Perception vs. Reality: Breaking Down the False Stereotypes of Black People in America

three my four little children one day

live in a nation where they will not be

judged by the color of a man's skin but

by the content of their character

oh hey my name is Russ Watkins I'm doing

portrait photography for about ten years

on and off you know this is just a an

opportunity for me to jump right back

into it


and use the power of photography and

imagery to help support those that need


it's called black-and-white perception

versus reality and the reason why I call

it that is because of the sense that the

perception that you have of someone else

is very often not the reality


the individuals that stand in front of

my camera for a portrait session are

human they are real they are fathers

their brothers their sons they are

doctors they are lawyers they are music

artists they are sports athletes they're

people and until they're treated more

like people I'm not gonna stop the next

step in the process is to use a black

background a dark environment to really

highlight the perception that so many

other people have but the second the

flip side of that is on a white

background and it's really taking a

portrait of the individual themselves

I'm Trayvon but most people call me Trey

when you first meet me on got a lot of

me you won't gotta do nothing because

I'm gonna have love for you regardless

you know I would just want people to

just to know I'm real at the end of the

day and I'm human at the end of the day

you know Sam I'm human love and peace

that's what I am


if you or someone that you know want to

be involved in this project head on over

to our W photographic on Instagram and

get in touch I look forward to meeting

you soon