destroying ourselves and

destroying everything on this planet

planet is not in danger you know you

have programs in the United States and

other countries the planet is in danger

that is just a media hype the next day

we are in danger we are in danger and is

there anything that we can do to stop

them you may say that I am a pessimist

but you are a cynic you're this that and

the other but I think we have gone too

far there is no way we can reverse the

whole thing and I enjoy what is there

and then go very gracefully and so these

books like the history of the future and

so many books I don't know haven't made

any of them they refer to to me is a

prophet of doom prophet of despair and

quote me extensively even some book the

wonder of childhood every chapter

carries a quotation from the man called

you to I don't know I haven't even met

them but you know when you say that God

is irrelevant it's easy for the listener

to say that he is an atheist that he is

an agnostic or they put so many labels

on me call me anti guru they call me

nearest they call me this that and the

other that's an easy way out for them so

when I say God is irrelevant you have to

call me an atheist or an agnostic but

even in 8th Easter

is involved with God and he wants to

free people from the belief in God and

so he has created an organization to

free people from God whether you do it

on an individual level or the collective

basis it's the same is you still in war

with you even under the God exists or

not you that is not really the question

you see I have always quoted I rarely

quote anything there because I am NOT a

London man I am an illiterate to many

ways see if you want anybody to believe

in God show him that God can make you

like and if we are the examples of

believers in God we are in great trouble

t see

so if God needs your help at my head if

something wrong and so we better leave

God alone and he does not need our help

and we have created the mess or whether

he created the mess if you want to

exonerate that God and give him some

credit for creating his marvelous word

just give him the credit and leave them

alone with India you know you see you

have only 33 million gods at that time

there were only 33 people so they

created 30 billion 3 million people in

their own images you see you have only

two arms the God must have a 10 on so

you have only one head you must have you

have only one wife and this super God

must have eight wives and 16 complements

sixteen thousand I didn't like what I

say and you G they say is always a

useless guy so but there's but some

reason they don't brush me aside and say

is talking nonsense but when I say that

great heritage you are proud of has

created this nation and people like you

and me something wrong with there

there's no reason for you to be proud of

the great

of Indian they said no no you're the one

that is the product of the great

heritage it all in spite of all my

disclaimers they say you are the typical

product of that great heritage so so one

of the basic messages of most religious

religions is that like in Christianity

we are more in bed full of sin and we

have to be baptized in order to become

more or less passable visible otherwise

they cannot be the holy business such a

business a business holy business it's a

lot easier to be in holy business than

in this real business if you don't

deliver goods you are out of business so

that's why we have a business and I do

this you can get away without delivering

the goods they promise you so many

things happiness peace bliss beatitude

immensity God knows what and we fall for

that kind of a thing here and then they

get away with that kind of a thing they

make money you know otherwise is it

possible to buy a roast Weiss call 90mm

360 rolls-royce cars try and buy one no

and we fall for that kind of a thing you

see and they are all con men con men

they can't themselves and conned

everybody and the question should arise

in you the basic question why do I allow

myself to be caught you know and if

there is an answer you have to find that

answer out for yourself and point so

that was my question because I believe

um you're good enough for an bed so I

should enlighten them in the donut will

you do it then right oh no no they set

up a holy business no easy way to make

money so you can thrive and availability

and credulity of the paper and make

plenty of money and many of them believe

that the world was a living to them why

should the world why living to them what

for they claim that they are you see

enlightened people

so Jesus Christ was foolish see this is

a Christian land it's okay I don't care

is there on a program in New Mexico you

know that is a fundamentalist yeah and I

quoted something about Jesus I have lot

of nice things to say about all these

great spiritual teachers of mankind made

easy and they don't like it yes see but

anyway your program probably no but the

Pope the Pope thinks that along this

most for Christianity really sincere now

your cable missions you have your

mission is territory one country in this

world that is taking care of everybody I

am never never tired of mentioning this

to the people in one country in this

world who takes care of the basic needs

of the people it may be at the expense

of this gentleman huh and if the what

are they there for you hold on just

think of sure you see they all my friend

says either so I'm asking my Dutch

friends to adopt me yeah how much is

share we'll get out of the money you

will get there already demanding they

listen a Dutch mind I suppose percentage

they want beside the churches will be

the middlemen to the world's you know

you say I have a many friends communist

friends I tell them you see there isn't

going to be any classless society in

this world that's a dream it's not going

to work say because we are protecting

ourselves all the time the instrument

which we use survival in this world is

thought after all is it is born out of

the demand to protect itself you see you

have created all around ourselves and we

will do everything possible to protect

our selves and what you have I want what

I have I am NOT ready to I don't

know if your viewers will be interested

in this kind of the thing but anything

we are a very popular powerful program I

don't even know

it's called Disneyland it's called yes

yes I chose it and talked in a very

informal and casual way I have been on

television everywhere in the world

hmm and this kind of informality is not

possible they say anything you like

sometimes I say something nasty about

both I'm in Japan and they're what Jesus

Jesus cannot walk swim so you walk in

the water bus and even ankle deep and my

interviewer thought that there would be

the fundamentals waiting outside kill me

what do I have to lose I have you 76

years on this planet I can no you're not

worried about that not am i interested

in propagating for or against anything I

you my variable asking the question and

many people throw this question at me

when I go on television like this and

and I'm finishing with my interviews

this is the 19th one two more to finish

21 enough mmm and then and so why 21

they ask this I have some strange faith

in seven and multiples of said two more

and as your face that's enough I have

done enough mischief friends yeah my

friends say that you have not done

enough mischief and so we wanted you to

give more interviews should be so they

even I are interested in making a

documentary in India and even now

somebody suggested that channel for us

something submitted the proposal that

they should make a documentary on

YouTube how are they going to present me

they will have word of it a problem to

present me as what I say I'm just an

ordinary man and just an ordinary man

may see the song and I am NOT anti guru

I am NOT a saying I am NOT a

enlightened man I am NOT any of the

things you think that I am but how are

you going to present this man very crude

rude and he doesn't give indulge in

saying anything very romantic and you

know promising something how are you

going to present is it very difficult

for them to present me and the Indian

television also interested but when once

they invest money in me you cannot say

something nasty about India no no that

was the most important thing is being

ordinary is okay but being just on

release very special no it's very

difficult in ordinary we are we have

been brainwashed to believe that you

cannot be an ordinary mail and see so we

have created a model and what is that

model the model of those spiritual

teachers Thoreau do you want everybody

to fit himself or herself in the case

maybe that honor that's the cause of our

misery that is the cause of our

suffering why should you be like mom

Buddha why should you be like those

spiritual teachers they exist in

thousands and thousands of years ago and

what is there is something unique

something extraordinary there is nobody

like you anywhere on this pan and that

living organism this is the result of

millions and millions of years of the

past you see you can you cannot compare

anything with that see unfortunately the

belief that you should be something like

that that you should not be this that

you should not be that you see we are

caught up in this and people ask me

these questions you suggest people to do

this and murder get away you watch a

movies full of murder make

- but you don't do anything that you ask

people to do I am not recommending

anything I am NOT condemning anything

you see and those who condemn really are

not the kind of people that should

condemn see if what if that is operating

in their lives they won't condemn

anything to me there is no such thing as

morality at all so I can ever be moral

so I am not trying to be free from these

opposites good and bad right and wrong

morality and immorality I am just not

caught up in that at all so as soon as

you think we should be Goods then you

are bad they are really bad really bad

the only bad thing comes out because you

are going to be due tomorrow and temp

place after next year ten years after

and the Indians have invented a thing

called next life and always in explain

you know nobody can get a lighter mint

in the present life according to the

intuition impossible you have to go

through 84 million lives then you have

to be born as a car and then he has a

Brahman the is Bill castanet then you

have a chance not in this life and how

come all these people there the Guru's

in the marketplace selling ideas ideas

that you can be enlightened yeah so it's

our idea starting to that do tradition I

don't believe in tradition at all but

whatever that word means that such a man

if there is an enlightened man he is not

interested in alighting anybody else

because he does not know that he's in

the inner light and being he will never

pronounce to the wide world that he's an

enlightened man ah that is going to

enlighten everybody this is a

marketplace so there is a demand and

supply that's all there is to it so you

can live in hope one day you are going

to be an enlightened man and probably

set up holy business like the Guru sila

marketplace and make money yeah yes

because everybody wants to be better and

more than

clear and holy and it is that that is

creating the misery for the people

that's all that I'm saying you see and

he was wanting to fit into a a framework

created by those people modern after

those teachers so that they existed or

not I don't know no I don't care

have never been interested in that kind

of thing I read once a student the lives

of saints Catholics Saints eight volumes

each one yes because they're

Encyclopedia Britannica and the writers

have tried to fit them into that mode

and say all of them from their childhood

live exactly the same way the saint is

supposed to be here you know

and I give you a personal example you

see a friend of mine who has been with

me for almost 25 years and a great

ricotta man is he gives religious

discourses with music singing songs both

of them wanted to give a religious

musical discourse on this man called

they spent three months trying to find

out one limit in my life which could be

footed into that beautiful songs so they

gave up to give up that man was very

unknown there is a musical discourses

religious discourse as he gave his


ramana maharshi everybody did it alive

and yet to be born but every time he

gave a discourse is to draw 5,000 6,000

to 8,000 people from every walk of life

it's expensive impossible there is not

one event in his life which could be

fitted into a saintly life what is

stability how does it matters and where

does it come from

how it really gives a feeling though

that is an assumption on our part given

to us by the scientists that there is a

stability here everything must be stable

why why why why should it be stable it

is we don't know whether there is any

stability we don't know whether there is

any order in this universe some chaos

and somebody says there's chaos and he

gets a Nobel Prize another fellow says

that there is the order he gets a Nobel

Prize now somebody comes along and says

that in the same frame there is chaos

and there is order so where do we go

from there

so when we are born we know a bunch of

stories and basically show all lies the

mother first imposes all things on us

first of all and then that's why I call

mother's monsters I'm sorry

Yeti see so we should call up most of

the areas I was on alleviation program

there and one woman was even birth to a

baby and she watched it went through

what should I do with my baby abandoned

the baby I say why mothers are monsters

even my interviewer happened to be a

woman she said I'm a mother I have four

children you see I said all right you

mothers are monsters the children are

the Angels you see and what about

fathers they don't count it always sit

on comes we are trying to be funny but

you know from the time they are born see

the first time a mother this is the baby

that's the beginning of the end

ok see you know and we have not come up

with any idea how to raise children you

know I had four children you see one


three of them are still alive and I

allowed the children to cry until their

throats became hoarse and after that

they never cry you see here say what are

you doing is where you love to try

forget it Trixie and and so they are

more intelligent than us we are not into

ready to accept the fact the children

are more intelligent than us we cannot

handle them

so we impose our fancy ideas and beliefs

on them and force them to fit into the

framework which we have created and they

also want to be accepted by l-c

otherwise how can they survive in this

world there is no baby they can survive

in this jungle in the jungles here you

can survive you know but here we have

created the kind of world where you have

to be forced to learn things to function

in this world even if I want to eat some

fruits the trees either belong to an

individual or to the state you see for

example we have in my place there up in

the hills in India sand wood trees this

and wood trees whether they are in your

private property or out there they

belong to the government and so all that

please come in the night instantly so my

land was suggested why should they take

it away and then we use sandalwood for

our fireplace what is emotion in a

normal beach life you see emotion is not

different from top you see when you are

happy or your you have to tell yourself

that you are happy so when once you

transmit any sensation between the

framework of the knowledge you have you

have created a problem for yourself

though so you push yourself to see that

you see it acts you see you know but it

does not operate that way

so all emotions our thoughts our

feelings our thoughts we are not ready

to accept the fact that all feelings our

thoughts see you give importance you

know you must feel good you see how

you feel good I force myself to be kind

to someone so that's the reason why I

tell people don't practice kindness you

will have heart attacks you see the

heart is there only to pump blood

if you force that heart to feel kind you

see way you know there is a problem for

the heart

so the living organism is not interested

in anything you like anything you want

so it doesn't want to learn anything

from us it doesn't want to know anything

from us we don't understand this basic

thing we think we know a lot and we

force that body to do things that it is

not interesting at all it's not

interested in emotions it is not

interested in kindness so I always give

the example you say for this

cells the cellular structure is a

tremendous thing there and the memory

where is it located it is not located in

any particular area not in the brain and

all this talk of neurons and all that is

absolutely rubbish

what are these days they will have to

find out and they are going to find out

that every cell has a memory of its own

there is a cooperation there see not

because you have to cope or cooperate

with your fellow beings that you have to

love your neighbor as thyself or that

you have to practice Brotherhood but the

survival of this cell depends upon the

survival of the cell that is next to it

that is the way the jungle life is

operating but we have an idea that you

should cooperate that you should love

thy neighbor as thyself what the hell

you are talking about in the name of

love we have killed more people than all

these recent was put together huh so

that then we are you such you're feeling

is also a form yes otherwise there is no

sex then within most of the day

anything you say about the animals you

see is a speculation on your part it is

a projection on your part and why do you

give the example of an

squat for the elephants have sex once in

seven years why the hell do you have to

sex every hour on the hour sex I am NOT

against sex excels nothing to do with

these spiritual matters by controlling

sex by demanding that you should have

sex on particular day and somebody said

yesterday there is a school here called

shankara you can have sex once a month

it seems but according to the Hindu

tradition but once a child is born

that's the end of his sex life because

the wife becomes demonic you see only

once in your life so apart from all

these fancy ideas when once thought is

used as an instrument of pleasure and

use that for sexual pleasure we have

created all the problems so sex has

nothing to do with your spiritual

achievements are at all easier you can

invent anything called

tantric sex and whether I have sex with

a prostitute or with your own mother or

your sister I am not advocating that I'm

putting it in a very crude language then

it ceases to be of a problem you see man

was also a rhythm like the woman you see

if you love that to function that way it

becomes a simple thing there are only

two things that this living organism is

involved in concerned about her

interested in that is the reproduction

and sometime this is not interested in

induction amongst survivor survival and

reproduction that's all nothing against

you and all the ideas that we have that

spiritual things God heaven just forget


I don't know if it makes any sense yeah

so the it's basically the ideas that

cause way the poodles way put ideas in

our stomach yeah and we wear ideas here

you walk the very of those that colour

is telling you or you should dress

yourself and the body needs very little

food very little food

say they need some energy and it can

create glucose from anything see all the

we talk about proteins they talk about

vitamins is absolutely gibberish I don't

believe in all that at all

they can say what they like you see

that's why I say very often if you

believe in the belief that Jesus was

born to a virgin you will believe in

anything in this here any commercial

that is there you know what they are

selling there right here which you have

no idea - and how can people fall from

them aerobics and then we see now the

yoga yoga is bad for this body because

it's not interested in walking at all

now in German is you have Tai Chi in

television you have to instead of you

bought something new see all the time

you are fed up with your walking jogging

and the high priest of jogging drop dead

in the tracks and you know that a

macrobiotic diet fella what is is an

Emmy show or some some fellow Michio


so ozawa cassava hmm and he made people

believe that if they ate microbiotic

foot always they would live forever

while he was giving this discourse at

the dining table he done dead I am not


mm-hmm so you believe anything so where

do we go from there

many people are now concerned of living

forever so go to live longer the moon is

a battle that's a war you will never be

yeah because the nature is interested

only in these bodies and not what you

say what you believe what you think

because it is interested in recycling

these bodies to maintain energy level in

this uniqueness nothing else with the

people who are looking for purity what

are the high

which this is so pure the idea of

impurity the one that is creating

impurity in your mind if I use that word

is a dirty word because mine is a crook

he's our crew yeah my disapproval yes it

is that's why we're all I'm not

including you common decency in

elementary manners

different company my mind is a group

that is a mind it's only interested in

that kind of a thing perpetuating itself

until the end when it knows that it

cannot merge the end of it it's when we

are born we don't see the moon to think

it's something more aware I don't know

what thinking exactly is you know then

that there are no thoughts there there

is no think there is no thinking

everything is put in like the computer

you say it's the computer here and so

you use certain thoughts to achieve a

goal doesn't matter what the nature of

the goal with it's the spiritual goal or

a materials to go which just really

doesn't matter it's better to be a

millionaire than to be you see very very

rich man I am NOT against acquiring

riches but whether it's the

materialistic go on a spiritual goal it

cannot be achieved except through the

use of thought which is matter so even

the spiritual goal is a materialistic

goal you go to the temple and pray what

for worship that God Almighty for God

reward those who pray and punish those

who do not pray why why do we believe in

that kind of a thing so there it is it's

all this is praying like a kind of

programming for your Shelton no it's a

comforter hoping that you see through

the grace of somebody that you will

achieve your goals you feel better than

other said do they see you feel good you

feel good because of the nicotine there

you drink I am NOT against that move

and is meditation it is a materialistic

thing and use materiality to the things

it's a matter you see so even if the

goal is a spiritual goal the matter

turns that into a materialistic thing so

why do I go and pray what do I want

material things I want that is why I

pray but what is thought then thought

doesn't exist you see what is a person

you want to look for thought you want to

look at thought see you what you look at

is not the thought but about thought

what we are told about thought is all

that you see otherwise there is no

thought thought also is memory so I

brush aside everything consciousness

totally because consciousness also is

mimicked I become conscious the fact

that you are wearing you blue jeans and

red t-shirt you see otherwise the

physical eye does not see anything it

does not see the colors you would be

surprised if you are sitting there is a

tree in front of you the eye sees only

the flatness and not the wrong thing so

if you see a round tree it is what we

are taught it is born out of your

imagination to look at the tree and say

to yourself and to others that that is

wrong is because we have been told and

that knowledge you have about that you

use and you create around a tree every

time you look at it you tell yourself

and others the tree is wrong but if you

are sitting here with no knowledge of

what you are looking at there is not

possible for you because it's all the

time it has to translate every sensation

to maintain it's a memory continuty of

matthew so just a simple memory table

it's a song see so thought is a sound

memory is some knowledge is some

consciousness is some ready

say so when you use that what happens

here is that this in this sort of an eco

chamber here it repeats itself that

gives you the illusion that there are

two things but actually it is one you

are out there and say hello and after a

few seconds you hear that it exactly the

same way when this sound is born there

it repeats itself and that gives you the

illusion that there are two things there

but action it is what many people then

realize now there is that there's

something wrong with thinking so say

trying to stop sinking my meditation or

try to stop their thoughts or try to be

empty or try to be here now you know

this in this moment you see all that is

I'm sorry all that is

I'm sorry to use that strong expression

but you see the present this is the

present you see if you recognize this as

table ah if I recognize that as a smoke

it's the past that is telling me so

there is no such thing as the present

there is no such thing as now there is

no such thing as this moment so you are

trying to free yourself from thought and

put yourself in a thoughtless state I

don't know why if you are in a

thoughtless state for little millionth

of a second you will drop dead I assure

you I guarantee in it so it is not in

your interest to put yourself into your

thoughtless state but one thing that

they don't understand is how through

thought you can put yourself into

yourself a sustained you are using

thought people talk of effortless state

but you are all the time trying to be in

an effortless state through effort you

are not going to succeed at all you may

not accept what I am saying you believe

what they have been dishing out for

centuries why the hell do you

wanted to be in a thoughtless state that

would be the end of you as you know

yourself as you experience yourself so

it is not in your interest to be really

in a thoughtless state what they

describe that state is the void they see

what for

so how do you know that you are in a

void state some people come and tell me

I was in a thoughtless state and they

describe that state how so the thought

was very much there yeah you know

otherwise it cannot tell that it's in a

thoughtless state that state is bliss

that state is loud that state is

compassion so that means something is

there the division is already there the

void is there a tremendous structure for

thought nowadays it's very popular that

people don't talk for themselves crusade

receive voices say general voices you

can hear your own voices that means that

you are heading that way and you must be

then but as a permanent resident in the

loony bin they are giving this us there

yeah you holy men go there that's what

I've done those people who come and tell

me that I have meditated look here you

have not penetrated if you are really

meditated you will be there in the

mental hospital true they have not done

any meditation they just talk you see

it's just like creating a peace on this

earth through all how the hell you are

going to create peace as I said in the

beginning 34 wars are going on here and

we were made to believe that the last

war was waged a war to end Wars as it

ended was so there is a conflict there

you see things are moving that way you

bring it back and the peace that they

claim there they have as a result of

this meditation is this between two wars

you have some peace so then it starts

all over again so there it is so they

have not really done any meditation

have not really done any yoga because

yoga this way torturing this body you

are reversing the natural flow of the

energy is not interested in that at all

it is living a very peaceful life and

you have an idea of a peace and force

this whole thing to be in that peaceful

state so it is disturbing the chemistry

of the body so doing good to somebody

else makes you feel good that is what

they call the do good as high and you

can start a scout moment and then become

I sculpt and do good unto others I am

NOT saying whether you should or should

not I am just focusing spotlighting what

the situation is isn't that enough so it

means that that we literally have to

accept whatever happens it doesn't mean

anything this movie saying yeah I accept

so what and I still continue to do the

same thing hmm I accept it I know that I

am a damn fool but I still continue to

be a fool yeah so that should put an end

to my further

tomfoolery he doesn't you know so that

is the problem there it if you if you

accept it in order to get rid of you tom

foolery then you go to acceptance and

you replace it with another kind it is

cooler if there is no what we can call

in our own words then get a baby there

so we might like like parrots for

beating the words our apparel store they

put it very crudely sad these are two

dogs to the eyelid dog and whether you

accept it or not

11:10 day material this is he like

that's a second name of God the worst is

spelling yeah and so we are taught how

to work to make sense out of this

barking yeah so all languages are the

same exactly the same you see so you

know how to space the create space

between two nodes and then then it's

Dutch and then

Galion otherwise if you don't know there

is no way you can make any sense out of

this no but this is a very artificially

created structure yeah where whereas in

the case of dots and then they pair up

search something living there

you see they but they are expressing we

don't know one of these days probably we

will understand I'm also just here you

saw but in Italy there were two farmers

who left their kids alone with a dog and

the dog was teaching a kid how to bark

instead of barking yes they learn how to


yeah the kitchen smiley pick up action

then start up to us in Dutch or English

or Indian language is the case maybe

no so singing also this same finished

everything is finished so what about

children who are like raised by moves or

so and become like move children they

had many landed children raised by us


yes they have no problem so they don't

have to go to your psychiatrist for

analysis they don't have to go to a

church and pray you see there it is oh

so that's it I don't know if you can

make anything out of this you can know

it stops every conversation in its

tracks you see one project for talks you

say because I don't sum up anything

these are all disconnected disjointed

series of statement that's all so it's

very difficult to sum up and present to

the viewers or the listeners as the case

may be and it's something that they can

understand and make up something out of

this and use it you see well why do you

listen to anything you listen to the

teachers only to learn something and use

that to bring about the changing yeah so

I am saying all the time they

nothing there to be changed thank you

this losing as we changed here so it

runs counter to everything that has been

said by everybody before but I take it